Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmet – All Rides Should Know

Are you going to purchase a new motorcycle helmet for your best protection from concussions, even brain injuries? Then, you must know the types of motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, you will not be able to identify the best helmet for yourself.

Perfect helmet will protect you from unexpected accidents. In this article, I am going to inform you about different kinds of motorcycle helmets. Besides, you will be able to identify the best helmet for your head by reading this article.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet

There are many types of helmets available on the market. People choose helmets according to their interests, necessities, and personal considerations. However, here we will describe mainly six helmet types that are well enough against risk of head injury.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet

Full face helmets

The most popular type of helmet is the full face ones that work the best against severe head injury in motorcycle riders. If you need the best motorcycle helmet for round heads, then you can choose a full-face helmet.

This kind of helmet will protect not only your head but also your full face. We’ve already said that you need to wear a helmet to protect yourself from dangers. And most importantly, this type of helmet is considered more protective than any other type of helmet.

However, there are some varieties in this type of helmet. Some helmets contain air supply options like a ventilator which is necessary to keep the user calm.

This type of helmet also contains a movable visor in front of it. Chin bars are also a noticeable and crucial part of this type of helmet.

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As a user, you will find a full-face helmet stronger than any other helmet. But keep in mind that you may feel hot by wearing full-coverage helmets while riding the motorcycle.

Open face helmets

This type of helmet will cover almost everything without your face. Though it is an open face helmet, don’t be worried. It will protect you as much as other types of helmets. Apart from great helmet styles, these helmets usually keep your head cool even in warmer months because of an open design in the front.

Open Face helmate

The open-face helmet seems almost the same as the full-face helmet. But it doesn’t contain a front visor. For many reasons, the full-face helmet can be considered uncomfortable to some of the users. In that situation, they can easily choose the open-face helmet for their protection.

On the other hand, this kind of helmet doesn’t contain a chin bar. It’s a very crucial issue. Some of the users avoid an open-face helmet for this reason. But sometimes, riders use external goggles and face shields. You can also apply these tools.

Flip-up helmets

Flip-up helmets are known as modular helmets as well. This type of helmet contains a combination of features of the open face and full-face helmets. You will be able to flip up the visor as well as the chin bar of this helmet. This flip-up system is amazing for a regular bike rider.

Moreover, this type of helmet has a dual visor system. The additional visor will protect you from unexpected sunlight. But a flip-up helmet is usually heavier than other kinds of helmets. So as a user, you may feel discomfort because of its weight.

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On the other hand, a modular helmet will be favorable when you need to flip up the helmet frequently. But keep in mind that a modular helmet will not be as protective as the full-face helmet. So never forget to choose the perfect helmet based on your requirements.

Half helmet

A half helmet can be the best choice when the matter of comfort is valuable to you. This type of helmet is a common type of motorcycle helmet that helps you enjoy motorcycle riding very interestingly.

Half helmet

But it will not protect you perfectly. There are a lot of reasons behind this. First, a half-coverage helmet will just cover the top of the head. And the other necessary parts will not be covered. It does not even contain a face shelter. However, you have to wear external goggles or a face shield while using a half-coverage helmet.

Most importantly, many manufacturers of helmets have already put an end to producing this type of helmet. Many users suggest not to wear a half helmet instead of a full-face helmet. Now, the choice depends on your interest and necessity whether you go for novelty helmets, half helmets, or need more safety.

Off-road helmet

You may choose this type of helmet when protection against any risk of neck injury is highly crucial than comfort. On the other hand, an off-road helmet will be preferable while riding outside of the street.

This type of helmet contains a large visor, maximum ventilation system, and a noticeable chin bar. An off-road helmet is usually designed to provide maximum protection to a rider. It will also let you hear the sound of your surroundings, although sounds will not be comfortable in some cases.

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This type of helmet doesn’t contain eye protection equipment. So you need to wear goggles while using an off-road helmet. However, during the summer season, the off-road helmet will be the best choice because of its surprising ventilation system.

Dual-sport helmet

The dual-sport helmet seems to be a hybrid or cross-over helmet. You will be able to use this type of helmet on the street as well as off-road because of its dual features. They’re perfect for sports riders, and perfect fro any type of riding with all the necessary features.

Dual-sport helmet

The dual-sport helmet is safer than any other helmet. It will even be favorable for those riders who need to keep them warm. You’ll get a helmet visor, chin strap, alongside heavy crash protection which improper helmet don’t offer.

On the other hand, you may find this kind of helmet as a combination of an off-road helmet along with a full-face helmet. Most importantly, you will be able to use an eye protector inside of its visor. Though it’s a soundproofed helmet, it lets its users hear necessary sounds. The headless chin bar is usually used in this type of helmet.


A helmet is nothing but a piece of safety equipment. So you must consider the safety measurement while choosing a helmet to protect your entire head.

Though all types of motorcycle helmets give protection, there are many differences among them.

However, I hope you have a clear concept now on different kinds of motorcycle helmets. I strongly believe that you will be able to find an accurate and comfortable helmet for you.

Continue your motorcycle riding with a proper helmet. Good luck!

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