Torc T1 Helmet Review – Style of Cafe Racers

Great style returns again and again. This is the main feature of any retro fashion, and motorcycle helmets are of no difference. In this torc t1 helmet review, we will disclose some of the most noticeable features and distinguishable qualities of this torc t 1 helmet.

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In this torc t1 retro full-face helmet review, you will find some of the unavoidable reasons that will make you get this DOT-approved stylish helmet now. Besides, the in-depth comparison with some of the leading retro motorcycle helmets will enhance your decision to get the T1 helmet from the California-based helmet maker.

Torc T1 Review

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Size and Fittings

One thing you will find common in each torc t1  is their excellent sizing and fitting. This company cares for the bikers and manufactures helmets that are first on almost any size and shape of the head.

No matter if you have an extra small or super large head size, there will always be a torc retro helmet for you. The following size chart will help you to pick the best fit size for you.

Size Head Circumference (inches) Head Circumference (mm)
XS 20 ⅞ – 21¼  53 – 54
S 21⅝ – 22 55 -56
M 22 ⅛ – 23⅛ 57-58
L 23¼ – 23⅝  59-60
XL 24 – 24⅜ 61-62
XXL 24¾ 63
XXXL 25¼ 64

Size Chart

Outer Shell Construction

The crown or outer shell is made with a fiberglass tri-composite shell. It ensures durability and endurance. Along with the high-quality liner and paddings, the outer shell keeps your head steady and safe no matter how rough the road is.

The shell comes with 4 air vents at the front. You will find them on the chin and forehead areas. The great thing is you can control the airflow by changing the size of the intake. The air will shoot out through 4 rear metal mesh exhaust ports.

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Liner Material

The liner is the buffer between the padding and the crown. So it needs to be both soft and durable. The torc T-1 liner is made with antimicrobial faux suede material. You can wash it if it smells or feels musty.

The liner is securely attached to the outer shell. So it will not be possible to remove and clean them, but you can use a damp cloth to wipe all the dirt and molds.

Inner Paddings

Like the liners, the inner paddings are washable. Moreover, you can remove them and wash them separately. The paddings are contoured to keep the helmet fixed in position.

Additionally, those multi-density EPS foam can absorb all the bumps and jumps of the road. You may find it unsuitable for off-road adventure; however, this full-face helmet will keep your head safe on regular rides.

You will love the chin strap of the torc t1 helmet. It has double d-shaped ring closures to keep the ears in place without causing any irritation. 

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Visor and Face Shield

Torc t1 helmet visor is made with anti-scratch materials. A tinted version is also available, but you have to get it separately. You can get either the smoked or the mirror tinted visor.

A lock mechanism keeps the visor in place when you are on the go. If required, just put it up to enjoy the wind.

This full-face helmet comes with a smaller chin guard that makes it easy to communicate and take a sip from a bottle. However, the lack of any padding does not offer much protection on the bottom to stop air. It will make a lot of noise if you speed up the bike on a windy road.


Certification ensures the safety standards and compliance with the regulations. Your torc t1 helmet comes with both DOT and ECE certifications. It means you can use the helmet both in North America and Europe.

In any torc helmet review, you will find the list of compliance with local regulations of this DOT certified helmet. However, the bottom line is you can be free of any hesitation while buckling up the chin straps.

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Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Comparison

Torc T1 vs. Biltwell Gringo

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Biltwell Gringo is another excellent retro helmet that will remind you of the glory days of biking. Two of the most popular models are Gringo and Gringo S. Both models are DOT certified and have shiny outer shell.

Gringo does not come with an adjustable visor, and you have to attach a buttoned visor on the front. However, the Gringo S has an adjustable visor. Like the torc T1, none of the gringos’ has any vents on the front and rear.

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Paddings are contoured but not removable like the torc T1 helmets. If you compare the price, the gringo models are more affordable than T1, but the major limiting issue will be the ventilation. Otherwise, the Biltwell helmets are one of the most popular retro helmets.

