9 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Round Head in 2022

You know what, riding a bike is all fun and games until you encounter a horrible accident. Pardon us for killing your excitement, but that’s only true! 

It’s safe to assume that you already got a helmet, but it doesn’t fit well with the shape of your head. Mostly for round heads, finding a proper fit is like a dream come true. 

Hence, we thought why not narrowing down the best motorcycle helmet for round heads from all the trending ones and outline a review of each? That’s only our mere efforts to save you from serious injuries and keeping you comfortable during all those impulsive midnight trips.

And don’t worry, we have curated an in-depth buying guide for you so that you can identify the must-have features and get the perfect gear for your beast.

9 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Round Head

Here we have reviewed 9 top-rated motorcycle helmets that are strategically crafted for round heads and various safety purposes. All of them have their fortes from which you can conclude what you truly want:

Image Product Name Price
Motorcycle-Open-Face-Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Helmet DOT Approved Check Price
Daytona-Helmets-Motorcycle- Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser Check Price
LS2-Helmets-Rebellion-Motor LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet Check Price

1. Motorcycle Open Face Helmet DOT Approved

Motorcycle Open Face Helmet DOT Approved

YEMA presents a professional-grade round motorcycle helmet that surpasses the DOT standards with its aesthetics and innovative features. And the aggressive design instantly evokes the ultimate rider energy, making it the best motorcycle helmet for roundheads.

To make your own identity in the biker’s community, this open-face helmet is the ultimate choice. 

This offers ample protection accompanied by a wide field of visibility. Thus, you don’t feel suffocated or claustrophobic while wearing it for a prolonged time. Also, you get a smoked and see-through visor attached with your helmet that can be easily removed when need be. 

On top of that, replacing the visors feels like a breeze due to its effortless assembly. Furthermore, the quick release buckle allows you to pull it on/off within a blink of your eyes, whereas some helmet straps are too complicated to unbuckle.

Then comes the inner lining pads that are dedicatedly embedded for your comfort during long rides. In fact, these lining pads are removable so that you can wash them and stay fresh and sanitized. 

Moreover, it amplifies the overall life expectancy when you take good care of them or keep them clean.

All the strains and fatigue you feel while riding for an extended period can be mitigated if you opt for the right size because the right size will ensure that you are getting comfortable in those concentrated areas. 

We recommend choosing one size larger than your actual size for getting the proper fit. Anyways, YEMA features fully adjustable flow-through ventilation as in the intake and exhaust ports. 

It ensures to pump out all the warm vapor outside and soak in the fresh air inside thus, you can breathe fresh air and enjoy your ride. 

No matter you own a cruiser, scooter, chopper, or street bike, these open face helmets are immensely compatible. And gladly, they are legalized for highway use. Both men and women can wear it.


  • Reinforced with a chin curtain
  • Quick-release fastener
  • Laser-cut foam
  • Removable and washable visors and liner pads
  • 100% UV and scratch-resistant
  • High-impact visors resist all the dust particles coming your way


  • Doesn’t defend against noise while riding at high speed

2. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser

First thing is, Daytona is super conscious about comfort and overall protection as a brand. Thus, they mainly focus on their sizing. Just what you need for the right motorcycle helmets for round heads shape; a helmet that stays firm. 

They might feel a little stiff against your head as it’s meant to sit tight during an extreme situation. 

However, the tightness can be adjusted, or you can follow the guidelines before choosing the ideal size for you. Now, these helmets beat the DOT safety standards effectively, which depicts their reliability. 

Even if you meet an accident or anything serious your brain will be in a sound state. And that’s basically the prime objective of wearing this helmet with your cruiser. 

Moreover, these open-face helmets are available in a wide range of sizes. So, there’s no need to worry about fitting.

Another thing is, most helmets cause pinching or discomfort when you are wearing them for a long time. The worst part is – sometimes it feels like someone is aggressively pulling your hair. 

No wonder it compromises your concentration which eventually leads to a road crash. But these helmets are anything but disturbing. They claim to ensure zero pinchings no matter whether you are riding at a higher or minimum speed. 

Then comes the chin straps, which are effortlessly easy to adjust according to your convenience. You can adjust the movements by simply pulling it backward or forward during any event of pinching or discomfort. 

