Editorial Policy

Planning the Strategy; The Beginning

We believe that the starting point of writing good content is meticulously researching. 

That’s why before typing in even a single word, we make sure we know the topic inside out through detailed research. 

When we have enough information, we develop an overall content strategy and guidelines to be the base of all our actions.

Searching for The Right Topic

It is key to pick a topic that is current, trendy and people find interesting. If no one cares about the topic we are writing about, there will be no readers. 

So, our second objective is to have a solid topic onboard to give people evergreen content that is accurate, well-researched, and engaging.

Choosing The Right Topic

The third step is to go for the best topics we have found. We want to write content that people can’t scroll through without reading and reacting to it with a push of the love button.

To achieve this goal, it is essential that we provide content that adds value to the readers. Value addition is one of our main focuses.

At the end of the day, the informative content we create is to help people with whatever problems they are facing or answer questions they need to be answered.

Structuring Content And Outlining

We then outline the article to create a compelling narration to keep the reader invested.

We eliminate topics that don’t seem strong or entirely necessary, keep the most relevant information, and decide which sources to prioritize and include in our content.

Then We Write

Now comes the fun part. We put all the information we gathered from different trustworthy sources to write engaging content that is easy to consume.

It is important to us that we provide accurate information to our readers, so we cross-reference different sites just to double-check that what we are saying is right.

Whether you are rides or sports enthusiast or researching the topics we posted, you will always get reliable information on our website. HelmetsAdvisor is there to help anyone who wants to correct precise information on helmets.

Content Editing

Then, we go over what we have written to polish up and make sure the writing is as tight as possible with no unnecessary parts. 

Cross Checking

We again take a look at the sources we used in our content. Just to ensure we aren’t missing anything.

Checking For Plagiarism

We use premium tools to check for plagiarism. We may retouch the content in case any plagiarism comes up. At this point, we are almost done with the content.

Reviewing The Content One Last Time

We proofread the content to fix any spelling errors or minor grammatical mistakes.

Hitting The Publish Button – Final Wrap

When we are satisfied with the content at hand after following all the steps in our editorial policy, we publish the content.

We pride ourselves on publishing content that helps people choose the right helmets for them. We know how important an accessory, a helmet, can be not only in terms of functionality or fit but also how it can be a tool to express oneself through fashion.

In case you need any information or have queries, you can Contact Us, and we will give you a prompt reply.

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