How to Wear Glasses With Motorcycle Helmet?

Being a biker, wearing glasses may seem to be pretty tough for most. Wearing a protective helmet for glasses wearers is not an easy task, especially if you’re on prescription glasses and contact lenses don’t suit.

With a full-face helmet, it becomes even harder, with less peripheral vision and optimal visibility. That’s why people often ask how to wear glasses with motorcycle helmets? Well, there are some best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers that might reduce your trouble.

There is no exact method to wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet. But some perfectly chosen helmets or glasses might help to reduce your trouble. Let’s explore more in the rest of the part of this article, where I have described a step-step-step guideline on wearing glasses with motorcycle helmet.

How to Wear Glasses With Motorcycle Helmets?

Here, we have discussed the topic briefly and also made some expert suggestions for your convenience. Whether you have an open-face helmet, or a full face one, let’s see how to wear glasses with motorcycle helmets.

How to Wear Glasses With Motorcycle Helmets

1. Get a Modular Helmet

If you wear glasses, we are sure you don’t want to break them while wearing a helmet. In this case, a modular helmet can be a good solution for you. Because the front side of a modular helmet can be uncovered and many bikers prefer this.

Get a modular helmet

You can easily put on or off your glasses while necessary. But the back draw of this type of helmet is its less protection ability. If the front side is not covered, it can’t offer the same protection as the full-face helmet with a protective face shield.

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2. Buy Glasses That Are Motorcycle Friendly

Sometimes you need to reconsider when buying glasses as baseline requirements for the glasses. Because motorcycle-friendly glasses are easy to put on with a helmet.

This type of glasses require thin and straight arms. These features enable it to perfectly fit inside a motorcycle helmet. Thick and curved arms can cause pain and irritate the person. Which is not good while riding a bike.

3. Apply the Correct Method

Putting both the glasses and helmet in a correct manner is necessary to avoid any unwanted discomfort. Let’s check out the steps that you have to go through to ensure the proper wearing of helmet and glass.

Apply the correct method

  • First, you need to put on a helmet.
  • Then wear the glasses on the outside of the helmet belt.

Another study also revealed how to put both the glasses and the helmet together.

  • First, put the glasses over your forehead.
  • Then slowly put the helmet on.
  • By doing this your glasses will go down slowly along with your helmet and it will be settled on your eyes perfectly.

Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses Wearer

There are many helmets that are excellent for head protection. But very few helmets offer convenience for the glasses wearer. So you have to choose the right protective motorcycle helmet that suits the most with your glasses, especially if you’re using prescribed ones

If you don’t wear prescribed glasses, motorcycle glasses would be the best that also provide UV protection. Besides, if you choose an aerodynamic design helmet, it will also help with the wind noise. They usually have a lightweight construction that can make it easier to put on glasses.

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So far, we have discussed many important facts on how to wear glasses with motorcycle helmet. We hope that your safety helmet requirement won’t be interrupted with insertion of glasses using the guide anymore.

As mentioned earlier, there is no such exact method to put on helmet with glasses. But at the very best, you can avoid some trouble like eye protection by following our suggestions. Till then, have a safe ride.

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