When to Replace A Motorcycle Helmet?

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What if you are not safe with your motorcycle helmet? It might freak you out but it can be true if you are not conscious about this thing.

Wearing a helmet can ensure a 70% lower risk of a serious head injury while riding a motorcycle. So, wearing a helmet is necessary. But wearing the perfect helmet is also necessary. Know when to replace a motorcycle helmet and then make a decision.

So, let’s see what things to know and why we should replace our helmets, and why.

Reasons to Replace your Motorcycle Helmet 

There could be reasons that you have to replace your old motorcycle helmet. But you just need one. To let you know, what the reasons are and when to replace road bike helmets, we are describing to you some of the facts that you might relate to.

And as the helmet is related to safety, you need to be precise about what you want and what type of helmet you want to ensure your safety. Let’s check some information first.

Inappropriate Size

The first reason would be the size of your helmet. We all know how important having a perfect-sized helmet is. Also, it’s important to know when to replace a motorcycle helmet. It’s necessary for having perfect comfort.

Also, you can have faith that it doesn’t occur any accident. It is because if you use a helmet that fits well on your head, then there will be lesser chances to have trouble while riding a motorcycle. That’s how you can avoid having any injuries.

But if you don’t feel that it’s the right size, then it’s high time you should replace your helmet. That would be the proper decision you could ever make.

It is because that’s how you can have that safety while riding. Further, no one wants to have a larger or smaller helmet that he could not wear. So, it better be, replaces it if you are also having the same problem.

Damaged Strap

A helmet has a strap under the chin area. It helps a lot to keep your helmet in place. And that’s why you can wear it properly while riding your motorcycle.

But if you don’t have a proper strap, it doesn’t hold the helmet properly. And you could be hurt anyhow. So, it is a bad decision to wear a helmet that has damaged straps.

It also cannot hold your helmet in place so that you might face a problem while riding. And if you are facing this problem then you should replace the helmet as soon as possible. 

Not Having The Comfortability

Having comfort is the most important thing you can say. If you are comfortable, you are safe. That’s why you should be careful about this thing. If you are not okay with your helmet, then you should not wear that.

And to know whether it’s comfortable or not, you should check after wearing it. When you wear it, you realize if it’s fitted or not so fitted. It depends on the size of it.

Also, you should know about the material and if it suits you or not. All we are trying to explain is, you need to feel comfortable when you wear it and ride your motorbike. Otherwise, it will not be a good option to keep it. Replacing will be a good decision.

Wanting To Have Something New

If you are passionate about having upgraded things, then you will understand how important it is to get the updated one and use it.

If you have an old helmet that you have been using for a long time, it’s time to make a change. Also, it might be worn out at that time.

And if that is so, you need to change it. There are some new and affordable helmets that you could find in the market. Get any of those except using the same old one again and again.

Weak Outer Shell

Outer shell means the protective part that protects you like a shield. It should be hard enough to give you better service.

If you see your helmet has not got this type of features or it’s too old to have a strong shield, then change the helmet immediately.

It’s all about having complete safety. And if no such thing exists, then you should replace it.

Crashed Helmet

To give you the reason for the question, “when to replace a motorcycle helmet after a crash?” Well, if your helmet is totally crashed, it will no longer be able to work anymore. That’s why you cannot use it as you did before.

But the first thing after the crashing would be checking the situation. See if you can still use it or not. The better thing will be to replace it anyhow.

It is because the body and all the parts will be damaged after being crashed. So, it would be good if you replace it.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire?

Talking about whether a motorcycle helmet expires or not, it doesn’t expire. But it can lose its ability to work. Generally, the foam of the helmet doesn’t wear out at all. So, that part will also be good as before.

But the outer part and all the other parts can wear out. And if that’s happened, then it means the helmet is no longer wearable. So, at that time, you can consider it as an expired one.

So, When Should You Replace Your motorcycle Helmet?

When you see that you cannot wear your helmet anymore, at that time, you should change your helmet. We have told you earlier that you must feel comfortable while wearing any kind of helmet.

But if you are not feeling comfortable, then it will be difficult for you to ride with it. The most important thing is, it isn’t protective if the parts are broken. At that time, you should replace your old helmet with a new one. And that is the perfect answer to when do you need to replace a motorcycle helmet.

Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet After A Crash?

When you use a helmet, if it crashes, then you definitely should replace it. The reason is, if the helmet cannot give you better protection, you shouldn’t wear it while riding your motorcycle.

Also, when the parts of the helmet are damaged, it cannot protect you at all. The foam is to give you comfort and the harder part is to protect you.

But when you see the helmet has no proper parts, then it will be better to replace it as soon as possible. Besides, the foam that is included inside the helmet is for one-time use.

So, when you use it for a longer time, it automatically stops giving you the proper outcome. And if it cannot give you the protection that you want, you should stop using it and replace it with the other ones.

What If There Is No Crash?

We have explained to you before that you must replace your helmet if you crash the helmet. But if there is no such noticeable crash, you should check the other parts.

Such as, you have to check the entire condition of your helmet. The foam should be nice, the outer parts should be hard enough to protect your head. And the other important thing is the straps that help to hold the helmet.

The straps should also be in good condition. And if all the parts are fine, then you don’t have to replace them. But even if there is no visible crash, still it doesn’t work well, then replace it.

Things You Need To Check To Get An Ideal Helmet

If you want to get the perfect helmet, you need to know everything about it. You might not have the proper idea of a good helmet that ensures full safety.

From the construction to the proper outcome, having everything is important to make it an ideal one. Let’s see what things are important to check when you are buying a helmet and how to select the proper one for you.

Good Manufacturing

Good manufacturing companies make good quality helmets. That’s why if you want to get any good quality helmet, then pick yours from a good manufacturing company.

So, make sure the helmet you are wearing is made by good manufacturers. There are a lot of good manufacturing companies that you can easily find. You just need to know all facts before buying a new motorcycle helmet.

Upgraded Facilities

You probably don’t use any 70’s or 80’s right? If you still use this kind of helmet, then it’s high time you should change your old helmet.

Lots of new and advanced helmets are available in today’s time. You can check which type of helmet you want and choose any of those accordingly.

Not only for the upgraded design but also the upgraded protection, you can have all if you choose the latest ones.

Test Lab Proofs

When you are buying a helmet, you should be careful about the quality of it. And how to know if it’s of good quality or not? You can know by checking lab proof tests or safety ratings.

Not only before buying it but also you can check the quality of your old helmets too. If you are not sure your helmet is okay to use or not, you can do the tests and be sure about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I replace my motorcycle helmet?

Just as we have said before, you should replace your motorcycle helmet when you feel like it’s not working anymore. Most important thing is that you have to get proper safety. And if you think you are not finding it with your helmet, then replace it.

How should you treat your helmet for the longest and safest use?

For the longest use, one thing is compulsory and that is to clean it regularly. To clean it, you can use mild soap, detergent, or any kind of element that helps to clean all the dirt and sweat. That’s how it remains hygiene.

But make sure you don’t rub it too much. You don’t want it to wear out easily, so be gentle. Also, avoid using a dryer to dry it out. Leave it in a cool and dry place but not in sunlight, and dry it out completely. That helps to keep the helmet fresh and long-lasting.

What are the myths of having a compromised helmet?

There are lots of myths that people believe but these are not true. Such as, many people believe sunlight can damage a helmet.

But it’s a false statement. Leaving the helmet in the sunlight or even in a hot climate doesn’t damage it. Even long-term exposure to sweat cannot damage it that many people know and believe in it.

Another important thing is, new helmets can protect you more than the old ones. It has many explanations. But older ones also have capabilities than many other new ones until they wear out. So, these are some of the myths but there are more that people believe are not true.

What do you do with old motorcycle helmets?

You cannot just throw your old helmet away, right? To keep that eco-friendly environment, you need to recycle the materials. What you can do is to give the entire helmet to a recycling program. But the problem is, they don’t accept mixed materials.

So, open the entire helmet and place the different materials separately. After that, give away the materials to the different branches according to the different kinds of materials for recycling. 

Wrap Up

Having a bad one can bother you more. Not only the accidents it can occur, but also the trauma you can face if you are not aware of the helmet and whether it can protect your head or not.

So, to avoid these issues, you should know when to replace your motorcycle helmet and why you should do that. Check the points well and let us know if we are missing something about this topic.

Be safe, be protected, and enjoy your every ride!

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