How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet? [Cleaning Process Guide]

Riding on a motorcycle is safe only when you take necessary precautions, putting on a helmet being the most important one. Keeping it clean is as essential as wearing it, as you get in it regularly. Have you ever wondered how to clean a motorcycle helmet?

Well, it’s an easy job, and you should practice once in a while to maintain proper hygiene. It will take a few minutes, proper tools, and a bit of knowledge to have a clean helmet. As you put everything above the neck inside the helmet, it has to be cleaned properly. This article will guide you through the cleaning process.

The cleaning procedure will take not more than 45 minutes. A clean and odorless helmet increases the enjoyment of motorcycle riding. Let’s move on to the discussion and see how it’s done.

Why Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet?

There are several reasons for cleaning your motorcycle helmet. First, consider it as one of your friends who is going to save you at any cost during an accident.

Bike accidents are common issues nowadays. Other than anything, it is more important to save the skull from collisions. The helmet protects your skull, face, and neck if you face an accident. Shouldn’t you take care of your friend?

Why Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Secondly, you breathe inside the helmet. An odor or bad smell becomes an annoyance while motorcycle riding. Cleaning helps to get rid of it.

Thirdly, you cannot ignore the visor and its cleanliness for better visibility. There is plenty of dirt and particles in the air. When you ride the motorcycle, the visor protects you from them. In the process, it gets dirty.

Without knowing how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor, it’ll be tough to see the road and vehicles properly. Accidents are eminent in such a case. The cleaning procedure includes visor’s cleaning too. It is for maximum protection during the ride.

Apart from that, a clean helmet makes a good impression among others. It shows your care and hygiene concerns. This is one of the major reasons to consider cleaning your motorcycle helmet.

How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet?

Helmet’s inside and outside are made from different materials. It’s built to protect skulls with pads and foams. Modern Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets include devices for hearing purposes too. The interior is well-equipped with bells and whistles to give you a comfortable ride while keeping you safe.

Polyurethane is the latest addition to the interior lining. It is equally comfortable and safe. At the same time, the exterior is made of polycarbonate or fiberglass to give optimal protection.

When you are seeking advice on how to clean a smelly motorcycle helmet, it should be started by cleaning the inside. Let’s discuss inside and outside cleaning of the helmet.

How to clean Motorcycle Helmet

1. Inside Cleaning

You need soapy water, clean water, a toothbrush, and an air compressor (if available) for interior cleaning.

Inside Cleaning Motorcycle Helmet

Step 1: Disassemble the helmet Interior

Start the interior cleaning by disassembling every pad and foam. In many helmets, a few pads are fixed permanently. Leave them and bring the rest out.

Step 2: Use Toothbrush and Soapy Water

Clean the interior with a toothbrush. You can use baby shampoo for cleaning the pads. Dip these pads with the water mixture. Now, leave them for air drying.

Step 3: Use an Air Compressor for Narrow Corners

Complete the interior cleaning with an air compressor. Remove every piece of dirt from the interior. Air compressor is the best option for completing the helmet-cleaning process.

However, it can be hard to get for some riders. Use a microfiber rage instead. This will work just fine.

Remember one thing during the interior cleaning. It is completely not okay to use a hair dryer. It damages the glue of the lining in the pads. Simply, dry all of them under a fan.

2. Outside cleaning

A microfiber rag or sponge, clean warm water, and a toothbrush will be the main components to clean the outside of the helmet.

Outside cleaning Motorcycle Helmet

Step 1: Unscrew The Face Shield Or Visor

At first, you need to take off the visor. The face shield is generally made of fiberglass. It’s recommended to keep that on a clean surface to avoid scratching.

Step 2: Apply Warm Water and Sponging

Warm water is enough to clean the exterior. You do not want to ruin the shininess by using any solvent or similar chemical compounds. Apply warm water and wait for 2-3 minutes. It’ll spread all around the helmet exterior.

Now, gently use the rag or sponge or wet microfiber cloth to clean the helmet exterior. Do not scrub. Otherwise, it’ll hamper the shininess and overall protection of the helmet.

Step 3: Toothbrush

If you’re using a ventilated helmet, it’ll include ventilation holes. A toothbrush will be required in this case. Clean these narrow holes and corners of the exterior.

Leave the interior and exterior for air drying. Once it dries, reassemble everything. You’ll get a fresh, odourless, and clean helmet.

The Basic Dos and Don’ts of Helmet Care and Maintenance

Helmet care and maintenance are as important as motorcycle care and maintenance. You must avoid things that may ruin the helmet’s appearance. Also, you have to follow the steps for keeping it workable for a long time.

Helmet Care and Maintenance


  • Use soapy water and baby shampoo for cleaning. These are safe for interior linings.
  • A microfiber rag is the best thing you get at home for cleaning helmets. This provides the best result during cleaning.
  • A cotton bud is highly recommended for hard-to-reach corners of the interior and exterior of the helmet.
  • Keep a microfiber rag with the bike to clean the visor after every two rides.
  • Moving parts are delicate areas of the helmet. If you’re searching for how to clean a used motorcycle helmet, also search for an odorless lubricate for screws and moving parts.
  • To avoid sweating, the bandanna is becoming popular among riders. Try one on long rides.


  • Never use any harsh chemicals to clean the inner or outer portion of the helmet.
  • A hairdryer is strictly prohibited because of the risk of unsticking the inner glue.
  • The visor is very reactive to ammonia and glass cleaners. Avoid them during the care and maintenance procedure.
  • Always avoid using old rags to clean the exterior. It leaves scratches and ruins the impression.

The next time you look for steps about how to wash a motorcycle helmet, remember the above dos and don’ts to get the optimal result.

William Nash, one of the most famous motorcycle experts said in Nash Forensics, “Consider the helmet as a part of your motorcycle, not an accessory” The meaning is simple. You must be concerned about the caretaking of your helmet as much as the bike.


We hope that you got good guidance from this article on how to clean a motorcycle helmet. Each step is easy to follow, and you’ll not need to go outside for getting any of the cleaning equipment. Once you find out the importance of a clean and fresh helmet, it’ll turn into a weekly routine for you.

Also, as you with every step described above, be sure to follow both the dos and don’ts as described for sure. Get it done with ease and ride your bike while being inside a clean helmet!

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.