5 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding in 2022

When it comes to riding at night, not every motorcycle glass (even if you get them) will fill your cup. As bike lovers, we thought of getting the best motorcycle glasses for night riding.

Turns out, the market is full of bad-end glasses. If something had a solid frame, it didn’t have proper lenses. If they had proper lenses, they weren’t comfortable.

Later, we just found 5 motorcycle glasses that actually met our demands, and then we thought we should talk about these. So, if you want to know about these glasses, you might want to check out the reviews.

5 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

There is a lot of junky glasses in the market when it comes to pairing with helmets. You don’t have to rip your hair out trying to find the right motorcycle glasses for you. Here are the top 5 Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding available on the market right now.

Image Product Name Price
AULLY-PARK-Polarized-Riding AULLY PARK Polarized Riding Glasses Check Price
MLC-Eyewear-All-Weather-Sha MLC Eyewear All-Weather Shatterproof Motorcycle Riding Glasses Check Price
Phillips-Safety-Extreme-Rid Phillips Safety Extreme Riding Glasses Check Price

1. AULLY PARK Polarized Riding Glasses

AULLY PARK Polarized Riding Glasses

This one easily takes our top spot for its overall balanced build quality and tons of cool feature that makes it great for when riding at night time. It has all the features you need from a pair of good motorcycle glasses.

These will help you protect against UV rays. Granted, that isn’t much of a problem at night, but if you find yourself riding your bike in the morning, these will surely come in handy.

It’s a scratch-resisting frame as well. That’s fantastic news for those who want some extra durability. Another cool thing about the lenses is that they are interchangeable. You can pick from Yellow, Cadmium, Copper, and Clear MLC. This interchangeability gives you some versatility.

Don’t worry about comfort either. The rubber ear pads will easily make you feel right at home. You can wear these for extended periods of time without much worry whatsoever as they’re the Best Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding.


  • Interchangeable lenses give it some versatility
  • UV protection makes it good for daytime riding as well as night
  • Durable build quality that will last
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to the ear pads
  • Polarized foam-padded gives you that extra value


  • Lenses are a bit tedious to change


Those who are searching for an all-around motorcycle glass to ride during the night won’t regret going for this one.

2. MLC Eyewear All-Weather Shatterproof Motorcycle Riding Glasses

MLC Eyewear All-Weather Shatterproof Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Why buy just one pair of glasses when you can get a set of 3? These are the best glasses for motorcycle riding from the guys over at MLC Eyewear give you 3 glasses in a set. All of them are just as good as you would expect them to be.

Since you get 3 sets, you don’t need to worry about misplacing them. Losing your glasses and frantically trying to find them right before going out for a ride is a thing of the past now. Of course, it’s always best to have a designated place to store them.

These also have the same level of UV protection as our previous ones. With UV400 resistance, it should keep you somewhat protected from the rays; well, your eyes will at least be protected.

The Air Defog technology is something you will love as well. Inner gap-foam padding will keep away dust and also defogs the lenses when you’re on the road. You don’t need to deal with annoying fogging anymore.

Also, the durability and the comfort factors are there. The frame is pretty solid, thanks to the impact-resistant polycarbonate build. It’s pretty lightweight too.


  • Solid polycarbonate build quality gives it exceptional durability
  • Air Defog technology reduces fogging when riding
  • UV400 protection will give you some much-needed protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours
  • 3 sets are included in the pack, so you will always have a pair available


  • No interchangeable lenses


These are a great option if you want great value and also happen to misplace your glasses a lot.

3. Phillips Safety Extreme Riding Glasses

Phillips Safety Extreme Riding Glasses

How about a cool-looking nylon frame that’s designed very professionally yet is minimal and classy? That’s basically this one right here. These night time motorcycle riding glasses come with a pretty muted design, but we like it.

The black nylon frame just feels like quality. There is just no other way around it. This might just be one of the best build glasses you can buy for night riding. The lenses aren’t flimsy either.

With a scratch-resistant coating on them, you can be sure they will remain usable and pristine for a long time. Of course, don’t be too rough with it. It’s scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof.

Good UV protection relieves you of eye strain and headaches. Again, this feature will mainly come in handy if you happen to ride in the daytime. But hey, no one said you couldn’t use the same glasses for both.

Then you have the polarized transition feature. What this does is adjust the lenses to the weather conditions. How cool is that? All in all, you can pretty much say these are the best transition motorcycle glasses available.


  • Durable black nylon frame for long-lasting performance
  • Scratch-resistant lenses that won’t get ruined anytime soon
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Polarized transition lenses adjust to the weather to give you optimal vision


  • No color options


If you’re looking for a transition motorcycle glass, these are superb choice.

4. Bikershades Motorcycle Bifocal Glass

Bikershades Motorcycle Bifocal Glass

We just love how feature-rich these are. To top it all off, there are cool accessories you get in the package as well. That’s an easy win in our books. 

