How to Determine Your Head Shape for a Motorcycle Helmet?

Every biker is aware of the importance of a helmet while riding. Not only for obeying the law, but it saves lives if any accident occurs.

A helmet will save your life only if it fits properly to your head. And you know there are helmets for round heads shape, long heads shape to choose according to your head size.

The best way to determine your head shape for a motorcycle helmet is to measure your head shape first. Then compare your head’s size with the helmet’s size. Helmet manufacturers usually include the correct size chart, refer to that.

This article will help you know how to determine your head shape for a motorcycle helmet. Le’ts know how you can get the maximum protection with the correct helmet type and size.

How to Determine Your Head Shape for a Motorcycle Helmet?

Here, we will be giving you tips on how to get the best helmet for your head that fits properly. Among a range of helmet style, you’ll be able to go for the right helmet sizes for round and oval heads, and others.

How to Determine Your Head Shape for a Motorcycle Helmet

Measure Your Heads Size

Before buying a helmet, it is necessary to know your head’s size. You can seek help from your friend and family member to measure it. Or you can do it by yourself.

Get a measuring tape and put it above the eyebrows and circle it around the back part of your head. Also, make sure the tape is above your ears.

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Take the measurement in centimeters if possible. It will give you a more accurate answer than inches. Then you can choose full-face helmet, open-face helmets, or any other you seek for.

By doing this, you will be aware of your head’s size to compare with the helmet shape and provided size chart. That will prevent you from buying a too loose or too tight helmet.

Know Your Head Shape

After measuring the head size, it is time to determine your head shape. Generally, there are three types of head shape, Long Oval, Round Oval, and Intermediate Oval.

Know Your Head Shape

Long Oval
If your head seems a bit longer from your forehead to the back of your head, then your head shape is long oval. Helmets for these head shapes seem loose from the sides. But it is actually tight from the forehead to the back.

Round Oval

If your head shape looks round or identical to a football, consider your head shape as the round oval. In this case, your head shape is equally wide compared to its length.

Intermediate Oval

The last head shape is Intermediate Oval. Generally, it is the most common head shape around the world. When your head shape is neither too long nor too wide, then it is an intermediate head shape.

Most of the helmets belong to this category. So, if you have this head shape, then your available helmet option will be vast.

To determine your head shape you can simply ask a friend to take a photo of your head from above. After seeing the photo, you will be able to differentiate your head shape from others.

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Make sure to flat down your hair as much as you can. Because your straight hair might affect the look of your head shape.

Seek for professional assistance

If you can’t manage yourself in any of the tasks mentioned above, simply go to a helmet store. The professionals there will help you to measure your head circumference and shape to compare with the helmet sizes. They’ll also suggest you the right course of action that can help you pick the right helmet.

After determining the right types of helmets and the helmet liner, they’ll get your helmet fit. They can give you the right helmet while keeping your peripheral vision clear, free of hot spots. If you’re to take suggestion, go for modular helmets that have cheek pads and soft chin strap.


We’ve already got to know about how to measure the head size and shape for a motorcycle helmet. Remember, a random helmet can’t protect your head from an accident. Only an oval shape helmet can be comfortable for oval heads. It is very necessary to get a fit helmet that is neither too loose nor tight.

Speaking of which style or color to choose, it totally depends on your choice. We believe our suggestions on how to determine your head shape for a motorcycle helmet will help you choose the right shape for you. Getting the right

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