Best Full Face Cruiser Helmet Reviews | Top 7 Picks

Everybody looks like a badass on the Cruiser motorcycle. But without the perfect helmet, you can’t really enjoy your rides. 

But, you don’t have to worry about inefficient headgears anymore. The manufacturers are making premium-grade helmets these days. And these products come with removable lining, high-density padding that can absorb impacts, and an innovative ventilation system. 

Now the question is, where are you going to find these helmets?

Well, don’t have to worry about that anymore, as we are here with the reviews of the best full face helmet for Cruisers. By the time you finish reading our reviews, you will become an expert. 

 So to make a confident purchase, let’s dive into that part right away!

7 Best Full Face Cruiser Helmet Reviews in 2021

It’s not easy to get the most fantastic products when there are tons of options out there. Hence, we have gathered here reviews of the top-rated cruiser helmets to help you with the shopping. 

So let’s get started!

Image Product Name Price
ILM-Full-Face-Motorcycle-S-1 ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet Check Price
GLX-Unisex-Adult-GX11-Compa GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Full Face Helmet Check Price
TRIANGLE-Motorcycle-Helmets TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets Check Price

1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

The first product on our list is from ILM, which is the full-face helmet that will make your cruiser experience more enjoyable than ever. It comes with all the advanced features along with a top-notch ventilation system to give you the most excellent service. 

As it’s made with a sturdy ABS shell, your head and neck will be protected in any condition. Moreover, despite being superiorly robust, the whole thing is exceptionally lightweight; hence you can wear it comfortably all day long. 

The aerodynamic design makes the air move around the helmet. Consequently, you will never be bothered by wind interference, even if you are going at full speed. 

It comes with a quick-release clasp which makes it pretty easy to wear and take off. And you are getting all of these things within an affordable budget. How amazing is that?

One of the best features of this headgear is that it is designed with a dual visor. As a result, you can use the clear shield when you are riding in the darkest night. By contrast, the smoky guard can be used in the brightest daylight. 

Moreover, this shield protects you from wind slaps, dirt, and debris as it is a full-face helmet. And the anti-scratch and anti-fog quality make this headgear more convenient than it already is. 

Additionally, the helmet is made with a removable liner. You can take it out and clean it whenever you want. As a result, you can maintain a better hygiene standard without much hassle. 

The inner padding is designed with impact absorption technology. Hence, if you ever hit something unwillingly, your head will be well-protected, and there is no doubt in that. 

And if you wear it for 20-30 hours, it will mold into the shape of your head which will make your experience more delightful than ever. 

There are air vents throughout the design. Consequently, you will never feel suffocated or have hot flashes while cruising. Moreover, this headgear includes a stylish winter scarf, a lovely and thoughtful addition from the manufacturer. 

On top of everything, this headgear is available in different sizes and exciting colors. So for a top-of-the-class cruising experience, you can get this one without any doubt. 


  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind interference
  • Sturdy and lightweight ABS construction makes it comfortable to wear 
  • Comes with a removable liner that can be cleaned for better hygiene standard 
  • Inner padding will mold with the shape of the face to provide a secure grip 
  • Dual visor design makes it suitable for both day and nighttime rides


  • Inner padding feels quite stiff in the beginning; thus, you may feel a little discomfort 

2. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Full Face Helmet

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Full Face Cruiser Helmet

The most incredible thing about this GLX GX11 full-face helmet is that it comes with a unisex design. Hence, people of any gender can wear it while riding a cruiser without compromising their style. Isn’t that wonderful?

This headgear is famous for its compact and aerodynamic design, making it easy to wear and carry. If you are not into bulky accessories, this accessory is your way out, to be honest!

Thanks to its DOT shell and top-grade impact absorption feature, you can use it for a short, aggressive ride or a long tour. It will fit perfectly with any riding experience, and that’s one of the reasons behind its rising popularity. 

Besides being amazingly functional, this helmet looks superiorly stylish. And it offers you various sizes and color choices hence you can easily choose the one that suits your personality the most. 

This headgear is made with several air vents that are conveniently placed throughout its whole body. Therefore, you will never be out of breath while riding.  Moreover, the larger lower vents come with a shutter so you can easily access it while wearing gloves. 

