5 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia in 2022

Seeking a helmet that won’t trigger claustrophobia isn’t a new or bad thing at all. People who have this issue can get into serious issues with regular helmets. There are tons of affordable and expensive helmets that can help one with claustrophobia, but only a few were worth reviewing. 

So, after months of research, we have come up with some head gears that deserve your hard-earned money. The helmets we tested have an aerodynamic design, lightweight yet the most rigid shells, and soft padded liner. 

Furthermore, they’re made with multiple vents to ensure smooth airflow. Hence if you’re looking for the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia, this is the guide you need to follow. 

We’ve reviewed both affordable and high-end options for you. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself without any confusion.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia Reviews

Here are our reviews for the five Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia to buy. These helmets will make you feel comfortable and help you enjoy your rides in any situation.

Image Product Name Price
Vega-Helmets-Unisex-Adult-H Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Helmet Check Price
Bell-Bullitt-Helmet Bell Bullitt Helmet (Bolt Gloss Black/White) Check Price
Vega-Motorcycle-Helmet Bell Bullitt Helmet (Bolt Gloss Black/White) Check Price

1. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobi

The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia is the Vega Helmet with a unisex design and is available in different colors. It’s a fantastic option for any claustrophobic riders who need an open space to feel more free in the air.

This half helmet comes with a super lightweight construction. Hence, you can say goodbye to neck fatigues while enjoying longer rides!

It is designed with an optically corrected drop-down sun shield. So if you want to protect your eyes from sunlight, debris, and dirt, just put the guard on. And you are good to go! 

One of the most incredible things about this helmet is its ventilation system. It comes with a fully vented and channelled EPS liner into making things easier for claustrophobic users.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabrics will regulate the cooling system according to your body heat. Thus, if you are looking for something to wear on the hottest summer days, this is the most excellent option you got!

While buying a helmet, you should always look for the comfort it offers. When your helmet doesn’t fit, you can never enjoy your ride; there is no doubt in that.

However, this headgear comes with an adjustable dial system that ensures a comfortable fit, so you don’t have to worry about suffocation anymore. 

Besides, you can quickly tighten or loosen it without any trouble.  The high-density EPS liner will absorb any impact and protects your skull from damage. So yes, for the safest and most comfortable rides, you can pick this one without any hesitation.


  • Fully-vented construction makes it suitable for claustrophobic people
  • Optically corrected drop-down shield protects your eyes from elements
  • Thanks to its shock-absorbent EPS liner, your skull will be well-protected all the time 
  • Lightweight construction reduces the pressure on your neck for a comfortable ride 
  • Available in different colors and sizes to offer you the perfect fit


  • The sun shield might not be suitable for use at nighttime 


From affordable price range to heavy-duty construction, this helmet has got everything. Moreover, the innovative ventilation system will ensure optimal breathing, which is something worthy of our investment. 

2. Bell Bullitt Helmet (Bolt Gloss Black/White)

Bell Bullitt Helmet (Bolt Gloss Black/White)

Though it is a high-end helmet option, the bell bullitt is one of the best helmets for riders with claustrophobia with plenty of ergonomic features. You will never feel confined in your headgear, which is good news for all the claustrophobic riders. 

Thanks to the premium-grade carbon composition structure, your skull will get maximum protection in the event of any accidents. Moreover, it is designed with a clear shield, which makes it suitable for use at any time of the day. 

The inner liner has a mesh layer, and the exhaust vent will make sure that you are not bothered by sweating. And it is also made with cheek pads to provide support and makes the experience cozier than ever. 

We wanted to keep it on our list not because this helmet has passed our tests and got outstanding user feedback.

But this headgear has also passed some challenging examinations to earn the DOT and FMVSS certifications. Therefore, when it is about the ultimate protection, nothing can beat it!

This helmet construction comes with several ventilation modules to ensure trouble-free breathing. Hence, you will not have to feel suffocated while wearing this, which is a relief!

