5 Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders To Move!

It’s not always that you see Harley riders opting for full-face helmets out of the blue. Since, they have always preferred open face helmets for their rides.

That being said, open face helmets are not known entirely for safety. So, it’s only when they think of better safety, they go for full face helmets. But, getting the Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders can be a daunting job since aesthetics isn’t a thing you want to compromise while having safety.

There is no shortage of options if you look at the market. But there is a shortage in quality for sure. Spending money should be an investment. As a bike enthusiast, it’s more of a duty. To help out, I’ve selected 5 of the most promising full face helmets for Harley Davidson riders that you can rely on for standing out with safety.

Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

Harley Davidson is a ride that stands out from any other bike with its rider on. So, getting the Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders has to be a sophisticated job, and we did that. Here are the 5 safest and the most stylish bike helmets for any harley rider:

1. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

As a brand Bell has been at the top for quite some time. It’s been tested and trusted by a large section of the Harley riders thanks to the safety it provides at an affordable price. What makes it so good? Let’s have a look, shall we?

For starters, the motorcycle helmet is integrated with the latest design that makes it more shockproof than before. Although it’s not the same as the MIPS helmet, it helps to remove a big chunk of force when you face a crash. You can be safe from a dangerous concussion thanks to it.

The ABS shell construction gives it high durability. ABS is known for its strength under stress, and it also makes it cheap. Then, you have the padded wind collar that significantly reduces road noise and wind noise. But the wind noise is still there to be felt.

At the front, the face shield has NutraFrog II anti-fog technology and anti-scratch protection to keep it clean and clear for the ride ahead.

Overall, at this price, the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet is the Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders that ensures maximum comfort and safety.


  • Affordable
  • ABS construction makes it durable
  • NutraFrog anti-frog technology on the shield
  • Anti-scratch
  • Padded wind collar


  • Wind noise could have been reduced further
  • It’s not as shockproof as the more premium ones

2. Shoei RF-SR Helmet,Matte Black

Shoei RF-SR Helmet,Matte Black

If there’s another name for making the motorcycle helmet for harley riders, it’s Shoei. It has been known as the premium helmet manufacturer for some time now. And the Japanese brand deserves it thanks to its long years of service to the riders. But is the high price justified for you?

For starters, the Shoei RF-SR is made with their AIM+ technology (Advanced Integrated Matrix). It’s a composite of 5 fiberglass layers and some organic fibers. But the name of the organic fibers is a secret that only Shoei knows. Whatever that is, it certainly provides durability.

Shoei’s AIM+ helmets have achieved a high rating from SHARP, which is amazing, to say the least. In terms of safety, this RF-SR has a 5-star rating. So, you’re after one of the safest ones in the market. And at this price, it should be a given.

The overall design and build quality make it an effective shockproof unit. Head injuries will be the least of your concern.

In terms of noise on the road, there are a couple of opinions. For some, it’s the quietest, and for others, it’s just average, nothing spectacular. So, it comes to personal experience at this point. Nonetheless, it’s the best one for Harley bike riders.


  • AIM+ technology for durability
  • Shockproof
  • 5-star safety rating
  • Comfortable design
  • Pinlock Evo for a clear shield


  • Expensive
  • Road noise can’t be reduced completelys

3. Fuel Helmets Adult Full Face Helmet

Fuel Helmets Adult Full Face Helmet

This is the cheapest helmets out of the most popular helmets for harley riders. With a price in double digits, it may be a wonder to you as to why it is here. Let me tell you, this is a great helmet with good value. You get what you pay for might not hold true here.

The Fuel helmets are simple and efficient in design. Yes, there are no gimmicky technologies or extra features. But it’s quite good at the basic necessities. This adult helmet is made with a lightweight thermoplastic shell. It can save you from a crash at least one time.

It has got a good ventilation system. The duel vented diffuser delivers maximum airflow in and out of the helmet. It makes a world of difference when you’re on the road. Restricted airflow is an enemy of keeping balance while riding.

As far as comfort is concerned, there is no real headache to have. The cheek pads are nice, and you can remove them easily and put them back on.

There is no technology on the face shield to protect it from fog and scratching. But it’s durable enough to give you a clear sight of things for a good period.

But I suspect that not many Harley riders will go for this cheap option.


  • Cheap
  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Comfortable padding
  • Good ventilation system
  • Quick-release shield


  • Not as shockproof as you’d like

4. LS2 Full Face Stream Street Helmet

LS2 Full Face Stream Street Helmet

The LS2 cool helmets are your friends when you’re on a budget, but still, you need something you can rely on. With a price on the lower end of triple digits, you should be looking at a good service for a good amount of time. It’s a full face helmet that looks good on harley, and that’s what I love about it.