The visor comes with a top-tier wind and moisture-resistant coating to protect you from the elements. Additionally, it is made with a unique 3D tinted shield to ensure a pristine view all the time in any condition. 

One of the most promising things about this helmet is the removable breath guard. It prevents the inside of the headgear from getting foggy. Additionally, this headgear has a chin curtain which is there to reduce wind interference. 

The microfiber inner padding allows you to have a cozy feeling when the helmet is on your head. And you can remove the entire thing to clean whenever you want. 

For ease of use, the whole thing is designed with a quick-release strap. So for a hassle-free experience, going with this product will be a wise idea. 


  • Visor is made with a 3D molded shield and tinted for a better view 
  • Comes with a sturdy DOT-approved shell to ensure higher durability and maximum protection
  • Designed with removable microfiber padding for sweat absorption 
  • The quick-release strap makes it easy to take off and wear


  • Wind noise is pretty loud because of the multiple air vents 

3. TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets

TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets

This is another DOT-approved helmet on our list that you can choose for the safest cruising experience. As TRIANGLE is one of the most reputed brands for manufacturing headgear, you can expect the most fantastic service from it. 

Besides having a super chic outlook, the functionality of this helmet is worthy of praise. As it is made with top-grade ABS material, you don’t have to worry about its durability. And this sturdy shell can efficiently protect your head from impacts, which is all we need. 

The inner lining is removable; thus, you can wash it to make it odour-free. But the impressive part is that the whole thing is also anti-bacterial, which makes it even safer.

Moreover, the multi-density EPS liner allows you to have a comfortable experience all the time. As the padding isn’t stiff at all, you won’t have any problem even if you wear it around all day long. 

The ventilation system of this headgear is equipped with top and rear extractor liners. And the innovative thermoplastic technology makes it suitable for any weather condition, which is one of the most remarkable things. 

Considering all its top-grade features, it comes with exceptionally low price points. So why don’t you think about getting this one?


  • Thermoplastic technology allows you to wear this helmet in any weather without any trouble 
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial lining to ensure the better safety of the user
  • Thanks to its multi-density padding, you can comfortably wear it all the time 
  • Padded chin strip and micrometric closure make them easy to use


  • Becomes a little noisy during high-speed rides 

4. XFMT DOT Adult Motorcycle Flip Up Full Face Helmet

XFMT DOT Adult Motorcycle Flip Up Full Face Cruiser Helmet

Now it is time for us to review this exceptionally good-looking helmet by XFMT. It is also DOT approved; hence you can use it for cruiser rides without any strain. 

One of the finest qualities of this headgear is that it has a UV-resistant coating. So if you want to ride your motorcycle on the hottest summer day, you will be well-protected.

Thanks to its composite shell construction, you will have an exceptionally long-lasting service once you get this one. And its superior sturdiness will prevent any damage if you ever fall into an accident, which is all we want!

Despite having a heavy-duty built, this headgear is pretty lightweight. So if you don’t want to carry a block of cement while riding your motorcycle, you can pick it for a breezy experience. 

To make your experience more comfortable, the whole thing is designed with adequate air vents. And these vents allow you to use this helmet on both summer and winter days without feeling too hot or cold. 

It is designed with a flip-up visor for better convenience. Additionally, it is available in multiple sizes; hence picking the most suitable one won’t be an issue. 

And one of the impressive things about this helmet is that it comes with a heavily cushioned interior. Therefore, you can rest your face comfortably for as long as you want. 

Moreover, you can remove the inner liner whenever you want to clean it, which will make the experience more convenient than ever. 


  • Exceptionally sturdy carbon composite shell makes it superiorly durable 
  • Convenient air vents make the helmet suitable for use in any season 
  • Comes with a glossy UV-resistant coating to protect you from the harmful sun rays
  • High-density padding ensures a comfortable experience


  • Though it’s lightweight, the design is pretty bulky for some users 

5. TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Full-Face Helmets

TORC - T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Full-Face Helmets

If you don’t want to stick with the basics and want to have tons of options, you can take a look at this TORC helmet. It comes with a unisex full-face design which makes it perfect for travelling in your cruiser. 