The thing you will immediately notice is all the additional stuff you get with it. There is a hard zipper case to store it safely and also a tightening neck string. The case isn’t just a random low-quality one either. It’s very well-made and water-resistant. 

Thanks to the foam padding, these are pretty comfortable to wear. Comfort is one of the things you need to look out for when buying, so this one checks that box easily. Speaking of things you need to look out for, we have a complete buyer’s guide coming up. So, keep reading. 

Since the bifocal glasses will wrap 180 degrees completely, you won’t get the feeling that these will fall off. They give great protection from UV rays and also dust and debris. 

The lenses are pretty high-tech as well. They are ANSI Z87 safety rated. All of them come with the safety rating attached and will give you superior protection. This pair of glasses just screams quality.


  • Lots of accessories included in the package and makes it a good deal 
  • High-quality safety-rated lenses to ensure the utmost performance 
  • Fits perfectly with complete 180-degree protection 
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the padding 


  • Cushions could have been of better quality 


These will be a great choice for those who want very durable and close-fitting glasses. Also, as we already mentioned, the lenses are very high-tech. 

5. Bikershades Chrome and Pink Motorcycle Night Glasses

Bikershades Chrome and Pink Motorcycle Night Glasses

You didn’t think we would leave out women, did you? No, we didn’t. These Chrome and Pink night glasses are the best motorcycle glasses for night riding, especially for women. It has all the features you would expect from a high-quality pair of riding glasses. 

These are very well built since they use polycarbonate for the frame. The lenses are durable and give you very clear vision. Comfort is one of its main strengths, though. 

The padding makes it super easy to wear for long hours. And did we mention they are sweatproof foam? Because they are. That’s a pretty cool touch if you ask us. And you just can’t miss the cool design. 

With a bright pink and chrome finish, this pair is very whimsical and has a lot of character. If you’re a person who likes the aesthetic, this will be right up your alley. 

The size is medium, and you don’t have to settle for just this colour finish. There are different color finishes to choose from. So, choices are plenty. 


  • Cool and whimsical design that makes it stand out 
  • Durable construction which will hold well against wear and tear 
  • Different color options available to match everyone’s taste
  • Very comfortable padding makes it easy to wear for extended periods


  • The finish might not be something everyone will like 


Women riders who want to wear eye protection during night time riding will be the perfect fit for these glasses. They will love the overall comfort and features.

What To Look for Before Buying?

Before you pull the trigger on the best glasses for motorcycle riding, it’s good to know what features you need to keep an eye out for. Knowing these will help you make a more informed decision. Here are the things to consider. 

Frame and Durability 

The frame is very crucial when buying glasses for motorcycle riding. A high-quality frame will make your glasses much more durable and help them last longer. Look for ones with polycarbonate or nylon build. 

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be just those two materials. As long as it’s built well and long-lasting, it will do. 


Then you have the comfortability factor to keep in mind. A pair of glasses that are comfortable will help you ride without any distraction. You will be able to ride your bike for long hours too. 


Defogging is another great feature to have that will help you get clear visuals at all times. It will ensure that your vision is never fogged up when riding. The nighttime can have low temperatures anyway. So, this feature will come in handy. 


If your lenses aren’t polarized, then you’re doing it wrong. Polarize lenses will give you the best nighttime riding experience and will surely help with glares as well. Reducing glare is one of the best things about polarized lenses. 

Since lights can be very distracting when riding at night, a lens that’s polarized will help you keep your focus on the road. 

Brand and Price 

Lastly, we have brand and price. All the ones we mentioned here are reputed names and make great products. As for price, settle on a budget and get one that fits within that. But make sure whichever you get has the features mentioned above, at least. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all lenses good for rain?

Lenses with a hydrophobic coating are best for riding when it’s raining outside. These are great for repelling water. 

Do all glasses fog?

No, they don’t. Some glasses will have anti-fogging abilities. Those are the best to prevent fogging. Good airflow will also help with fogging. 

Do I really need motorcycle glasses?

Having a pair of motorcycle glasses is a very helpful accessory to have. They not only protect your eyes from irritation during high speeds but also bugs and dirt.

Can you wear motorcycle glasses over prescription glasses? 

If you already wear prescription glasses, you can wear specific motorcycle glasses that come with elastic or adjustable headbands. Those will fit over your normal prescription spectacles. 

Which are the best motorcycle glasses to wear? 

All the ones we reviewed have something to offer. However, you can’t go wrong with our top pick. 

Final Words

Picking out the best motorcycle glasses for night riding is a matter of choosing one that fits your needs and has all the necessary features. Follow the buyer’s guide we included, and you will know exactly what to look for. 

Need some help picking up the best overall? Get the AULLY PARK Polarized Riding Glasses. It comes with UV ray protection to keep your eyes safe while fitting into your motorcycle helmet well. Plus, you’re getting multiple glasses to fit the front to choose from yellow, cadmium, copper, or clear MLC glasses.

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