7 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom Reviews With Buying Guide

If you are a motorbike owner, then helmets are a must for you. Wearing a helmet is the most important safety precaution you can take. Even if you don’t wear any other safety gear, the helmet is something that you cannot simply avoid. But there are an incredible number of helmets in the market and that too in various types.

Here, we will only talk about the half-helmet or open-face helmets, especially those which does not make your head look like a mushroom. We have reviewed some of the top options in the market for the best half helmet no mushroom. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

7 Best Half Helmet No Mushroom 

1. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

The most important thing to consider when buying helmets for yourself is safety. Therefore, safety is something that Daytona does not take lightly.

This helmet meets all safety requirements that all good quality no mushroom head helmets should meet. It is also D.O.T certified. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to protecting your head. D.O.T-certified helmets are great at protecting your brain in case there is an accident.

One of the main reasons other than safety why we love this no mushroom head helmet so much is the fit. You might feel like the helmet is a bit too snug on your head, but for full protection, that is exactly how the fitting should be.

A helmet should never just dangle over your head. It needs to almost stick to it. This model sticks to your head but is in no way uncomfortable.

The company keeps in mind the different size ranges when it comes to designing helmets. Therefore, even if you have an exceptionally small or large head, you will surely find something in this range that fits your head comfortably.

Even the strap underneath is designed to keep your comfort in mind. The strap is not tight and does not dig into your skin. You can adjust the strap according to your liking, but remember you should always adjust the strap in a way that keeps the helmet in place at all times.


  • D.O.T certified for safety
  • Snug fit so that the helmet stays put on your head
  • Comfortable and adjustable strap
  • Different sizes and colors available to choose from


  • The snug fit might cause headaches if worn for over 6 hours

2. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Who doesn’t love a little bit of a design on their helmet? A little pattern or a slight touch of color might help you add a slight reflection of your personality to the helmet.

That is why next on our list is this helmet from Daytona with a skull graphic design. You can never go wrong with a skull design on a bike helmet. It’s cool and fun as well. The skull design is also available in lots of other colors to choose from. You can go crazy and choose a helmet that suits your style with this range.

Next comes safety. Daytona Helmets are D.O.T certified. So you do not need to worry about keeping your head safe when it comes to this helmet. Unlike many other fake helmets in the market, the model is certified and tested for the ultimate protection against head injury. A helmet like such is just what you need if you are a speedy driver.

Choose the size of your helmet according to your head size. They have a lot of options to choose from depending on your head size. This is so that you can wear a half helmet with no mushroom head for a long time without getting any headaches.


  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Great for speedy drivers
  • Fun and cool skull design and multiple colors to choose from
  • You can select your helmet size according to the fit you desire


  • Although this is high quality no mushroom head motorcycle helmet, the skull pattern might not be everyone’s cup of tea

3. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

By this time, you can understand that we love Daytona helmets. This is mostly because we trust their safety and built quality. You can never go wrong with these helmets, and they are not crazy expensive either.

With a unique design, there are no more mushroom head helmets that you need to take a look at. This is surely the one.

The design is open-faced, but it has a small shade over the eye zone. This is to protect you from the harsh sun rays. Sunlight, especially the sunlight that hits your face in the middle of the day, can be brutal on the eyes.

It can be too harsh and can also sometimes affect your visibility. Therefore, this is a factor that you need a solution to as soon as possible.

Luckily, the shade helps protect your eyes and keep them cool so that you can see crystal clear no matter how sunny it is outside.

The strap on this helmet is something that has impressed us quite well. Unlike the straps on the common cheap helmets, this one is not harsh on your skin. The strap just lies on the skin without digging into it. This strap is also easy to adjust and open and close.


