Harley Davidson Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Harley Davidson Review

In a Nutshell

If you are a Harley rider and love to ride your bike, then you may go out for riding frequently. And you know that where ever you go, you have to keep yourself safe. And, because of keeping safe, you must wear a helmet and avoid using and answering your cell phone while riding you have to use a motorcycle Bluetooth communication system. Though it’s not that difficult act, sometimes it becomes hard.

Harley Davidson Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Such as in the case of any emergency or any danger, you have to connect with the people who are staying nearly your riding area. In those cases, a Bluetooth communication system works like a magic. Thus, you can contact the closest people using a motorcycle Bluetooth communication system if you need any time.

harley davidson sena bluetooth motorcycle headset

Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System– The Brand You Can Trust

A Harley rider should read this buying guide to know about the advantage of Bluetooth communication systems in motorcycles. So, in this amazing article, we are going to let you know about the best product within the Bluetooth market which is Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System (50R-01) especially suitable for Harley riders.

Sena adopts a pioneering generation in designing its collection of Bluetooth based communication solutions. For motorcyclists, this brand offers a nation of the art of communication facility by combining digicam and Bluetooth in its products.

Process of this Communication System in a Brief

Bluetooth allows you to interact together with your telephone or your fellow Harley riders while you’re out on the street. So whether you need to listen to music, perhaps a podcast whilst you’re cruising outside, maybe you need to talk to a friend in tow, or make a smartphone call or receive one, the motorcycle Bluetooth communication system will permit you to do that.

You get unique sorts of benefits from the right Bluetooth Communication System. First of all, when using a bike, it is a piece that helps you to stay in touch with absolutely everyone. The purpose is, you are not allowed to speak at the same time as using it as it’s far a protection threat. But then the usage of wireless accessories does help here as they cast off the hassles of driving with a telephone in a hand.

Perfect Solutions to Communicate Any Time

This is why Bluetooth Communication System for bikes has come a long way to make existence smooth for the Harley riders. Not handiest does it allow the rider to be available on the name when riding, but it additionally permits to communication with the other riders inside the location of the use of Bluetooth connectivity and the use of it as a wireless radio.

Say you’re touring alongside and you get a name from a person that’s quite urgent. Stopping via the facet of the street and answering the decision is an option but you come to be losing treasured driving time. So the solution for this is to use Right Bluetooth Communication System for motorcycles which permits you to preserve driving and yet answering the smartphone.

Listen to Music While Riding

And yes, also listening to music while on the go is also viable. All this without the hassles of wires’ entanglement.

So all in all, having a Bluetooth Communication System for your Harley Davidson is helpful in many methods. Rides come to be easier and verbal exchange turns into smoothness without all of the confusing hand gestures and wait no longer. So, if given a choice, then Bluetooth Communication System for bikes is something to certainly opt for and ride with peace all of the time.

harley davidson sena bluetooth motorcycle headset

Why You Will Love to Get SENA Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Harley Davidson

To get all advantages mentioned above as a rider, you can choose the SENA Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System (50R-01). It is a low-profile motorcycle Bluetooth headset that has the capability of a superior generation. The newly upgraded Mesh 2.0 Intercom permits riders to revel in a community with robust, dependable connections in one-of-a-kind Mesh Intercom modes.

Multi-Channel Open Mesh lets a close-to-limitless wide variety of customers to communicate within a range of the 50R across nine channels. Meanwhile, Group Mesh lets customers create a private communique organization with as many as 24 nearby members. Pair on your cellphone with Bluetooth five connectivity to listen to your tune, hear GPS directions, and take cellphone calls.

The 50R functions upgraded, redesigned HD Speakers optimized for bodily consolation, and audio overall performance, inclusive of a marked increase in quantity, bass, and readability. Control the tool’s features with multi-language voice instructions or by utilizing the three-button format.