To provide the most fantastic experience for the cruisers out there, this headgear is made with tri-composite fiberglass. So you can understand how amazingly powerful this thing is. Once you get this one, you don’t have to worry about getting another one in a long time. 

Despite being heavy-duty headgear, it is a lightweight product that gives you the ultimate comfort. Moreover, the chin vents are designed with a metal net intake and exhaust air vents. These features make it more user-friendly than it already is. 

It comes with a cozy faux suede liner which is entirely removable. You can take it out and wash it to keep your face safe from bacterial infestation. Additionally, the chin strap is also padded, and the D-ring closure makes it super easy to take off and on. 

On top of everything, the visor comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch quality. And the shield is also removable, so you won’t have any trouble while replacing this part in the future. 

There are plenty of size options given to you by the manufacturer. So if you want to look at something that offers a wide range of varieties along with top-notch functionality, you should think about getting this one.


  • Tri-Composite fiberglass construction makes this helmet exceptionally robust and durable 
  • The removable liner is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with an anti-fog quality to prevent moisture buildups while riding
  • Super soft inner padding makes this headgear super cozy to wear 


  • Helmet is too tight for the ones who wear glasses 

6. Bell RS-2 Helmet

Bell RS-2 Helmet

The Bell is one of the most reputed manufacturers for making premium-quality helmets. So if you want to get a top-tier bike cap for cruising, this might be the one you are looking for!

This DOT certified full-face helmet will allow you to have the safest ride of all time. Thanks to its fiberglass shell construction, you don’t have to worry about damaging it in any condition. Hence, you can see that it ensures the most outstanding protection for your head. 

It is designed with a drop-down sun visor that will protect you from the dazzling or low sun, which is pretty impressive. However, the noise-controlling quality isn’t up to the mark. But if you are going for moderate-speed cruising, this headgear is going to be perfect. 

The ventilation of this bike cap is at the top of its level. You will get a single chin vent and a twin crown vent. Additionally, there are two exhaust vents in the rear, allowing you to have sufficient airflow. 

It comes with a clear visor only, and you will get a clear field of view with that. And there are plenty of size options available hence you don’t have to worry about fitment issues anymore. 

Moreover, if you get a perfect size, you can wear a pair of earphones to enjoy Bluetooth service. 


  • Robust fiberglass construction prevents any kind of damage while riding
  • Adequate ventilation allows you to have sufficient airflow all the time. 
  • Comes with an additional sun visor to protect you from dazzling or low sunlight
  • Super soft inner padding makes this headgear super cozy to wear


  • It doesn’t come with anti-fog technology to prevent moisture buildup. 

7.Typhoon Adult Full Face Motorcycle Helmet 

Typhoon Adult Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The final product on our list is Typhoon that which is a DOT-approved full-face helmet. It is also available in multiple exciting colors that allow you to pick the one that suits your personality the most. 

It is designed with a polycarbonate shell to make the structure superiorly durable. And this bike cap will also provide excellent protection while riding to ensure a safe experience for the cruiser rider. 

The quick-release strap will allow you to get rid of the helmet in seconds. And when you are in a hurry, you don’t have to waste much time wearing it. 

To provide you with a wide field of view, it is designed with an optically correct visor. Moreover, this helmet has an adjustable air intake lower trail. And it is made with an internal cooling channel system to guarantee a breezy experience for you all the time. 

The contoured cheek pads will hug you perfectly and ensure a secure grip. Additionally, the inner liner is washable so that you can maintain a proper hygiene routine without any trouble. 

To make things more convenient, it also comes with an anti-scratch feature that will keep your helmet well-protected all the time. 


  • DOT approved polycarbonate material prevents all kinds of damages 
  • Comes with an exceptionally lightweight build to ensure a comfortable experience
  • Removable liner makes it easy to clean 
  • Designed with thick contoured padding to provide a secure grip for your face 
  • Thanks to the internal cooling channel system, you will have excellent ventilation while riding


  • Doesn’t come with an anti-fog feature so that moisture buildup will be from time to time

Things to Look for in a Full-Face Cruiser Helmet – Buying Guide 

It is not a secret that there are thousands of full-face helmets available out there. But when it’s for your cruiser motorcycle, you need to look for some specific features to make your experience more delightful. 

