How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?

How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?

How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh Be Really Important

Many people believe that the weight of a football helmet is not important. In fact, it matters more than you think. Football players may suffer from serious head injuries and concussions if they don’t wear helmets with an appropriate amount of protection for their age level or skill set because every impact could be potentially fatal in this sport without protective gear to help absorb the force at play during collisions between two opposing teams on a field (or off-field). When confronted by these dangers more often, safety becomes paramount! If we take into account all factors like height loss due to compression over time as well as how much acceleration were absorbed per unit area – then what’s heavier comes down simply to just three pounds including padding and face mask equaling about.

A well-designed carbon polymer helmet with a face mask can prevent all the significant injuries. But how much does a football helmet weigh to protect skull fractures? Well, we will disclose all the secrets of the perfect weight of NFL, professional, or youth helmets. But remember, when the name of the game is football, you must have to select the best football helmet to protect yourself.

Why is Helmet Weight Important?

Helmet weight is a determining factor for the youngster or newbie high school players. They are not very consistent initially, and many factors affect the performance that also includes helmet weight.

A heavy helmet design will put too much stress on the neck muscles and shoulder and have a detrimental effect on the performance. Before buying an sg helmet, it is essential to know the proper weight compatibility with the head.

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The same rule goes for motorcycle helmets. Both football and biking are full-strain tasks for the neck and shoulder.

Contrarily, a lightweight varsity helmet can ruin the balance of the player. No matter how many shoulder pads you use, lightweight helmets will always be an issue during the high-intensity game.

How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh

How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?

The typical weight range of a football helmet ranges between 3 to 6-lbs. The weight can go up to 10-lbs with a face mask. You can choose from carbon steel, stainless steel, and tungsten masks. Each of them has different durability and flexibility, and you can choose according to the game preferences.

Pads inside the helmets may add comfort, but they also pile up the weight. In any NFL game, players add additional pads for extra protection and safety. It prevents both concussion and fracture.

If you ask if football helmets are heavy, my answer will depend on how much safety you seek from the helmet. If you include a face mask and pads, the weight will go up. Otherwise, it will have the factory weight. 

How much SG helmets weigh?

Racing car driver Bill Simpson revolutionized the helmet-making process and introduced ultra-light football helmets. As one of the pioneers of racing, Bill Simpson knows all the nooks and corners of helmet safety. Thus, his design will definitely withstand any impact and dents.

The brand name was SG but currently, they rebrand it as Light Helmets. As the name said, the weight of the helmet is super light. It ranges between 2.4 to 2.6-lbs.

The main objective of the helmet is to prevent concussion rather than preventing skull fractures. Despite half of the weight than any conventional helmet, Light Helmets are twice safer than them.

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The outer shell of the helmet is lightweight because of the construction. Like a durable motorcycle helmet, the crown of the SG helmet is made with Carbon Kevlar. This carbon composite is lighter than any polymer. Moreover, it can absorb any high intensity impact during the football game.

You will be surprised that the kid’s SG helmet weighs around 1.8-lbs. So, if you are concerned about your kids during any school football match, get one for them.

How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh

How Much Does an NFL Helmet Weigh

Football helmets typically weigh from 4 to 6-lbs. These are the models from some of the major brands like Schutt, Xenith, Vicis, and Riddle. These bands make some of the most high-end yet durable helmets to prevent concussion or any brain injury.

On the contrary, Light Helmets makes some of the lightest professional helmets that weigh from 2.4 to 2.6-lbs. The youngster version weighs around 1.8-lbs.

If football players add face masks or safety pads the weight increases. Helmets required the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certification to be called a safe helmet.  Moreover, the committee also offers star ratings to the helmets.

Models like Riddle 360, Rawlings Quantum Plus, or Xenith X2 come with 5-star ratings. Obviously, the 5-star helmets will offer the highest safety but at a higher price tag.

How Much Does Varsity Helmet Weigh? 

The Varsity helmet is a bit lighter than the NFL helmet. The weight ranges from 2.5 to 5.1-lbs. However, the weight may increase with additional accessories like shields and safety pads.

The rating system for varsity helmets is different from the NFL helmets. The ratings are formulated by Virginia Tech and the rating goes up to 5-stars. Moreover, the rating also comes with a rating score.

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Higher star ratings and lower rating scores indicate top-ranked helmets. Schutt F7 LTD is the top rated among the 23 helmets reviewed. You will also find leading models like Xenith Shadow XR, VICIS Zero 1, and Riddell Precision-FIT.

Are Heavier Helmets Safe?

Let’s recall Physics 101 and the relationship between force and weight. Higher the weight, the more force it generates. Thus, if you wear a heavier helmet and on the go, the impact will be higher during any collision. The opposite will be for lighter helmets.

The impact may be higher with force and with more momentum. However, it doesn’t mean it will create more damage to your skull and brain. Heavyweight helmets come with additional safety features that save you from concussions.  But you have to ensure the weight is compatible with your overall body structure and game style.

But how much do football pads weigh? Well, the harder the pads lighter the weight. Soft and durable pads are thicker and weigh more. Therefore, if you ask me whether heavier helmets are safe, I would say yes.

But there is a catch. The outer shell has to be made with durable carbon kevlar or fiberglass materials. And it needs to have a metal face mask and safety pads.  


Now you should not have confusion about how much does a football helmet weigh. The range is between 1.8 to 5-lbs. Which one is perfect for you depends on your game style and body structure.

If you are a school, college, or NFL player, all the weight-related information would be super helpful for you to pick the best football helmet for your next game.

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