And last but not least, with a single motion of your finger, you can release the custom quick-release lock. Easier than expected!

Besides, the visor of this helmet is removable, although it’s not transparent but rather gloss black — no need to stress over this. the visor is yet clear enough to provide a wide field view without obstructing anything. 

Inside, it’s coated with moisture-repelling fabric so that you remain fresh and sweat-free all the way to your journey. And lastly, free head wrap, drawstring bag, and goggle strap are equipped as additional features.


  • Supremely lightweight
  • Classy design with four color availability
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Advanced protection to your brain
  • Quick-release strap
  • Ideal fit for small and big heads
  • Durable expanded polystyrene inner
  • DOT certified


  • Visor might not last long

3. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

Well, compared to those overly-priced motorcycle helmets, LS2 puts enough on the table. It not only gives you the best bang for your buck but also ensures catering to your highest expectations.

First thing first, the twin shield system drop-down sunscreen is easily adjustable and capable of locking ½ way down. The drop-down sunscreen protects your eyes when the sun rays are beaming at their best.

You’ll get two-stage protection with these helmets for round heads shape (available in multiple colors). For instance, if you lock it at 1/2 way, they will get a little shade, whereas opening it entirely will give you full coverage. 

Now let’s talk about its specialty, which makes it one of our favorites. This helmet facilitates Bluetooth installation inside to ensure a rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger communication system. 

Arguably, at this price range, you will barely come across something of this kind. Also, if you are wondering that the helmet may feel tight after inserting any device inside then stress no more! There’s enough space inside for a seamless allowance.

Coming to its overall construction, it’s engineered with lightweight kinetic polymer alloy that’s built to last. 

On top of that, it has the perfect blend of vintage vibe and technical edge, which adds more features to your overall personality. 

During the hot summer days, this helmet can be your one and only companion. It has adjustable intake ports and vented EPS, which work along with the rear spoiler. 

In addition, the exhaust port helps to create a light flow of air consistently to keep you comfortable.


  • Easy Bluetooth installation
  • Hypoallergenic, moisture-repelling fabric liner
  • Removable and washable
  • Proper ventilation facility
  • Durable construction
  • Classy matte black finish
  • Suitable for street-sport motorcycles, cruisers, and scooters.


  • Chin strap is too big than necessary

4. TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-Face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle

TORC - T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-Face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle

We all have this old-school persona hidden under the sheets that longs the 90s aesthetics back! The retro vibes give us chills, just like the unisex retro full-face helmet by the TORC store. This helmet features a very old-school design that harmonizes perfectly with street-cruiser motorcycles. 

You will have them in 20 attractive colors. Some of them are solid vibrant colors, and some of them are patterned. They have something for everyone! 

However, the matte black one blends gracefully regardless of gender and the motorcycle you are riding.

Then comes the overall build. This helmet is fortified with a fiberglass tri-composite shell which is considered one of the most competent materials in terms of robustness and durability. Also, the lightweight feature comes as a surplus.

You will have the front chin vents with metal mesh intake and exhaust port. This is a great feature to have in a helmet for round head shape for better aeration. 

As a result, all the warm air produced inside will evacuate while the intake port will make allowance for fresh air to enter for healthy breathing. 

Gladly it exceeds various safety standards as well. Such as the meet federal motor vehicle safety standard which defines the reliability of these helmets in terms of protection.

Now about the chin straps, this helmet features D-ring closures, which might not be as handy as quick-release straps, but they work just fine. 

And the visor? 

Well, they are transparent and resistant to fog and scratches. Not only it allows a wide viewing angle but it also safeguards your eyes from air pollutants. Great isn’t it?


  • Removable and washable shield
  • Faux suede liner
  • Fits perfectly on round heads
  • Cushioned chin strap with D-ring clasps
  • Unique ratchet system
  • Overall four rear vents and 2 intake vents
  • Numerous color availabilities


  • Tricky to put on and off

5. TORC T5020PCH23 Unisex-Adult Open-Face Style Graphic Helmet

TORC T5020PCH23 Unisex-Adult Open-Face Style Graphic Helmet

Enough of plain-colored helmets! We have included TORC’s unisex open-face style helmet that is fashioned with retro paint and custom graphics. It’s specially crafted for all the bike owners who modified their motorcycle diversely or were given a look of a sports bike. 

