HJC IS Max 2 Dova: Brilliantly Designed with Great Features!

HJC IS Max 2 Dova

HJC IS Max 2 Dova Review

The HJC IS Max 2 dova review is the perfect read for any motorcyclist on a tight budget. This in-depth article covers everything you need to know about getting this modular helmet, whether it’s your first time buying one or just an upgrade!

If you’re looking into purchasing a new motorcycle helmet but don’t want to spend too much money… The HJC IS Max 2 dova review will be informative enough if not exactly what you were hoping for. Here, we’ll cover all of the essential details so there are no unanswered questions when making your purchase – as well as some tips from personal experience

You want to be safe, right? With so many different styles and features available, it can be hard to pick just one. The HJC IS Max 2 Dova has been my go-to for years because I love how light it is (especially when wearing gloves), but there’s more than meets the eye with this model. Keep reading for all about why I think the HJC IS Max 2 Dova is worth every penny!

HJC IS Max 2 Dova Modular Crash Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite outer shell
  • Adjustable Chin Bar with Single Button Release
  • Optically Modified Faceshield for 95% UV Protection with a wide field of view
  • Quickslide tool-less shield replacement system
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System for 40% more air
  • Moisture Wicking SuperCool interior
  • Integrated Sunshield with 3-stages adjustment
  • DOT Approved
  • Diverse sizes (XS to 5XL)
  • Lightweight

Outer Shell

HJC IS Max 2 Dova

The crown or outer shell of the HJC IS Max II helmet is made with Advanced Polycarbonate material using Advanced CAD Technology. It may not be the best material for making the top of the helmet, but the construction and design make it the most suitable for these modular helmets.

The outer shell size varies from XS to 5XL for really large head shapes. With each size, the adjustable polycarbonate chin bar can easily be lifted for a better opening and comfortable riding.

HJC IS Max 2 Dova inner shell


You will be impressed with the EPS washable liner. It can absorb high-velocity impact and keep your head safe. Removing and washing this antibacterial fabric liner is easy. Thus, the HJC helmets ensure you do not have to smell any musty or wet smell while on the go.

I know how annoying things can be while putting a helmet on when you wear an eyeglass. But the HJC liner can easily accommodate eyeglasses through the Glasses Groove.


HJC IS Max 2 Dova Interior

Line the liner; interior paddings are made with high-quality EPS foam for safety and comfort. You can easily remove or attach the cheek pads and crown pads. These washable polymer foams can wick moisture during any bike ride.

Thanks to the SuperCool Moisture Wicking technology of HJC. This will keep you warm even in the cold weather and will lessen the road noise.

However, you don’t have to smell the damp on the next trip. Washing them is super easy and convenient for a superior fit. Make sure you follow the washing instruction as it is written.


The ventilation is one of the unique features of this great helmet. It is the ACS or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System that makes the air flow freely through the exhaust vents and wind tunnels.

You will get 40% more air but less road noise than any full-face helmet because of the ACS system and vents.

Sun Visor and Face Shield

Sun visor or sunshield ensures a glare-free ride even on the hottest bright days. You can use the one-touch integrated sunshield in 3-stage adjustable ways. It helps the sun guard deploy quickly and easily. The stages are designed for

  • Sports biking and off-road riding (Stage 1)
  • Day to Day Cruising and Touring (Stage 2)
  • Removal and Replacement (Stage 3)

The optically superior face shield of the HJC IS Max 2 helmet can protect up to 95% UV rays. It not only keeps the interior cool but also saves you from skin issues and eye irritation while riding.  Removing or replacing the face shield is easy because of the QuickSlide Shield Replacement System.

Keeping the pinlock ready face shield in its place is easy in the modular crash helmet by HJC. Either open or closed, the face shield will add an extra dimension to the helmet’s trendy look.

Chin Bar/Chin Guard and Strap

A Chin guard or chin bar can be lifted in the HJC flip-up helmets. You just need to pull the lever of this single-button one-handed chin bar face shield release to bring the bar up. The pin lock-ready mechanism keeps the chin guard firmly in place.

Lifting the chin guard is easy, even with a gloved hand.

It would help if you were extra cautious while lifting the chin guard. Otherwise, it can scratch the outer shell and damage the anti-scratch coating. These damages won’t be counted under the 3-years limited warranty.

The double D-rings reinforce the chin strap or retention system along with snaps. You won’t stress the chin or pressure in the ear because of the d-rings support. There will be no movement of the helmet, and the credit goes to the chin strap snaps.

Great Things about the HJC IS Max 2 Dova Helmet

  • High-quality construction
  • Diverse sizes for different head shapes
  • Vents are easy to open and close
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to adjust drop-down sun visor mechanism
  • The visor comes with a Pinlock locking mechanism system

Things That are Not so Great

  • Noisy operations
  • Interior paddings are a bit Hard
  • Venting does not work as an anti-fog system
  • Sunshield adjustment is not that smooth

HJC IS Max vs. HJC IS Max 2

At first glance, both the models may look similar but wait for a while. The first thing you will notice is the aerodynamic design of the IS Max 2. It lessens the air drag significantly and makes your ride more comfortable.

Max 2 is way lighter than the previous model Max. The later model weighs 3-lb and 15⅝-oz. On the contrary, Max 2 comes with a  3-lbs and 14-oz weight.

Despite having the same ventilation system, Max is much better at routing air out. The IS Max model cannot route air as efficiently as its modern versions. 

The IS Max 2 is a modern-looking helmet than the Max. Both design and outer shell paint is adopted with the current trend of the biker community. You will miss this trendy outlook in Max.

From the price point of view, there is not much difference between these two great helmets from the house of HJC. 

What is the Best Place to Buy an HJC IS Max 2 Helmet?

There are numerous dedicated sites for helmets that sell the HJC IS Max 2 helmet. If you are lucky, it will be easy to cut off the shipping. However, you have to be a bit more vigilant to check for the deals. You can also collect it from Amazon for hassles free delivery.


I am sure this HJC IS MAX 2 Dova review has answered all your queries about this great helmet. Now is the time to purchase the headgear for the next ride.

This modular crash helmet is a perfect choice for both comfort and a trendy design. If you are a fan of both, don’t delay getting the HJC IS Max.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.