In addition to all, it is available in different colors to make things more interesting. So, when you want to have the most excellent gear that won’t trigger your claustrophobia, this helmet is the way to go.


  • Designed with multiple vent modules to ensure optimal airflow 
  • Thanks to the carbon composite construction, you don’t have to worry about any accidents
  • The mesh liner and cheek pads make the experience more comfortable for you 
  • Comes with a clear shield to offer you a clear vision all the time


  • This helmet is more on the expensive side 


When it’s about a high-end performance and top-notch airflow, this Bell Bullitt Helmet is all you need. Well, if you can handle the price, nothing should stop you from getting it!

3. Vega Helmets 7850-021 Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets 7850-021 Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

It is another headgear by Vega Helmets that come with an ergonomic unisex design at an affordable price! Moreover, the half-size design won’t make you feel smothered, and that would be great for any claustrophobic individual out there. 

The drop-down sun shield offers you a crystal clear view while riding. And it will protect your eyes from debris, sunlight, and bugs, making your trips more manageable than ever. 

Thanks to the shock-absorbent EPS liner, you won’t have to worry about getting hurt. Even if any accident happens on the road; your skull will be well-protected; there is no doubt about that. And the quick-release strap will make things even more effortless!

It comes with a wicking liner and a soft padded cushion compartment for your head. Hence, you will always feel comfortable in any condition. And the polymer allows construction to be robust enough to prevent damages, which is music to the ear! 

On top of everything, the helmet is incredibly lightweight. Therefore, your neck will never be stressed out, even if you are riding for long hours. 

To ensure the most excellent service, it has the DOT and FMVSS certifications. So if you want something affordable that offers all the high-end features, this equipment sounds like a wise idea!


  • The EPS liner is designed to absorb the impact so that your skull stays safe during accidents
  • Comes with an optically corrected shield to protect your eyes from dust and bugs
  • Thanks to the lightweight construction, you will never have to suffer from neck pain
  • The half-size design ensures an optimal airflow all the time 


  • The outer coating may not be as durable as the helmet construction 


As this headgear has a unisex design and high-performance feature, we believe this could be fantastic equipment for anyone. And the half-size construction allows you to breathe without any issue. It is a wonderful feature for all the claustrophobic users out there. 

4. KLIM Krios Motorcycle Helmet ECE/DOT

KLIM Krios Motorcycle Helmet ECE/DOT

The construction has an aerodynamic design that ensures the ultimate comfort for claustrophobic riders. Moreover, it is made to be super robust, which makes it perfect for any user out there. 

The carbon composite structure of this helmet is incredibly robust. Therefore, if you are going faster, you won’t have to worry about damaging your skull in an accident. 

Thanks to ultra-vision technology, you will have the most detailed view of your surroundings. And this feature has made this gear perfect for cruising and touring!

It comes with an exceptionally lightweight and innovative design. Hence, users can keep it on their heads for long without hurting themselves. Well, that’s something admirable, isn’t it?

Now let’s inform you about another fact that will make you feel excited about it! As this headgear is available in different sizes and colors, you won’t have trouble getting the perfect fit. Thus, you can get to have the most comfortable motorcycle ride!


  • Aerodynamic design ensures the most excellent riding experience for you
  • Thanks to the exceptionally lightweight construction, you will never feel pressure on your head
  • Available in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit 
  • Carbon composite structure makes the whole thing super robust and protects you from injuries 
  • Designed with proper ventilation so you can breathe without any struggle


  • It’s pretty costly


This helmet is a high-end one and comes with a hefty price tag. But when you think about its aerodynamic design and incredibly robust construction, you will want to spend your money on it. 

5. YEMA YM-627-Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

YEMA YM-627-Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The final product on our list is the YEMA YM-627, and this helmet has got it all! From heavy-duty construction to ergonomic features for claustrophobic riders, you won’t find anything that can cause any disappointment, not even a little. 