Because the Flat White Pch color goes really well with those, now, these helmets are for intermediate oval head shapes; exactly what you are rooting for! They offer six different sizes, from x-small to xx-large. 

It features five button snap system and 3 snap peaks for the utmost stability. This helmet stays firm on your head without causing any abrupt collapse or fall. 

Besides, to ensure different levels of comfort, it has ultra-suede fabric inner paddings. Although it seems like leather but it’s not. the cheek pads are removable thus, you can wash them to extend their life expectancy as well as cleanliness. 

Also, the comfort paddings are moisture-wicking; thus no matter how hot the atmosphere is, you will remain fresh and relaxed. 

This graphic helmet is best suited for street-touring motorcycles, street-cruiser motorcycles, street-sport motorcycles, and scooters. As a surplus, it has a strap on the rear side where you can attach your goggles.


  • Perfect fit for oval shape heads
  • Lightweight thus wearing it feels like a breeze
  • Appealing vintage look
  • Easy to attach snaps 
  • High-quality paddings


  • No visor
  • Lack of ventilation

6. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Dual Visor Sun Shield Flip Up Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Dual Visor Sun Shield Flip Up Full Face Helmet

Are you on the lookout for a helmet with a dual-lens design? If yes, then you have come to the right place! This motorcycle helmet offers a transparent outer shield and an inner smoked visor. 

Both of them are easily removable and washable. Also, replacing them comes in handy due to its effortless installation process. This helmet is constructed with an aerodynamic ABS shell and multi-density EPS materials that assure maximum protection.

Moreover, it helps to withstand the impact and surpasses all the DOT safety standards. 

Next, it has an overall six-ventilation opening system. You will have two in front and two at the top, which also happens to be adjustable due to their vent switches. Then you have the rear vents as an exhaust port. 

It plays a vital role to keep you comfortable and fresh during those wild bike rides. Sometimes, you feel claustrophobic when you are riding in a hot environment, and it happens because of the trapped air inside your helmet. 

What this ventilation system does to you is pump out the trapped air to ensure breathability and letting in the fresh air to help you breathe. 

This is one of its best features. Furthermore, the liner pads are removable and washable too so that you can keep them clean and odorless. 

For optimal security, you will have the quick-release fastener that holds the helmet firmly against your head and releases when necessary with a single motion of your finger. 

Lastly, this helmet comes in numerous color availabilities and compatible sizes, which is very rare to see at such a price range.


  • Sleek, UV protective finish
  • Lightweight construction
  • 6 ventilation opening system
  • Quick-release strap
  • Remove and washable dual visors
  • Effortless visor placement
  • More than 16 color availabilities
  • Perfectly fits a round shape head


  • Doesn’t resist fogging

7. Westt Classic -Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Classic -Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Quality and safety are those two things that you should never compromise whenever it comes to motorcycle helmets. 

Here, Westt store dedicatedly renders an array of motorcycle helmets that meets the various safety standards. All of them exceed DOT safety standards and undergo a strict quality assessment so that you are never disappointed. 

This helmet, in particular, is for round shape heads and features a glossy matte black design. It has the aura to draw anyone’s attention. Now, this helmet features an integrated sun shield that protects your eyes when the sun is on the horizon. 

Also, it ensures that the dust particles don’t penetrate through the sun shield. Besides, you can pair it up with your goggles or sunglasses since it’s compatible.

When you are wearing this helmet for a prolonged time, it doesn’t feel like an extra load or, you barely feel any strain around your head and neck. 

The reason is this helmet weighs only 2,6lbs and coated with comfortable foam paddings on the inside. Thus, riding while wearing this helmet feels like a breeze. 

You can remove the paddings and wash them in order to keep them clean and odorless. This also features a safety buckle that you can remove whenever an emergency occurs. It’s made of ABS and polycarbonate material which verifies its durability and resilience. 

Both men and women can pair it up with their scooters. And about the sizes, it offers five different sizes from which you can easily find your ideal fit.


  • Shiny matte black design
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Supremely lightweight
  • Removable and washable inside paddings
  • Compatible with goggles
  • Retractable visor


  • Could be more snug

8. HAWK Helmets Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

HAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

One of the crucial things when it comes to choosing your helmet is its impact absorbency. And gladly HAWK presents full-face motorcycle helmets with a fully vented multi-density EPS liner which helps to absorb impact effectively. In consequence, you feel more confident and safe riding your bike.

