7 Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2022

What do you actually mean when you say you got the best hot weather motorcycle helmet?

Did you really get a good-end motorcycle helmet that keeps your head cool? Or did you buy those low-end junks that make you sweat every time you take your bike for a spin?

How about we get you something with features like breathable and moisture-absorbent liner, thick and soft EPS padding, UV protection, several intakes, and exhaust vents.  Seems expensive? We’ll help you out.

We’ve done all our research to make sure you can get the best product and that too without spending a fortune. After days of research, we could find some helmets that actually met our demands. And we’re pretty sure these will meet your demands too. All you need to do is get into the reviews and choose wisely.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Hot Weather Helmet

Everything in this universe comes with perks and cons, and the hot-weather helmet is not any exception. So let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks you will get with this equipment.

Keep Yourself Relaxed

A well-vented helmet will ensure maximum airflow during the ride. Therefore, you will always feel the wind in your face and enjoy a calm journey all the time.

No More Sweat

Multiple air intake and exhaust vents will prevent excessive sweating even in terribly humid weather. So you will never feel itchy or grease, and that sounds amazing!


There is only one drawback of this product. As hot weather helmets come with several vents, you will feel cold during winter. And that scene won’t be pretty! However, if the vents are adjustable, you can keep some of them closed to keep yourself warm and toasty.

7 Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Here is our list of Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet that will keep you breezy during any hot weather conditions. So, without wasting much time, let’s get all the juicy details about them!

Image Product Name Price
1Storm-Motorcycle-Modular-Helmet 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet Check Price
ScorpionExo-Covert-Unisex-Adult-Helmet ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet  Check Price
LS2-Helmets-Full-Face-Stream-Street-Helmet LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet Check Price

   1. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet

The first product we would love to recommend is by 1Storm. From UV protection to multiple air vents, it has everything we want to see in the best summer motorcycle helmet.

Thanks to the robust ABS shell, this headgear isn’t vulnerable to damage at all. In the event of a collision, your skull will be well-protected, and that’s our topmost priority!

However, when we told you about the hard-wearing construction of the helmet, you must be thinking that it is heavyweight too. Well, we can’t really blame you as most rigid gears tend to be heavier!

But this helmet comes with an aerodynamic design; hence, you will never feel any pressure on your neck at all. So if you love to ride for long hours, you should definitely take a look at this one!

Now let’s talk about the features that make it perfectly suitable for the hot and humid weather. It is designed with six ventilation opening systems. Consequently, you will feel relaxed and breezy all the time!

Furthermore, the two front and two top vents can be adjusted by riders anytime they want. You can set up the air intake and exhaust system according to your preference!

As this helmet ensures optimal airflow, you won’t sweat much. But even if you do, you can take out the inner liner and wash it after every use. Thus, there will be no odor buildup, and you can maintain better hygiene standards effortlessly.

Another dynamic fact about this headgear is that it is made with two visors for excellent viewing. The inner smoked visor is perfectly eligible for daytime rides. It will adjust the brightness level so you can enjoy your rides without hurting your eyes.

By contrast, the clear visor will allow you to have crystal clear vision at night. And you can easily replace or switch these shields whenever you feel the necessity.

Moreover, it is available in different sizes and exciting color combinations. Therefore, we can get the one that suits our personality the most. And this helmet is pretty affordable, and that’s just the icing on the cake!

To make the experience more effortless, it has a quick-release strap and buckle. So you can take the helmet off in seconds without struggling! 

And the modular flip design will let you lift the shield to feel the wind in your face. Hence, nothing can be more suitable than this helmet to enjoy your summer rides!


  • Designed with both smoked and clear visors to ensure optimal view in any condition
  • Several ergonomic vents for smooth airflow
  • UV-protection finish to keep you safe from the harmful effects of sunlight
  • The sturdy aerodynamic shell ensures top-notch protection while riding
  • Quick-release buckle allows you to get rid of the helmet without any issue


  • Doesn’t do much to reduce the noise level at high speed


As this helmet has DOT certification, you don’t have to worry about any safety issues ever again. Moreover, it never gets foggy, which makes this gear more user-friendly than it already is.

  2. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet 

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Helmet

We were really excited to review this ScorpionExo Covert helmet as we’ve heard so much about it! And by the time we finished testing, we were sure that it is the ultimate hot-weather motorcycle helmet. Let’s tell you why!

As it is constructed with an industrial-grade polycarbonate shell, you can expect excellent protection from it. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt anymore as the shell can tolerate all the abuse you throw it.

On top of it, this headgear is incredibly lightweight. Therefore, you will never have to suffer from neck and head pain. So if you love to travel light and comfortably, this gear is the one you need.

