How To Make A Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

A helmet is a necessary equipment to avoid danger while riding a motorcycle. But this equipment will not provide you enough protection if it’s not a correct size helmet for your head. So you must select a well-fitting helmet for yourself.

Now the question can arise, how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better for your head? Well, you will be able to make your helmet fit with your head by taking some necessary steps.

In this article, I am going to describe to you the steps of making a helmet fit better to avoid possible fatal injuries.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?

Before starting the steps of making a helmet fit better, it is necessary to know the head size. You will be able to measure the fit helmet only when the head size is known to you. However, let’s have a clear idea of the steps of making a helmet fit better.

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Purchase the Correct Helmet

To get a fit helmet size, you have to purchase the correct helmet. You must measure the size of the head with a tape measure, whether for a full-face helmet or a half one. There are particular bike helmets for big heads and small heads. So consider this matter while purchasing a helmet.

On the other hand, to get a fit helmet for your head, you have to select a helmet that is suitable for your head shape. Head shape is the most significant matter while choosing a helmet. Determine what type of helmet you need, square, long, oval shape, or others.

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Another considerable fact is the oval level of the head. Maybe your head is a long oval, or intermediate oval, or round oval. So you must select a helmet according to the oval of your head.

Avoid Loose Helmet

Just like other safety gear importance, avoiding a loose helmet is also crucial. Never forget that a helmet is a piece of protective equipment. Hence, loose-fitting helmets will not protect you from unexpected accidents, and an firm tight helmet will chock you.

On the other hand, a loose helmet can not be fit for your head. Sometimes, it will hurt your head. And that will be very annoying. So you must beware of the helmet style and size from the chin bar to the upper head.

Instead of a loose helmet, you have to choose a snug tight, comfortable, and suitable helmet. This consideration will help you to get the right helmet. Hence, modular helmets can help here a lot.

Check the Liners of the Helmet

Liners are the headgear of a helmet that is designed at the internal part of a helmet. The liners usually protect the head from any kind of danger.  However, to make it (especially full-face helmet) fit, you have to check the liners.

Check the Liners of the Helmet

Make sure that the liners are fitted firmly inside the helmet. If the liners are loose or broken, then replace them.

Sometimes the foam of the liners can be down. So never forget to double-check. And if necessary, then replace the foam.

Firmly Attach the Cheek Pads

To make your helmet fit better, you must attach the cheek pads very firmly. In this situation, you have to fit the cheek pads tightly. But make sure that the cheek pads are comfortably attached to your cheeks.

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Sometimes, the pads can be pinched. Pinched pads will not let you make your helmet fit. Sometimes, your head can be hurt because of pinched pads. So try to replace them.

However, attach the pads to your cheeks very firmly and get a fit helmet.

Fix the Chin Strap and Side Strap

Chinstrap and side strap are very functional materials for a fitted helmet. The straps are helpful to avoid dropping off the helmet.

Fix the Chin Strap and Side Strap

You have to adjust the chin piece to your chins perfectly. It will save the helmet from moving forward. On the other hand, by adjusting the chin strap perfectly, you will be able to make your helmet fit better.

Never over tighten the strap to the chin bar. You can check the strap by placing a finger between the strap and your throat.

At the same time, you will need to adjust the side strap of the helmet. You have to do it to make a good correlation of the helmet with your head. After readjusting, the helmet will be well fitted. And the helmet will be comfortable for you.

Put Your Helmet in the Right Position

To make a helmet fit better, you should put the helmet in the right position. For this purpose, you can follow step by step procedure. It will help you in the positioning of the helmet.

  • Place the helmet systematically and slowly.
  • Not at once. Put the helmet at the top portion of the head.
  • Then press slowly to place it.
  • After placing, you will need to adjust the chin strap and side strap.
  • Adjust them according to the above-described process.
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To make a better position, you should place the helmet at the nadir point of your forehead. But make sure that it will not hinder your eyes.

However, positioning at the right place is crucial for making a helmet better fitted. So never forget to do that.

Make a Double-check

At last, you will need to double-check all the steps. Move the helmet up and down. Make sure that it will not move forward. Recheck the straps and make them fully comfortable for your head.

You have to check that there are no noticeable gaps between your head and the helmet. If you find a gap, try to understand why it happens. Now recover the gap and adjust the helmet very firmly.

Now make a short trial and try to understand if it is fitted in your head or not. If you find it is not fitted firmly, then trigger out the problem and make a good solution.


On the whole, You have to wear a helmet to keep your head out of danger. But you won’t be able to do that without making the helmet better fitted. On the other hand, a better-fitted helmet will let you be safe from accidents.

However, I hope you have a clear concept now on how to make a motorcycle helmet fit better. I strongly believe that in your next riding, you will be able to make your helmet better-fitted.

Good luck!

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