Main Features

  • Mesh 2.0 Intercom helps you to speak with different riders staying up to five miles / eight km.
  • Multi-Channel Open Mesh permits communique with a close to-infinite quantity of riders and lets you switch among nine channels.
  • Group Mesh supports as much as 24 individuals in a non-public institution.
  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity on your telephone to get entry to music, telephone calls, GPS navigation.
  • Voice-activated virtual assistant access to utilize a smartphone’s fingers-loose functions.
  • Upgraded HD Speakers optimized for audio fine, turning in a lift in extent, bass, and readability. Includes a Wi-Fi Cable to price the device and to routinely download/set up firmware updates through Wi-Fi connectivity.
sena bluetooth motorcycle communication system

Buying Guides Harley Davidson Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

When you fix up your mind about buying a Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication system for your Harley, you better consider some of the critical factors for making your investment worth it. We will tell you the elements of a Bluetooth communication system so that your decision becomes even more accessible.


The value of any product subjects before you choose one for yourself. Consider shopping for a motorcycle Bluetooth communication system that has incredible functions and a low-priced fee.

Voice Control and Quality of Sound

Audio nice ought to be precise enough to supply great sound at the other end. If the audio fine isn’t smooth, then your speaking revel in might be vulnerable. Also, lousy audio satisfaction makes a volatile connection between you and your pal. So the audio nice and voice manipulation have to be your pinnacle precedence whilst buying the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

Voice Commands

The fingers-free voice instructions make driving more handy and exciting. And you may have the palms-loose voice command in the first-rate motorbike Bluetooth communication system. This characteristic enhances the protection degree as nicely.

Battery Life Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

Battery life is like every other important issue which you want to ponder whilst buying your harley davidson sena Bluetooth motorcycle headset. Those folks that cruise on the roads have to buy a headset that has lengthy battery life.

Range of the Headset

The range of the Bluetooth headset for motorcyclists especially for Harley riders are vital to recall. And in case you are occurring an experience along with your buddies, then the Bluetooth variety must be 1000 yards’. The scale ought to be sufficient now not to interrupt the voice commands.


Many human beings ruined their headsets by using rain or moisture. So, if you want to have a Bluetooth device that works in all climate, recall buying a water-resistant headset.

Chin Strap

The bike Bluetooth communication system should be hooked up efficaciously, so it doesn’t disturb the rider. And you don’t need to remove the chin strap for putting in this device.


The guarantee period has to be lengthy. Thus, if there occurs any trouble, the corporation will repair it.


Most of all, the durability of all the Bluetooth headsets aren’t identical. Some motorbike Bluetooth headsets have higher-excellent production than others. So do not buy a product that breaks after a month.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The Bluetooth headset should be easy to use. And recollect shopping for a headset this is handy for absolutely everyone.


Another vital feature of the bike Bluetooth communication system is the digital camera. And you can find this selection inside the excessive-end bike Bluetooth communication system.


Lastly, we’ve got the GPS characteristic of the great bike Bluetooth communication system. A GPS function is beneficial while you are happening an adventure.

After analyzing the buying guide, you’ll know which functions are essential for the best Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for your Harley Davidson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it waterproof?

They are taken into consideration waterproof, which suggests that rain should not affect it. You would not want to submerge it in water even though, which is commonly how they define water-proof.

With whom and what’s the warranty?

The producer Sena warranties the product for two years.

What is the distinction between the S and R?

The R isn’t detachable from the helmet once installed, is a bit smaller, and makes use of buttons. The S can be indifferent from the mount for charging, is a piece bigger, and makes use of a jog dial and button for operation.

Is this for dual?

Yes, this is for dual.

Final verdict

You may know that the market is full of devices from different companies. But all the devices are not going to fulfill your necessity as a Harley rider. Thus, the SENA motorcycle Bluetooth communication system has become a famous name among Harley riders community. So, don’t dillydally to take the right decision of buying this outstanding device. Wish you to have a safe and happy riding.

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