Torc T1 vs. Bell Bullitt

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The Bell Bullitt is one of the famous helmet designs from the 60s’. You will find the inspiration for this helmet is from the classic Bell Star helmet. The main difference between this Bell and Torc T1 is the shape of the visor. The bell comes with a bubble-shaped visor, whereas the T1 has a flat one.

Both Bullitt and T1 have air intakes in the front. But the rear one in the Bullitt is a horizontal opening, whereas in T1 it’s steel mesh circular vents. The internal padding is contoured and removable. So you can wash them just like a T1.

Price-wise, the Bullitt is far more expensive than any model of T1. But the price ensures the premium quality of this DOT-approved Bell helmet.

Torc T1 vs. Origine Vega

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The main difference between these two café race helmets is their origin. The Origine Vega is an Italian helmet whereas the T1 is made in the USA. The next big difference is in the outer shell construction. The T1 is made with a composite outer shell and its Italian counterpart comes with a fiberglass outer layer.

The T1 lacks UV coating on the surface which you will find on the Vega. As a pure European full-face retro helmet, Vega only has the ECE certification and does not come as DOT-approved.

Feature-wise, both helmets are almost identical but you will end up spending more for a Vega than for a T1. The high price of Vega comes with only 8 designs whereas the T1 will offer you 15.

Why Should You Choose a Retro Helmet?

Motorcycle riding is a whole lot more emotion than technology. And when you ride on nostalgic bikes like Royal Enfield or Triumph, you need a helmet that goes with the nostalgia. This is when the retro helmet comes into the scene.

These café racer helmets may not be Bluetooth integrated but they will bring back the wild 60s’ or free 70s’ when you are on the road. The lightweight, classic look, and ultimate comfort make these retro headgears a must-have in the vintage biker’s garage.

If you need minimum features in a compact helmet retro should be the first choice. In any retro helmet review, you will find about the compact design, ease of use, and minimalist features. Price wise they are less affordable than the modern-day helmets but you can’t compare a retrospective of the biking glory with the dollar value. 

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What Goes Great with Retro Helmet?

Fit for all Sex

One of the best things about the retro helmet is that they are unisex. Anyone can use it for a nostalgic bike ride without bothering about how it will go with the style.


This is perhaps the best feature of the retro helmet. The design aligns with the emotions and sentiments of a biker and reminds him/her of the 60’s or 70s’. As a whole, the helmet itself is a fashion statement.


A contoured pad, d-rings, and adjustable vents offer optimum comfort while wearing any café racer helmet. The pads keep the bike in place without putting any strain. The d-rings keep the ear in place and the vents ensure the free flow of air. What else you can ask from a headgear.

Protection and Safety

Composite fiberglass outer shells and suede liners ensure adequate safety for regular bike rides on any highways or streets. Additionally, the UV protection of the surface keeps the helmet cool even in a longer ride.


Retro bikes follow the compliance and come with the certification. It ensures better safety while you are on a nostalgic ride. Typically, US-made helmets are compliant with both the US and Europe whereas European bikes are certified for local regions only.

Helmet Sizing Tips

  • Measure the head circumference with a tailor’s measuring tape
  • Take the points just above the ears, and around the forehead
  • Do not put the tape too tight around the head
  • The typical head shape is oval so make sure you know the shape beforehand
  • The helmet should snuggle on your head
  • Both too tight and too lose means not the perfect size for you


Every torc T1 review will tell you how a simple headgear can be part of a fashion statement and sentiment. Thus, you can choose even any open face motorcycle helmet for better safety and comfort.

Do not hesitate about the price. Great things come at a greater price and the torc T1 helmet is worth the investment.

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Near Uddin Ahmad is a chief content writer and editor in Helmets Advisor. He is a dedicated writer with first-hand experience with helmets as he actually loves traveling and hiking to keep his footprint on the surface of the earth. That’s why his testing and inspecting of helmets and accessories is trustworthy to present to potential users. Besides, he usually provides authentic and liable suggestions with value-added that help pick the best helmets on the go.