  • Easy to open, close, and adjust the strap
  • The shaded area protects your eyes from direct sunlight
  • Affordable
  • An open-faced helmet that does not give you a typical mushroom head


  • Quite hard to get the sizing right on this one

4. TORC T55 Spec-Op Adult Half Helmet

TORC T55 Spec-Op Adult Half Helmet

No one likes the sun on their face unless they are on the beach. It’s even more annoying when you are driving your bike on a busy road.

That is why you need to get this helmet from TORC that has a separate sun protector. You can slide this protector down whenever you need to. The protector is very slightly tinted, to a point where it is almost unnoticeable. Therefore, your vision is not impaired when using the protector.

TORC has made this helmet in two layers. The outer covering is the hard shell that protects your head, and the inner layer is a soft padding that makes the helmet more comfortable. This layer also helps make the helmet safer for your head.

You can take out the padded layer and wash it if desired. Because if you sweat a lot when driving, you might notice some foul odour when driving a bike. That is why a washable padded layer is great for helmets.

The helmet is also one of the safest helmets in the market. It meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, so you can count on this one for sure.


  • Simple oval design that does not give you mushroom head
  • Double layer protection
  • The inner padded layer can be washed and is soft on the head
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard met


  • The strap is not tight enough and can cause the helmet to move if driving on a highway

5. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet, Small

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet, Small

The Bell Pit Boss helmet is the most expensive one on our list. This helmet costs a little bit more than the others because it is made of superior-quality material.

Made with a TriMatrix construction, this helmet is designed to be one of the most lightweight helmets on the market. A feature like such is great to have in helmets that you plan on wearing for a long journey.

These will just sit on your head without adding any weight to your skull. Therefore, these are much more comfortable.

Just because they are light does not mean they are weak. It is impossible to get through them. Like most of the helmets that we recommend here, this one too is D.O.T certified. So you can relax and rest assured that you will be safe throughout the journey no matter what.

Open-faced helmets tend to move around from the head if driven in highways or windy areas. The BELL Pit helmet is not like that. You can adjust the model in just a few seconds, but it will stay put in place throughout the ride. Tightening the helmet is easy and takes just one pull.

Additional features of the tool include a drop-down sunshade cover and a neck covering as well. You can pull both of these down very easily, even when you are driving.


  • Easy to adjust and tighten
  • Added neck covering and sunshade cover
  • Does not move around when driving on highways
  • TriMatrix construction makes the helmet lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Great for long drives


  • Expensive

6. LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

Looking for a bike helmet that will last you a lifetime? Well then, this is it!

The LS2 is made with supreme-quality fiberglass. This gives the helmet its signature lightweight feature. Fiberglass is also well known for adding durability to products.

So even if you fall on your helmet quite a few times, there won’t be any damage done to the product. The unit also gets fewer scratches and will keep on looking brand new for the longest time.

An added neck skirt makes the helmet usable in any kind of season. The neck skirt can protect you from sunlight and rain as well. It is quite easy to drop down and can be used even when you are driving.

To make the helmet more comfortable to wear, it has interior padding. You can remove this padded section to wash it and keep the thing clean.

For sun protection, there is an extended shaded section that keeps the harsh sunlight away from your eyes. Now you can drive without having to squint your eyes.

A unique feature that this unit has is its speaker pockets. The helmet has extra pockets specifically made for you to put your speakers in.


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable
  • Added neck skirt for protection against rain and sun
  • Has pockets for adding speakers


  • The adjusting strap is positioned a bit in the back and can be hard to reach when you’re in a hurry

7. Hot Rides Classic Chopper Biker Helmet

Hot Rides Classic Chopper Biker Helmet

Lastly on our list is this amazing helmet from Hot Rides Classic. The helmets are great in quality and are also quite affordable. You do not need to spend too much to get a good quality helmet, and this is a perfect example of that. Also, you’ll get to know how amazing this super affordable helmet is in just a few moments now.

Firstly, it’s the design of the helmet; no more mushroom head! Now you can ride safely without looking kinda odd. This helmet does not have a shade or any other elements added. It is a typical round-headed open-faced helmet. But the shape of it is what saves you from getting a mushroom head.