These helmets are compatible with sportbikes, cruisers, motorcycles, scooters, street bikes, mountain bikes, chopper, ATVs, etc. 

The exterior of this helmet looks supremely robust; no wonder it’s engineered with composite thermoplastic material. It’s scratch-resistant and guarantees optimal protection. 

Also, its aerodynamic shell design provides utmost stability whenever you are riding at peak speed with a small footprint. Interestingly, this helmet looks really heavy at first glance but in reality, it weighs around 3.5lbs. However, the weight differs upon size. 

The inner of this helmet is stuffed with comfort padding mesh material that is fully removable and washable. Plus, it’ll snug fit your head, which is important for motorcycle helmets for round heads. 

It not only facilitates easy push and pulls but also intensifies the overall durability. 

Also, the inner liners are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and soft. Safe to say, it won’t make you feel suffocated or somewhat fatigued during extreme conditions.

Then comes its ventilation facilities. Like for instance, it has upper and lower chin bar intake vents that ensure extreme airflow. 

And luckily, you can make adjustments on each intake vent with the gloves on. The built-in drop-down visor protects your eyes from dust and damage, while the nylon chin strap with quick-release buckle keeps the helmet stable.


  • Lightweight yet offers maximum protection
  • Dual sun and dust visor
  • Durable aerodynamic shell design for higher speeds
  • Flip-up chin bar and drop-down visor
  • Removable cheek pads that are washable and breathable
  • Five different size availability
  • Glove-friendly flip-up switch


  • Visor isn’t durable

9. Royal M17 Open face Motorcycle Helmet

Royal M17 Open face Motorcycle Helmet

The Royal store presents high-quality open face motorcycle helmet that meets various safety standards. It’s made of an ABS shell that incorporates an aerodynamic design to withstand buffeting and lifting. 

Moreover, it ideally absorbs shock impact through its high-density EPS liner. This street bike motorcycle helmet offers proper ventilation so that the rider feels comfortable and fresh. It’s equipped with overall 9 ventilation opening ports. 

You will get three vent positions on the top of your head and 6 exhaust vents on the rear side of your helmet. 

Also, there are holes for maximum airflow. These work effectively to repel the warm air outside and soak in the fresh, cool air inside. If you are riding during winter, then you can easily turn off the ventilation system opening by the on/off valve. Hence it’s compatible with all weather and season. 

Then comes the shield or the visor of this helmet which is anti-fog and UV protected. You can remove the visor and put them on wash whenever it gets all grimy. This withstands scratch in extreme conditions as well as protects your full face from potential injuries.  

Besides, this helmet comes with three removable liners, which are easy to assemble as a wash. 

Not only it keeps the liners clean but also odorless. And for securing your helmet at its appropriate place, it offers a D-rings chin strap. It makes sure that the helmet sits firmly and doesn’t fall apart. 

You can disengage these liners with the gloves on and even with one hand operation. On top of that, you can initiate various adjustments as well whenever you put the helmet on.  to conclude, make sure to check up on the size guideline so that you get your perfect fit.


  • Three different sizes for round head
  • All-weather compatible visors with on/off valve
  • Total 9 ventilation system opening 
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protection visor
  • Liners and the visor are removable and washable
  • Full-face coverage visor protects your eyes from dust and air contaminants


  • The fitting might be very tight than necessary

What to Look for Before Buying?

When looking for the best motorcycle helmet for a round-shaped head, there are few things to keep into account. In fact, we suggest doing your own research and acknowledging your priorities first. 

One thing that you must refrain yourself from is purchasing something depending on its price. 

This isn’t even that essential. What’s important is to opt for the safety features. And keeping this thing in mind, we have explained some of the most crucial factors that will help you find the suitable helmet for your distinct needs.


The first thing you need to ensure is whether your motorcycle helmet exceeds DOT safety standards or not. DOT has executed measures to grant that the motorcycle helmets which are sold worldwide have been tested. It’s like a statement for each helmet’s safety. 

And to identify whether your helmet is originally DOT-certified or not you have to look for the outside stick that reads “DOT” in capital letters. You will see this tag on almost every bike helmet. If not, then in no way you should purchase it.

