What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet- Choose Right One

Should You Know What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are a biker, chances are, a good portion of your passion is in the helmet you are using. Being one of the most important things in your journey, it matters because it takes care of your safety. Maybe most of the structural issues of a helmet are related to safety issues more than design, that’s why manufacturers come up with a lot of options to match your comfort needs. Today we will learn what is a modular motorcycle helmet.

In this article, we are going to talk more about what is a modular motorcycle helmet than the other ones like full-face or open face helmets.

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What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet Redefined

Do you know these are also known as flip-up helmets? Well, modular helmets are a mixture between a ¾ and a full-face helmet. The main idea of making these two into one is to provide more flexibility. The chin bar and visor can flip up to open the front of this helmet. Although it looks like the same, modular helmets are very much similar to full-face helmets in terms of materials and fitment.

Modular helmets generally include a visor for the protection of your eye. You will see an internal visor as well that saves your eyes from the sunlight on the road. So, if you are extra sensitive about your eye or just need basic protection that the other helmets cannot offer, just go for a modular helmet.

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Before diving into the safety features of modular helmets, let’s talk about the weight. Well, honestly modular helmets weigh a little more than full-face helmets, the reason being the extra design in the flip-up front portion. If you’re thinking that gives you extra safety benefits, you might be wrong, because the hinge structure just cannot do the trick in this case.

How Safe Are Modular Helmets?

What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Some might disagree with this, but modular helmets are practically as good as others. Let’s see it this way-

1. While riding a bike, you want something between your face and the surroundings to not be stung by a bee or whatever that can be a cause of a major crash.

2. In a crash, you want something between your head and the thing that you are going to smack against.

In both cases, modular helmets can give you a hundred percent safety just like any other full-face helmet with extra eye protection. If you want your helmet to be functional after surviving a major crash, you probably need something else in that case.

However, looking into the structural manner of modular helmets, the hinge structure reduces some safety assurance. But, the added chin protection compensates for that and brings you more benefits.

If it wasn’t safe enough, a lot of motorcyclists along with some law enforcement officers wouldn’t use it regularly in a lot of places. Obviously, they are not used in races because the race helmets are quite different due to increasing risk factors. But, if you are passionate about motorcycles and considering a modular helmet as an option, go ahead and buy one.

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Make sure you buy a well-named branded helmet. That way you will get one that lasts longer.

Can You Wear Them Open?

Though a lot of people ask this question regarding modular helmets, the answer is applied to all the helmets out there. It’s okay to keep your helmet open if you are at low speed. You might enjoy the blow of fresh air in your face as well. If you somehow increase your speed, not only the weird aerodynamics will start causing trouble, but also there’s a huge chance of a bug or dust going in your eye that may lead to a major accident.

It is clear in the manufacturer’s guidelines that you can use a modular helmet as both full-face and open-face helmets. But, it’s good to keep it closed as much as possible.

Are Modular Helmets Noisy?

What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s look at this on a generic basis. What creates helmet noises? This can be how you sit or crouch over on your bike. It can also be the wind, the speed, and plenty of other reasons.

Now, in terms of making noises, modular helmets come with one disadvantage. The joint between the chin-bar and the body sometimes creates noise as the wind will whistle through. This, however, is not true for all of them. If you buy a helmet from a renowned manufacturer, no such thing is supposed to happen.

Who Wears Modular Helmets?

Over the years, because of their features and shape, modular helmets have become popular in many countries to motorcyclists from different occupations. Most often, these are seen used by cruisers, tourists, adventure bikers, and students.

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The reason why they like it a lot is their confidence in the design. That’s kind of the whole point of buying a certain type of helmet for all motorcyclists. What a biker chooses to wear shall reflect his confidence in its design. And, there is no reason to believe a modular helmet does not carry any of that.

Furthermore, in Europe, a lot of law enforcement officers, private service holders, and many tourist bikers that roam around from one country to another find modular helmets very handy.

Lightweight Modular Helmets

What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet

While shopping for helmets, comfort and weight are two separate things where need to be considered equally. In the current market, many lightweight moderate helmets are uncomfortable while some heavy ones can bring you satisfaction. It totally depends on the manufacturer, budget, and the materials used.

As a matter of fact, you will find lightweight modular helmets more comfortable if you agree to invest a little extra in them.

To Sum Up

We hope this much information is enough for you to make a move for buying helmets. Modular helmets are perfect for you especially if you want to flip up your chin bar and use it openly for conversations with your fellow rider. It will help you in warm weather too. Moreover, the sun visor will help you protect your eyes while riding on the road.

So, why make a delay? If it matches your comfort level, thirst for open-air, the amount of safety, then buy a modular helmet today!

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