The padded chin strap makes the helmet comfortable to wear for long hours. Additional ‘c’ shape helps the strap to just cuddle your chin, giving you protection and comfort at the same time. You can also use the easy-to-use clasp to release and buckle the strap n just a few seconds.

You get an additional helmet bag that you can use to store the helmet in when you are not using the tool. This is so that the quality of the helmet does not deteriorate when not in use. Such protection keeps the exterior of the helmet looking nice, shiny, and new. 


  • Very budget-friendly; great for students to buy
  • Great design with additional accessorizing
  • ‘c’ shaped strap buckle helps make the strap more comfortable
  • Easy to buckle and unbuckle the strap
  • Storage bag included


  • Not D.O.T certified

Why You Should Choose Half Helmets

Before moving on to the review, let us first discuss the benefits and good sides of having half helmets.

If you have a chopper or cruiser bike, then half helmets are the best choice for you. You will see very few Harley riders wearing full-face helmets.

The half helmets go really well with choppers. It looks as if the helmet was made only for wearing while riding a Harley. You may need to wear glasses to protect your eyes from the wind. To be honest, the glasses complete the look.

So if you want to go for a classy look or you have to restore your old bike, or you simply ride a customized café racer, then you should definitely go for half helmets.

Another point is that half helmets provide way more ventilation than full-face ones. So if you are someone who goes out on long tours and spends hours riding a bike, then half helmets will help a lot.

What To Look For Before Buying

Before you choose a motorcycle helmet for yourself, there are some very important points you should keep in mind before making a choice.


The material with which the helmet is made is very vital while you are buying. Because the material will determine the strength of the helmet. If the material is not of good quality, then a minor bump can crack the helmet.

Now you don’t want that to happen because the main reason you are wearing a helmet is to protect your head. If the helmet cracks easily, then the helmet will give you the least protection. It will be equivalent to wearing no helmet.

In the end, you will not get protection, and then you have to bear the medical expense, and finally, the money with which you bought the helmet will all go to waste. Therefore look for helmets that are made of polycarbonate or other stuff which are strong and durable.


In half helmets, the straps are the only thing that keeps the helmet attached to your head. That is why a good pair of straps is very important for half helmets. In full helmets, the helmets hardly require straps.

The helmet is fixed with your face and head, and therefore even if you are running at high speed, the helmet will stay fixed with your head.

In the case of half-faced helmets, the wind will hit your face and will push the helmet away from your head. The wind can easily go inside your helmet. If the helmet is not adjusted properly, then you will feel that the wind is blowing up the helmet. The only way to fix your half-face helmet properly is with straps.

Make sure your straps are adjustable. So it is not so tight that it chokes you and also not loose that the wind will blow it away from your head.


After straps, what you should for is the size of the helmet. You just have to pick the right size for you. There are also lots of helmet sizes in the market. Different manufacturers or brands have different sizes. One size of a brand may differ from another brand.

It is just like shirts. One brand may have an L-sized shirt, but it might be XL for another shirt of some other brand.

If you pick a wrong-sized helmet, then the straps might not be of help to you. The helmet will be loose even if tighten the straps. As a result, the wind will keep pushing the helmet while you are riding, and trust me; it will be very irritating for you. You want your helmet to be tightly fixed with your head while you are riding.

To be honest, you might not be able to focus on the road as you are preoccupied with worrying about your helmet. This might lead to fatal accidents. That is why you always want to pick the right size for you.


Another important point is the weight of the helmet. Imagine if you’re wearing a heavy helmet on your head.

The weight will seem like nothing at first. When you are starting the ride, the first few minutes will feel like nothing. However, as time goes by, you will start realizing the weight, and then if you keep going on, eventually it will give you bad neck pain.

You certainly do not want that to happen; you want something light for your head. The lighter, the better. But then again, not all light helmets are good.