The innovative KwikWick II liner is there to keep you cool during the hottest summer days. It will absorb all the moisture to keep you dry, and you can wash this whole thing anytime you want.

You can wear this as a full face, ¾, and half-size helmet. And so, you will never have any ventilation issues. Moreover, there are multiple integrated vents on the forehead to ensure top-notch airflow all day long.

We were stunned to see how many size options this headgear has to offer! Any rider can get the perfect fit without any trouble! Additionally, the gear is equipped with a chin strap so that you can adjust it on your head for an accurate fit.

However, it doesn’t have many color options, which was a bit disappointing!

The drop-down sun visor has a tinted design; hence you will get the best possible view in any light condition. As a result, from gloomy to the brightest days, you will have crystal clear. How amazing is that?

There is high-density EPS padding inside the helmet. It can absorb all the impacts and shocks to keep your head safe from injuries. This feature also provides maximum coziness, which is another beneficial thing for the rider.

Considering all its dynamic traits, you can keep this gear on your wishlist for the most favorable experience.


  • Comes with dense EPS padding to ensure top-tier protection and comfort for the user
  • Can be used as a full, half, or ¾ sized helmet depending on the weather
  • The tinted visor will adjust the vision in variable light conditions
  • Made to be super lightweight to ensure a stress-free ride


  • Doesn’t offer many color options


This headgear is made by a well-reputed brand and offers superior reliability, excellent comfort, and higher durability. And we’re getting everything within an affordable price range; what else do we need?

      3. LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

It’s not just the vents, but also the liner has a vital role in making the helmet suitable for hot weather. And this gear by LS2 is one of those things that have everything to keep us cool in any situation!

Thanks to this helmet’s full-face design, you will get top-notch protection all the time. So if you love to be a bit reckless from time to time, you can rely on this gear for better security as it comes with DOT certification too!

However, we do not encourage being a daredevil, but who can put a restraining order in our hearts, right?

One of the most remarkable features of this liner is that it is made with a breathable material. Therefore, you will feel at ease in even the most humid weather. And it is totally washable, so your helmet will be fresh as a daisy all the time.

Now it’s time for us to tell you about the ergonomic vents that makes it the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather. The innovative flow-through design ensures that the rider will always feel breezy while wearing it.

There are top vents for excellent air intake and a rear exhaust vent to get rid of the hot weather. Moreover, you will also have a chin vent and multiple ports to increase the breathability of the rider.

The sunshield will keep your eyes protected from the sun’s rays. Therefore, if you love to go on morning tours, this helmet will be your perfect ally; there is no doubt about that!

To ensure an accurate face, it comes with a 3D laser cut design. This headgear is also available in many sizes. And the color options you will get are out of this world! Only a few brands will give you that many choices!

Well, there is another thing that we will love to share. You can adjust the shield with gloves in your hands. And you can swap the shields just in seconds, which makes this gear more effortless to use.


  • Comes with a breathable and washable liner for your utmost comfort
  • Made with a 3D laser cut design to ensure the perfect fit
  • Multiple intakes and exhaust air vents ensure maximum airflow
  • You can swap the shields easily without any tools


  • Speaker pockets make this headgear a bit noisy


This is an inexpensive helmet that offers you top-notch service and all the high-end features. So yes, if you want greater value for the money, getting this equipment will be an excellent idea!

   4. Bell Broozer Helmet

Bell Broozer Helmet

If you want to feel a little spoiled, the Bell Broozer high-end helmet is for you! It is made with a super stylish outlook and tons of innovative features to turn it into the ultimate one.

First of all, this helmet is the most innovative gear you can get. Thanks to its removable chin bar, you can use it as both a full-face and open-face helmet. Therefore, you can wear it in any season you want.

Moreover, the spacious design allows you to wear any comfortably. So if you love to wear motorcycle glasses, this headgear will ensure a struggle-free service, which is pretty impressive.

On top of everything, it comes with several adjustable vents. You can keep them close or open according to weather conditions. And these vents are placed ergonomically for interruption-free airflow.

As a result, we had a very cozy experience with it while testing, and it’s one of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather.

Though this helmet prevents excessive sweating, you can’t really help yourself in some situations. In that case, you can remove the liner to clean it so you can have a refreshing experience every time you gear up.

You will get both clear and smoked visors in this helmet. You can switch between these two shields to enjoy crystal-clear vision at any time of the day. The tinted visor really makes the bright light tolerable, which is another notable feature of this headgear.

Besides being DOT-approved, it is equipped with a scratch-resistant and fog-proof shield. So when they say you can’t have it all, just put this helmet in front of them!