As it is made with a unisex design, users of any gender can use it without compromising their style. Moreover, the open design allows you to have smooth airflow in any condition. 

Thanks to this helmet’s top-grade sun visor, your eyes will be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays. And the whole thing is pretty lightweight; hence, there will be no chance for you to feel suffocated. 

The sturdy ABS construction makes sure that you have a tough shell to prevent any damage while driving roughly. Additionally, you will have a comfortable EPS liner, making you feel comfortable even if wearing it for hours. 

One of the most fantastic and unique features is that the inner liner of this headgear is removable and washable. Therefore, you can take it out and clean it anytime to maintain a better hygiene standard. 

The feature that makes it a fantastic choice for the claustrophobic rider is that this gear has adjustable air vents. Thus, you will never feel stuck or confined. And that’s just the icing on the cake!

Furthermore, you can remove the visor without any tools, which makes everything more effortless. So if it gets damaged, you can replace it pretty quickly. 

It meets the DOT standards; hence, you don’t have to worry about its performance. And let’s not forget about the reinforced chin strap, which will allow you to have a secure fit all the time.

It is also available in several sizes and colors, making it more user-friendly than it already is. 

On top of everything, this headgear has enough space inside so that you can wear glasses and Bluetooth speakers comfortably. However, this extra space won’t be a good thing for users will small heads. 

If you don’t have any problem with that, you can buy it for the experience of a lifetime. 


  • Designed with a UV-resistant visor to prevent damages 
  • Inner liner is entirely removable, and you can clean it when it gets dirty 
  • Thanks to the aerodynamic ABS shell construction, you don’t have to worry about injuries while riding 
  • Adjustable vents make it a perfect choice for the bikers with claustrophobia
  • You can install or detach the visor without any tools 


  • The extra space can be a little uncomfortable for the users


When we saw that this helmet comes with a UV-resistant visor and adjustable vents, we know that it deserves to be on our list. And it has a hard-wearing and aerodynamic construction, which ensures an optimal experience. 

Things to Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia – Buying Guide

When looking for a helmet that will not trigger your claustrophobia, you need to seek some specific features for a breezy experience. Though we’ve listed all the fantastic options, you should need to learn about some factors to make an eligible purchase.


The material of your headgear ensures better safety for the users; there is no doubt in that. Hence, you should always choose the shell material carefully. 

You can either get ABS, Carbon composite, or EPS helmets for a secure experience. ABS and carbon composite gears are super robust and guaranteed to protect you from head injuries.

Moreover, if you plan to go on long tours, you should consider getting the EPS helmets. They are exceptionally lightweight and sturdy enough to keep you safe. 

Face Shields and Visors

Face shields or visors are an essential addition the helmets as they protect our face from elements. You can get a half or full face shield, whichever you prefer. 

Half-size shields are excellent for claustrophobic users as they will never interrupt the airflow. But, full-size visors are also great when they are made with proper ergonomics. 

However, you should never pick a gear that does not come with shields or visors at all. If you get a shield-less helmet, the experiment may turn out to be disastrous. 


Considering the weight is necessary as the heavyweight ones may put excessive pressure on your head and neck. In this way, you will never be able to enjoy your ride!

You may think that the lightweight construction of the headgear will prevent it from giving you the ultimate protection. Well, that’s not true at all, as we have plenty of option in this review that is guaranteed to provide you with maximum security and will never hurt your neck. And that’s pretty impressive!


Yes, when you buy a helmet to keep your claustrophobia under control, you should get something that offers top-notch breathability. 

Always make sure that the helmet has air vents on every side to maintain optimal airflow. Moreover, you should look for adjustable vents to never feel suffocated no matter how long you were riding. 

Comfortable Fit

If the helmet doesn’t fit, what’s the point of getting it?

The inner liner should come with soft padding and a breathable liner. Moreover, it should have enough space inside to make you feel cozy. 