For starters, the main attraction with all motorcycle helmets for harley riders is their construction. This LS2 helmet is made with Polycarbonate, aka ABS plastic. It’s known for its cheap price as well as durability under heavy stress. For most of the period, manufacturers have used ABS as it’s durable and soft enough not to bash your head in.

Then, you have the built-in twin shield system on the face shield. This system protects your eyes from the sun and other bright light. The shield is retractable with the push of a button. It’s always good to have ease of use.

The helmet is comfortable enough for a long ride, thanks to great padding and ventilation. With enough airflow in and out, there is no feeling of suffocation or restricted breathing. However, you will get sweaty when the face shield is active.


  • Affordable
  • ABS plastic construction
  • DOT approved
  • Easily washable components
  • Retractable face shield with a switch
  • Twin shield system


  • Wind noise is high
  • The face shield is not Pinlock ready

5. GDM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

 GDM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The last product on our list is the GDM DK-140 full face helmet. Although it’s not as well-known as the other brands, it has made a name for itself in the mid-range category. It’s stylish with some good features and quiet for a Harley rider like you.

In terms of design and build quality, this GDM helmet utilizes the new aerodynamic shell design for reduced wind noise and obstruction. This shell is made with an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. It has proven to be quite durable in the event of sudden shock and stress.

There are 5 points of ventilation on the chin, rear, and forehead. So, there is plenty of airflow and oxygen intake.

The face shield is flush-fit, and there is no side cover. This design is more optically correct with a better field of view. The shield itself is scratch-resistant and UV-protected to ensure long-lasting service. It’s removable and washable. You’re getting two face shields to use consecutively.

For budget buyers, it’s the top full-face helmet for Harley.


  • Value product
  • Lots of ventilation points
  • Perfect for varieties of bikes
  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • Scratch resistance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • It comes with 2 face shields


  • No anti-fog properties
  • Needs more shockproof features

What to Look for Before Buying?

Buying full face harley cool helmets is no biggie until you need to spend frequently on a new helmet. The quality of a helmet depends on a few things, and these are the ones you should look for before you make a purchase. Here are a few suggestions,

Shell Material

The material for your helmet needs to strong and durable as well as safe for your head. That’s why manufacturers prefer different types of polymers instead of metal. The metal works as a base, but the overall shell is usually made of Polycarbonate/ABS plastic or other poly-alloys.

Having a lightweight shell is also a great plus.

Shell Design

The design of the helmet shell is important as it affects how the wind plays against you. With an aerodynamic shell, your head will not feel any obstruction when going forward. And even with high bike speed, you will stay balanced. A blocky helmet will make you unstable.

Noise Cancellation

When you’re on the road, noise is a big issue. Other than providing safety, the coolest harley helmets have become a source of noise cancellation created by other vehicles and the wind. Not all helmets have this feature and perform the same. So, test it out or read customers’ reviews before buying.

Face Shield

The face shield is a make-it-or-break-it feature. If it doesn’t provide a clear view of the road, then it’s a bad product. And thanks to modern technology, most shields are now qualified. Still, I’d suggest that you look for anti-fog and anti-scratch features in helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further queries about full face helmets for your harley bike, here are some common questions with answers:

Do Harley bike riders wear full face helmets?

Helmet preference for bikes is pretty much the same across all the cruisers. There are exceptions but due to only personal preferences. Most bike riders, such as Honda Goldwing riders, always wear a full face helmet, including the pricier Harley bike owners.

What is the best full face helmet for Harley?

This question can have many answers. In my opinion, the best full face helmet is the Shoei RF-SR helmet, but it’s quite pricey. After this one, I’d say the Bell Qualifier helmet is a great buy for the price.

Are full face helmets safer than half face ones?

Yes, of course. There’s no doubt that full face helmets are the best option of the three choices. Whether it’s noise cancellation or protection from bugs and debris, this is the only type of helmet to choose.

Final Words

There you go, you should now be well-equipped to select the Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders. Follow the buying guide if you haven’t already figured it out. It’s up there among the selected 5. You won’t regret any of them but choose wisely. However, if you want me to select the overall perfect Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet that features everything we’ve considered.

It has a Polycarbonate robust ABS construction that can keep you safe from impact, let alone the minimally aggressive design. With a wide range of colors available, it also offers a UV-protected sun visor. The padded wind collar will reduce external noise, and it’s DOT approved, making it a dependable helmet.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.