  • Comes with switchable for visors to ensure crystal clear view
  • Designed with multiple vents; will prevent suffocation
  • Has DOT certification to offer you the safest experience on the road
  • Eyewear compatible headgear
  • The washable liner allows you to maintain top-notch hygiene standards


  • This helmet is more on the expensive side


Though this gear comes with a hefty price tag, you will get all the innovative features in it. So if you are not struggling for every penny, you can consider getting this one.

    5. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

Shoei is one of the top-tier brands that manufacture hi-fi well ventilated motorcycle helmets. And this GT-Air II is one of their finest creations available in the market right now.

You can use this helmet for any ride you want. From cruising to adventure tours, you will have the safest experience with this one. As a result, any rider will love to throw their money at it even when it is crazy expensive gear!

We wanted to keep this headgear on our list as it is equipped with tons of summer-friendly features. First of all, it has an advanced QSV-2 extended shield. This attachment gives you complete UV protection all the time. Therefore, you can say goodbye to sunburns!

In addition, there are multiple exhaust ports and air intake vents to maintain proper airflow. And you can adjust all of these vents with just one hand without any trouble. So if you love to own easy-to-use equipment, this one can fulfil your wish!

Instead of a double-o ring, this helmet comes with a ratchet closure. Hence, it will be a little complicated for you to adjust the whole thing, but things will obviously get easier with time.

Here is another thing that turns this gear into a superior one. It has an excellent aerodynamic design that controls the noise level and drags while driving. And so, you can go as fast as you want without getting annoyed by the sound of the wind. Well, that’s something we haven’t seen in a while!

On top of everything, this helmet is super chic and makes you look like a star rider effortlessly. And that’s something you can use to impress some eyes; it’s a bonus!


  • Aerodynamic design reduces the noise while riding
  • Thanks to the extended shield design, you will get full-face UV protection
  • Constructed with several air vents to ensure smooth airflow
  • You can use it as both full-face and half size helmets


  • Pricey helmet


When you want to go for a peaceful ride, this headgear will be the perfect one. And it ensures smooth airflow to keep you calm, and that’s something you need to ride during summer days.

  6. ScorpionEXO EXO-R710 Helmet

ScorpionEXO EXO-R710 best hot weather helmet

Here is another ScorpionEXO helmet for you that offers a hard-wearing service with enhanced durability. You can use it for ATV to touring bikes, making it one of the most versatile gears out there.

The most remarkable fact about this headgear is its construction. It is made with a combination of fiberglass and Aramid fiber. This innovative combo makes it exceptionally rigid and reliable for any rider.

Moreover, it tends to last forever, which is another beneficial quality of this helmet. So if you are ready to pay a handsome amount of money, you can try getting this one. You will never be disappointed.

The outer shell is entirely UV-protected. Hence, wearing it on the brightest summer days will be a wise idea. Additionally, it is equipped with fog-proof technology, which makes it eligible for any weather condition.

Now, let us reveal the most-awaited facts about this headgear! Thanks to its aero-tuned ventilation system, you will never be out of breath. There are four front ports for maximum air intake. And it has three exhaust vents that will eliminate the hot air from the helmet compartment.

Therefore, no matter how many degrees are out there, you will always feel relaxed wearing this.

The multi-density EPS liner is there to protect you from the collision you may face while going roughly. And this protective padding is extended to the chin bar to ensure ultimate security. So when we heard that it passed the DOT standards, we weren’t surprised!

It is a dual-visor helmet that is guaranteed to provide the most favourable service to the user. If you want that for yourself, keep an eye on this one before making the final decision.


  • Provides complete face UV protection
  • Designed with dual-density EPS padding to absorb all the impacts
  • As it has several intake and exhaust vents, you can enjoy soothing rides all the time
  • Comes with heavy-duty construction to keep you safe from damages


  • You won’t get many color choices with this one


Sometimes even if we pay a bulky check, we don’t get features such as UV protection and top-notch ventilation. But with this one, there will be issues like that, which is extraordinary!

7. AGV Unisex-Adult Full Face Helmet

 AGV Unisex-Adult Full Face best hot weather helmet

If you have previous experience with motorcycle helmets, you may already know that AGV is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. And when we tested this gear, we knew that it deserved to be on the list of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather!

The manufacturer has developed this product by researching their old models.  They’ve made it almost flawless and you’ll have an amazing experience with this one for sure.

Moreover, this headgear has passed all the security standards; hence, you will always be in safe hands.

It is available in a universal size that is designed for perfect fitting to any user. So if you always feel overwhelmed while choosing the right size, you should definitely try this one for a trouble-free experience.

