Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head?

A motorcycle helmet is essential safety equipment. You need to use this to keep your head out of danger. But sometimes, the motorcycle helmet can hurt your head. Now you may ask, why does my motorcycle helmet hurt my head?

Well, there are many reason`s behind this problem. Adjustment issues with a new helmet, size measurement problems, the problem with chin belts or cheek pads are the common reasons.

However, in this article, you will get to know all of these problems and their solutions. So let’s start our journey.

Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head?

You may choose a perfect helmet for your head. But unfortunately, it has created issues and hurt your head even if it is ideal in size. So, you must know the actual reasons behind this problem and the solution.

Why Does My Motorcycle Helmet Hurt My Head

However, let’s get some ideas for a fit and comfortable helmet.

Size Measurement Problem

When buying a helmet, you might choose the correct one for your head. But somehow, it is possible to be big or small in size. You have to choose the best motorcycle helmets for big heads and suitable ones for small heads.

When the helmet is bigger than your head size, it must hurt your head. Again, a small size helmet will not be comfortable for your head.

So, a big size helmet will not protect you from danger. Again it will be a common cause for your headache. In the same way, a small or tight helmet will not be comfortable for you. On the other hand, you will not feel comfortable wearing that helmet.

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So you have to choose a perfectly fitting helmet size depending on measured shaped heads. That way, it won’t create a hot spot (pressure point) or hurt your head.

Pressure Along Forehead and Ears

Sometimes, the wrong size helmet can have a hot spot with extra pressure along the forehead and ears. It will create a significant problem for your head as well as your ears. Size measurement problems are also responsible for this problem. It will also create migraine problems.

Moreover, a motorcycle helmet with a wrong shape of head can lead to a forehead pain. It is because of pressure along the forehead. You will feel comfortable when a specific point of the helmet will not create extra pressure along the forehead.

It is also an uncomfortable matter when the helmet creates pressure on your ears. And when the helmet causes problems of pressure along the forehead, it will also hurt your head. So try to avoid this kind of helmet.

Cheek Pads Problem

You may face a cheek pads problem. It is also responsible for your headache. Sometimes the cheek pads go pinched after using them for a long time. As a result, the helmet becomes uncomfortable for the user. And now, the helmet can hurt your head.

Motorcycle Helmet Cheek Pads Problem

When the helmet is new, the cheek pads may not be perfect for your head size. So you must select an accurate size helmet, and most importantly, accurate cheek pads.

Another problem with cheek pads is, maybe the pads don’t touch your cheek. It’s a very common problem for a helmet user. Though it’s simple, it will not let it be fit for your head.

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Problem With Chin Belt

A Chin belt is an essential part of a helmet that prevents rolling off of a helmet. It is also crucial for adjusting the helmet with your chin.

But sometimes, you may face problems with this chin belt. Maybe the chin belt is not accurate for your chin, or it is not positioned accurately.

Whatever the problem is, your helmet will be uncomfortable for you. And it will hurt your head.

But never be worried. It’s not a big problem. You need just a perfect adjustment of the chin strip with your face. Then it will not hurt your head anymore.

Adjustment Problem With a New Helmet

When you buy a new helmet, you may face various adjustment problems. Even without any specific reason, it can be a cause for your headache. So a new helmet may hurt your head.

On the other hand, every person has his own unique head shape. So a new helmet will be uncomfortable for you if it is not fit.

Never be worried. If there is no specific problem with the helmet, it will adjust with your head soon. And after adjustment, it will not hurt your head.

How to Protect Your Head From the Hurt of the Helmet?

To protect yourself from head injury or pain from the helmet, you need to follow some crucial steps. Let’s explore these steps to get rid of the problems discussed above:

How to Protect Your Head From the Hurt of the Helmet?

  • First, you need to buy the correct size helmet that is perfect for your head. To get your helmet fit, measure your head size beforehand. You won’t get a snug fit with a round head when you have a intermediate oval head.
  • Determine which shape the helmet will fit for your head. And finally, choose a helmet which will be comfortable for you. The helmet internals with extra padding also play a vital role in the safety and comfort.
  • You may make a trial of 15 minutes to understand, whether it is fit for you or not?
  • Secondly, you have to choose a helmet that will not put extra pressure on the forehead. But never forget to choose a fit one.
  • You have to use new cheek pads or a piece of foam as a temporary solution when your cheek pads go pinched.
  • In this context, you have to keep in mind that some helmets have adjusted pads, whereas some helmets haven’t adjusted pads.
  • According to experts’ opinion, as a user, you have to buy a helmet that hasn’t adjusted pads. If you do this, you will be able to change the pinched pads in the future.
  • Another essential element is the chin belt. Try to get a comfortable and smooth belt for your helmet, especially if you use it as a daily commute.
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By going along with the mentioned steps, you will be able to protect your head from the hurt of the helmet. So try to follow these steps.


The motorcycle helmet can hurt your head for various reasons if you don’t resolve the helmet issue. However, the solution to these reasons is very straightforward. And the solution is wearing a helmet that is fit and comfortable for the head.

However, I hope you have a clear concept now on, Why does my motorcycle helmet hurt my head? I strongly believe that now you will be able to trigger out the reason for your headache and will be able to overcome these reasons.

Good luck!

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