So here is the list of things to consider before buying a helmet for cruising. If you look for these features, you won’t have any trouble while buying. 

DOT Approval

The DOT Approval means that your helmet meets all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. In this way, you can be assured that you will have the safest experience while riding. 

When you get DOT-approved equipment, it means that your headgear can withstand a high amount of impact and provides a secure grip while riding. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble while using this bike cap for any purpose without any hesitation. 

Secure Fit 

If your helmet keeps coming off, what’s the point of wearing it? Hence, you need to get equipment that sits securely in your head no matter the situation. 

So while buying headgear, you should always make sure that it has a top-notch fastening strap. Otherwise, you will never get your desired fitment. And you wouldn’t want that!


As you will spend a long time wearing that helmet, you need to get a comfortable bike cap. Well, nobody wants to carry a bulky and heavyweight helmet, do they? 

Some headgears come with heavy construction and a bulky design. But they are not practical at all. If you wear them, you won’t be able to enjoy your rides to the fullest. 

Therefore, always try to pick something that comes with a compact and lightweight design. In this way, you can wear the helmet as long as you want without any headache. 


When you are getting a full-face helmet, you need to make sure that it comes with excellent ventilation. The air vents should be placed throughout the helmet conveniently so you can enjoy an adequate amount of air supply while riding. 

So always pay attention to the details of air vents if you don’t want to suffocate!

Shell Construction

Shell construction is one of the most important things to consider while buying a bike cap. It plays a significant role in ensuring higher durability and the protection of your skull from injuries. 

When looking for a top-notch bike shell material, you will see either composite fiberglass or ABS. Both of them are lightweight and provide outstanding protection all the time. 

Moreover, you should get the perfect material for both cold and hot weather, so you don’t have to replace it frequently.

The Face Shield

Another most crucial part of a bike cap is the shield. If it is not the top-grade one, you will never be able to enjoy a pristine field of view. 

The face shield should be easy to use. Otherwise, you will feel difficulties while wearing or taking it off. Moreover, it would be better if the guard comes in both tinted and clear design; hence you can enjoy a better experience at any moment. 

Additionally, there are some features such as anti-fog and anti-scratch technology that ensure the clearest vision. When your helmet is equipped with an anti-fog part, there will be no moisture buildup when you breathe or drive in awry weather.

Safety Features

The primary purpose of getting a bike cap is to get the highest security while cruising, right?

So always look for high-density padding features that can absorb shocks and impacts if you ever face any accidents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my helmet size perfectly?

Every helmet manufacturers provide a size chart with their helmet. You can match the size of your head with the chart to get a perfect fit. 

And if you are not sure about it, you can just take a measurement tape, wrap it around your head, and you are good to go. 

Why my helmet’s inner padding is stiff?

When you start using an intact helmet, the inner padding will be a little tough, and it is pretty standard. 

Once you start wearing this, the padding will be contoured according to the shape of your face to provide a secure grip. If you wear it for 20-30 hours, the whole thing will start to become comfortable. 

How long does a helmet last?

A good quality helmet will last a lifetime if you take care. But it doesn’t mean that you can keep using the same thing for that long. 

It is ideal not to use your helmet for more than five years. And manufacturers are coming up with more advanced options every day. So nobody would love to wear the same model over and over again!

Why a helmet gets overheated?

It is pretty typical for a full-face helmet to get overheated. This problem occurs when the air ventilation is not adequate. 

All the products in this article come with smartly placed air vents throughout the helmets. Therefore, for a breezy experience, you can get one from our list. 

Why should I wear a full-face helmet for the cruiser?

It is not just the cruiser; full-face helmets are perfect for every ride as they come with top-of-class protection. So for the safest experience, getting this type of helmet is an excellent idea. 

Wrap Up

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best full face helmets for cruisers. After reading this article, you can choose the most suitable one for you without feeling any hesitation. 

But if you are still confused, let us make it easier for you!

If you want all the advanced features, you can go for the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet. And for a budget option, you can look at the TRIANGLE Motorcycle Helmets as it gives you all the high-end benefits within inexpensive price points!

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.