Field Visibility

Many motorcycle helmets are equipped with cheap visors. And it certainly obstructs your vision and causes serious accidents. Thus it’s important to look for a helmet that offers a see-through visor so that you can get a crystal clear view of the front and the sides. 

Secondly, it should be easy to install, remove and replace. Because usually, the visors don’t last long, and you may probably want to try the smoked ones or something more competent. 

In this case, having a helmet with a removable shield will do great. Also, make sure that the visors are washable so you can keep them clean from dust particles. 

Another thing, that’s basically an additional feature, but if your visor is compatible with goggles or sunglasses, then it will amplify the protection even more. Because it will fight against the insects or the air pollutants coming your way while riding.

Head Size

The helmet must be suitable for your head size or shape. As today we are focusing on round shape heads, we will recommend sticking to the ones which are ideal for round shape heads only. Ensure to check the size guidelines and measure your head size before selecting the size parameters. 

While speaking of the head size, it’s also necessary to put some light on its fitting and comfort. Although safety should always be on top priority yet comfort is something that makes your journey memorable. 

Look for the perfect fitting which is neither too snug nor too loose. It should be stiff enough to stay firm. Also, not too tight that you feel claustrophobic.

The Aesthetics

You can’t deny the fact that you go for looks no matter if it’s your helmet. And it’s only rational to crave something fashionable and exclusive that also goes well with your personality. 

Thus, you should assess the overall design, style, and color. For instance, there are helmets with plain solid colors and zero patterns. 

While on the other hand, some helmets have graphical prints and have a combination of various vibrant colors. 

Both of them are fine as long as it’s defining your preference. Also, even if you buy a plain matte black helmet and later on plan to graphics, then you can do it easily. So, there’s no need to be too hard on yourself in terms of looking for graphical helmets. 

And as the style or the design doesn’t affect the helmet’s safety you can surely give importance to this factor.

Ventilation System

Undoubtedly ventilation is necessary but not for safety. It’s actually required for your comfort. Hence, as long as comfort is something you are seeking, a helmet with a proper ventilation system is a must. 

This will ensure deterring the warm air outside and intaking the fresh cold air inside. Eventually, the inside environment of your helmet will remain sweat-free, breathable, and odorless.

Chin Straps

Having a quick-release chin strap is paramount as it ensures keeping the helmet stable around your head. A poorly fitted chin strap might fall apart during races, but a quality chin strap will always stay put.

Price and Variants

Of course, the price shouldn’t be your only concern. However, it’s smart to look for a helmet that gives the best bang for your buck. Just make sure that your money is being well spent by bagging all the aforementioned features at a competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to determine if my motorcycle helmet is safe or not?

First thing first, you should inspect whether it’s DOT approved or not. Secondly, there are some features like the chin strap and the overall fitting, which should be firm and steady enough to not come off during races.

How long they last?

Well, it depends on your maintenance and uses, to be honest. However, at max, they last for five or six years if they are nurtured or maintained properly.

Does the helmet certification have any expiry date?

Yes, it does. Typically, the manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet after five years of continuous use

Are modular helmets better than full-face helmets?

There are many conflicts regarding this topic. Yet, for starters, modular helmets protect not only your head and brain but also your face, neck, and ears. 

Also, they are supremely comfortable. While on the other hand, they are utterly noisy and heavy as compared to full-face helmets. So, they both have their individual specialties and drawbacks — both work just fine as long as you are getting what you have signed up for.

Final Words

We hope you have made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with us. Here we have instilled ample time and tried our best to represent the best helmet for the roundhead depending on numerous safety standards.

If you want a particular editorial suggestion, we’d say, go for the YEMA YM-627 Half Helmet. Its UV and scratch-resistant reinforced construction will keep you safe and the optimal design will fit your round head properly. Besides, the impact-resistant visor will withstand dust, protect you from the sun, and keep it clear.


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Near Uddin Ahmad is a chief content writer and editor in Helmets Advisor. He is a dedicated writer with first-hand experience with helmets as he actually loves traveling and hiking to keep his footprint on the surface of the earth. That’s why his testing and inspecting of helmets and accessories is trustworthy to present to potential users. Besides, he usually provides authentic and liable suggestions with value-added that help pick the best helmets on the go.