While browsing, you should take a look at something available in different sizes. In this way, you can pick the most suitable one for yourself without any trouble. 


The first reason to get a helmet is to ensure your safety. Hence, always go for the ones that come with high-density liners. Moreover, it should be able to absorb the impacts to keep your skull safe from any injuries. 

Therefore, while buying headgear, top-notch safety features should be your priority. 

Tips for Riders with Helmet Claustrophobia

It is complicated for a rider to wear helmets when they have claustrophobia. The feeling of getting suffocated is not pleasant at all! But if you want to drive a motorcycle, you cannot avoid your headgear!

So here are some pro tips that will help you tolerate the helmet and get comfortable with it eventually. However, it is not some overnight remedy; hence, you have to work with patience. 

Wear It Inside the House

Yes, after getting the helmet, you should wear it around the house to get used to it. Just wear it and watch a movie or read a book, you don’t have to eat with it! You can keep the visor on and off to avoid exhaustion. 

Keep the Vents Open

While riding, you have to keep the vents as open as possible. And if it has several vents, keep them all open for smooth airflow. 

When the air hits your face, you will not feel confined anymore. Moreover, you should get gear that has enough room inside of it, which will allow you to breathe all the time comfortably. 

Go for Larger Eye Ports

When the headgear is designed with larger eye ports, you will have a broader view while driving. In this way, you will feel less suffocated, which is our primary goal here!

Quick Release Strap

The helmet with a quick-release strap will make you get rid of the whole thing in a second. Therefore, the minute you start feeling suffocated, you can remove the gear and breathe fresh air. 

Keep the Visor

I know it sounds like a wild idea, but hear us out first. Most of the time, claustrophobia gets triggered when you are wearing a full-face visor. If it is happening to you, too, you can keep the shield slightly open to ensure proper airflow. 

Or else, you can get something that has a half-size shield. It will make sure you are never out of the air. 

Listening to Music

You can buy a helmet that has enough space inside for you to use a Bluetooth speaker. Listening to music while riding helps to cope with claustrophobia; it is a well-tested method. 

Frequently Asked Question

Tinted or clear shield, which one should I get?

The purpose of getting a tinted visor is that it provides excellent protection against sunlight. Therefore, you can drive in broad daylight without any trouble. However, these tinted shields are not suitable for nighttime. 

Moreover, the clear visors can be used anytime, which is remarkable. And you can also get UV-resistant clear shields, which will give you the best of both worlds. 

Where should I keep my helmet when I am at a restaurant?

If you have lunch or dinner in a restaurant and don’t want to leave your helmet behind, you can take it inside. Just keep it in the chair next to you if it isn’t occupied. 

Moreover, if the table is large enough, you can keep it there. However, you should never put this near food or drinks to maintain better hygiene standards. 

Should I get a helmet carrying bag?

Getting a helmet bag comes in handy when you have errands to run. It ensures the helmet’s safety, and you will not feel any trouble while carrying it. 

But if you have heavyweight headgear, carrying the bag may feel a bit exhausting. Therefore, keep in mind before you commit to it. 

Are lightweight helmets safe to wear?

First of all, you should know that being lightweight doesn’t mean that it is fragile! As reputed brands manufacture aerodynamic helmets, you can have super-light helmets to provide the ultimate safety against injuries. 

In this article, you will get some outstanding options that come with lightweight construction yet offers advanced security. So for a better experience, you can pick one from our list. 

Final Verdict

Getting the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia requires you to be careful about too many factors and outcomes which makes this task pretty daunting. The guideline in the list above will help you find the right helmet. If you are still overwhelmed, let us give you the final heads-up. 

For the overall best experience, you can pick the Vega 054 Unisex Half Helmet. It’s the most promising helmet for claustrophobia with a half-size visor and a hard shell, at an affordable price range. Besides, its DOT-certified protection will keep you safe from hazards while keeping you out of claustrophobia.

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