Some helmets might be very light, but they might not give you enough protection. As mentioned earlier, the material is very important. If the material is good enough, then the helmet will be light and will also give you proper protection.


The thing that makes the helmet come from over everything else is the cushions of the helmets. Without the cushions, helmets would have been very uncomfortable. The fact that the helmets stay tightly fixed with your head, and still it can be comfortable because of the cushions.

It also protects you from the impact. But if you use it for days, it will become dirty. There are helmets which removable cushion pads which make it easy to clean the helmet.

Best Half Helmet No Mushroom

Half Helmet Sizing Guide

We have mentioned earlier in the article that size is very important. That is why to give you a better understanding of the size; we have prepared this guide.

Although there is a size labeled in the helmet, it may differ from brand to brand; that is why you should check the measurement of the helmet instead of the labeled size. Take a measuring tape and measure it properly. To do that, measure your head first, then measure the helmets.

If you are buying the helmet in person, then you can simply try the helmet on for the best experience. Notice whether the helmet fits your head properly or not.

When you try on the helmet, notice whether the cushion in it is properly touching your head or not. If the cushions are not touching some parts, then get a smaller size.

There is also the risk of buying too small a helmet. In that case, try putting it on. If you need to force it down too hard, then get a bigger size. If it goes not easy and move your head around a bit and then finally try putting your finger in it. But if it is too loose, then the finger will go in very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about Half Helmet No Mushroom designs, here are some to help you grasp it fast:

Do half helmets offer any protection?

Half helmets or open-face helmets do provide protection. But the protection is not as much as full-faced helmets. Logically, the helmet will provide protection to only part of the head it is covering. If it is not covered it will not be protected by the helmet.

Which type of helmet is safe?

Full-faced helmets are considered to be the safest. Since the full-faced helmet is covering your whole head, it protects all the parts it covers. Compared to all other types of helmets, full-face helmets are the safest option.

How do I know if my helmet is real?

If you are buying a branded helmet, then the helmet will have a model number and a code. Simply Google it by the model and code number. If it is genuine, then the helmet will appear in the search result.

Which Color helmet is best?

The color of the helmet completely depends on the buyer’s choice. He or she can go for and color- however, in the case of safety, bright colors are better as because of the helmet, the rider will be easily noticed by the other vehicles in the road.

Does wearing a helmet cause hair fall?

The hair fall varies from person to person. Some experience hair falls; some do not. For the people who are experiencing hair fall, the helmet might be dirty and can make your hair dirty. So due to that dirty hair, you may experience hair fall.

Final Words

If you are a motorbike owner, wearing a helmet is a safety regulation you must follow. It is also one of the most important safety precautions you should take. That is why if you are looking for half helmets, make sure you get the best half helmet no mushroom head so that you are safe and you look good as well.

If you want an editorial choice for the overall best performer, get the Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet. It will snug fit your head with the adjustable chin strap, and protect you with a heavy shell design. Besides, it’s D.O.T certified to ensure maximum reliability.

Nesar Uddin Ahmad
Writer & Editor at Helmets Advisor

Near Uddin Ahmad is a chief content writer and editor in Helmets Advisor. He is a dedicated writer with first-hand experience with helmets as he actually loves traveling and hiking to keep his footprint on the surface of the earth.

That’s why his testing and inspecting of helmets and accessories is trustworthy to present to potential users. Besides, he usually provides authentic and liable suggestions with value-added that help pick the best helmets on the go.

By Nesar Uddin Ahmad

Near Uddin Ahmad is a chief content writer and editor in Helmets Advisor. He is a dedicated writer with first-hand experience with helmets as he actually loves traveling and hiking to keep his footprint on the surface of the earth. That’s why his testing and inspecting of helmets and accessories is trustworthy to present to potential users. Besides, he usually provides authentic and liable suggestions with value-added that help pick the best helmets on the go.