How to Wear Glasses With Full Face Helmet?

The biker who has short vision finds it difficult to wear regular prescription glasses with helmets. Because while wearing a helmet, the arms of the glasses might bend behind your ear. And it causes a lot of discomfort to the rider. That’s why today we will discuss how to wear glasses with full face helmet?

To wear glasses with a full face helmet, you have to go through some process. And of course, these are not tough at all to follow. Let’s have a look at this step-by-step guideline to put on helmets for glasses wearers with a full-face construction.

How to Wear Glasses With Full Face Helmets?

Here, in this discussion, we have brought up some effective ideas to wear full-face design helmet for glasses wearers. That will give you comfort while wearing glasses with motorcycle helmet.

How to Wear Glasses With Full Face Helmets

Buy a Flip-up Helmet

This helmet allows insertion of glasses without getting your helmet off. It’ll mostly be a modular helmet with adjustable strap with a sun visor for eye protection. So, if you’re wearing the pair of glasses only as safety glasses (not prescribed), then only get a tinted visor with no wrong angle.

Buy a flip-up helmet

You can also remove the glasses without taking off the helmet. The majority of the shortsighted bikers use this helmet to feel at ease and comfortable.

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Measure Your Head Shape Properly Before Buying a Helmet

It is very necessary to measure your head shape before buying any helmet. And if you are a glasses wearer, then it is more important for you. Because measuring your head shape properly enables you to choose the suitable helmet size for you.

Don’t forget to include the fact that you wear glasses. It will help you to increase the helmet size a bit. That might not disturb you when wearing your glasses with your helmet.

Get a Perfect Size Helmet for You

After measuring your head shape, it is time to test your helmet size. When wearing the helmet, make sure to put on your glasses. You should at least wear it for 20-40 minutes. After that, if you think the helmet is not too loose or too tight and if you feel comfortable, then you should choose it.

Under or oversized motorcycle helmets cannot give you both maximum protection and an unrestricted vision. Getting the right size helmet with motorcycle-friendly glasses is the best way out.

Make Sure Your Helmet Has No Technical Errors

In most cases, bikers find the ventilation system of their helmet at worst. Because after wearing it for some time, the front glass turns foggy by their breath. That is very disturbing while riding, especially if you are wearing glasses.

Make sure your helmet has no technical errors

To avoid this sort of inconvenience, choose a helmet that has a good ventilation system installed.

Use Contact Lenses

The final and best solution to your problems can be this. If getting motorcycle glasses is not an option, go for contact lenses instead of struggling with a pair of goggles. By wearing contact lenses, you don’t need to trouble yourself fixing your glasses while riding.

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You can simply put your lenses on your eyes and wear a full-face helmet. Thus, any previous discomfort will be gone. But point to be noted, contact lenses are expensive for many bikers.


So, after our discussion on wearing glasses with a full-face helmet, do you think it was useful? We assume our information has helped you a lot to reduce your inconvenience.

Well, it is a bit expensive for many people to directly use contact lenses. In that case, you can follow the solutions on how to wear glasses with full face helmet.

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