Can Football Helmets Prevent Concussion? [Should Know]

It is very likely to be the victim of helmet collision while playing football or any other sport. Hence, concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a head hit, blow, or bump.

When this happens, the brain inside the skull starts to work quickly. That’s why people often choose to buy the best football helmets for concussion prevention.

Now, the question is can football helmets prevent concussion?

The answer is simply no! But some studies revealed that helmets can prevent some serious head injuries. Or helmets can at least reduce the possibility of a concussion.

I guess you are looking for the proper information in this regard. And to make you informed properly, we’ve come with this article.

So, let’s start exploring.

Can Football Helmets Prevent Concussion?

Sport-related concussions that have direct impact injuries can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). However, if your helmet design has protection against concussion, it can absorb the peak impact and reduce the risk of concussion to your skull and brain.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a type of serious brain injury that occurs because of outer impact on the head. Because of the head impacts, the brain moves rapidly inside the skull. That creates a mixed chemical reaction in the brain.

That can cause brain injuries, which is why concussion specialists take concussion crisis seriously and football helmet manufacturers make their products strong.  Some concussion symptoms would be headache, vomiting, fatigue, blurry vision, nausea, drowsiness, etc.

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What is a concussion

This injury is not deadly, but the effects of this can be dangerous. Note that concussion does not always happen due to head injury. Simply falling to the ground or a heavy whiplash from a vehicle can also cause a concussion.

Does a helmet work to prevent a concussion?

A famous organization revealed that if a concussion occurs within the skull, a helmet will not be able to prevent the concussion. Because helmets are placed on the head to protect the head from any fractures or injuries not on the brain.

It means helmets only operate on the outer part of the head, not in the inner part. So, we can say it is yet impossible for any helmets to prevent concussions. If you want to  reduce the risk of concussion, you better go for helmet models that are certified.

Do helmets make concussions worse?

It is pretty hard to answer this question. Because at first glance, helmets are made to protect the head from injuries. So, we can say that it can play a role in reducing the possibility of a concussion.

Do helmets make concussions worse

But on the other hand, players seem to be more aggressive while wearing a helmet. Because helmets give them a sense of security. That leads them to take a risk and be aggressive, which increases the risk of having a concussion by wearing a helmet.

Should I wear a helmet while playing?

Definitely yes, it is mandatory to wear a helmet while playing football, or skiing, or any other sport. Whether helmets are able to prevent concussions or not, they can at least prevent your head from serious injuries. Because the outer shell of a helmet is hard while the inner part is stuffed with foam and soft. That makes it impenetrable.

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A study of Complete concussion management suggests to always wear a fitted helmet. Because only a fitted helmet will be able to protect your head. Loose helmets rather seem uncomfortable and will cause more trouble. So, always choose a fit helmet and wear it properly before playing any sports.


So far we have learned a lot about the performing ability of helmets in terms of preventing concussions. We believe our answers regarding the topic have helped you a lot.

Always remember, though football helmets can’t prevent concussions, they can prevent serious injuries. So, don’t forget to wear a helmet before playing football or any other sport. Because it is always necessary to take safety measures properly.

So, we assume you have received the right answer regarding can football helmets prevent concussion? We hope you will buy a football helmet as soon as possible and put it on before playing.

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