This unisex helmet comes with a stylish outlook that will give any rider a signature look. Sometimes chic gears fail to provide a reliable service. But with this headgear, you don’t have to face such issues.

The ventilation system of this helmet is based on advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. Consequently, the quality of airflow in this gear is unmatchable!

There are two front vents, two on the sides, and one central vent for smooth airflow. And two exhaust vents on the rear side ensure that there will be no warm air inside the compartment.

So we can say that this headgear has taken the ventilation system to a whole new level!

The inner materials are made of breathable fabric that will keep you dry all the time. And you can remove them after using them to achieve better maintenance.

This high-end helmet is one of the most prominent ones in the market. So if you want to stay trendy, why don’t you buy this one?


  • Comes with ergonomic vents to keep the helmet cool
  • Has a stylish outlook to please any rider
  • The inner material is entirely washable
  • Thanks to the aerodynamic design, anyone will feel comfortable wearing this


  • As it is a one-size-fits-all helmet, you may not get an accurate fit


This headgear comes in a universal size and all the innovative features to ensure optimal service. Moreover, it is highly durable too. And that’s more than we can ask, to be honest.

What to Look for in a Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet – Buying Guide

There are tons of helmets out there that will ensure a safe ride. But when it’s getting a breezy experience on the hottest days, you will need something more!

So here are our buying guides for you that will tell you how to get the most suitable gear for yourself. Let’s dive into that part right away!


It doesn’t matter if you are buying a helmet for occasional touring or professional racing; you will need to get something that ensures top-grade safety. And certifications such as DOT, ECE, and SNELL approval will guarantee that.

To get these approvals, a headgear has to go through several tests. And if it passes all the examinations, you can wear that helmet without any fear of damages.


The visors are another crucial feature to consider when you are looking forward to an enjoyable journey. If the visor isn’t top-notch, you will never have an excellent view of the surroundings.

For a better experience, you should always get a helmet that comes with two shields, one clear and one tinted. The tinted or smoked visors will adjust your eyes to various lighting situations. In this way, you can have an astonishing view in gloomy or bright weather.

By contrast, a clear visor will allow you to see clearly during nighttime. However, the visor-switching procedure should be quick and straightforward so you can change your shield without any struggle.

Protection from Elements

When you are riding like the wind, you will face debris, dirt, rain, sunlight, and many other elements. Therefore you will need superior protection against them!

So your shield should come with a UV protection layer. This feature will keep you safe from the harmful effects of sunlight. Moreover, it should have a fog-resistant quality to ensure a clear view in any weather condition.

Helmet Weight

The weight of your helmet should be tolerable! Well, it has to be lightweight; otherwise, you will always feel pain in your neck area. Moreover, your head will feel heavy, and your ride will be exhausting!

Therefore, you should always get gear that will make you feel comfortable in any condition. In this article, you will get some fantastic options to try!


The inner liner should be made of moisture-resistant and breathable material. Only then can you stay dry and fresh, even on highly humid days!

Furthermore, it would be better if you get a removable liner. In that case, you can throw it in the washing machine after every use to get rid of germs and odors.

Inner Padding

The inner padding is supposed to absorb all the shocks and impacts to keep you safe during an accident. So it would be better if you get inner padding made of multi-dense EPS.

With a layer of highly dense and soft padding, your helmet will be a homely compartment for your head. And it will make you feel relaxed all the time!


It is essential for your headgear should come with sturdy construction. If it’s vulnerable to damages, how can you expect to be well-protected?

So always go for helmets made with materials such as fiberglass, carbon composite, or high-quality ABS. In this way, you can ensure the safest experience for you.

Additionally, the material should be scratch-resistant. This quality will make the whole thing super durable, which is all we need!


When you are looking for a breathable motorcycle helmet, you need to get a top-tier ventilation system. Only multiple vents are not going to work; they should be ergonomically placed and adjustable.

To maintain proper airflow, there should be several intake vents to welcome the air in. Moreover, the exhaust vents will channel out the warm air to keep you cool.

And all of these ports should be adjustable so you can close some of them during winter. It will prevent you from spending money on separate equipment for the same purpose.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmet Brands on the Market

Here are some top-rated helmet brands that are leading the market right now.


You may already know that the helmets from Shoei are known for providing the quietest experience during high-speed rides. They make top-tier headgears that have passed all the security standards. Furthermore, you will get plenty of size and color options.

However, Shoei is a pretty expensive brand. So you have to keep that in mind while making a choice.


Well, AGV is another leading brand in making high-performance helmets. Their products are heavy-duty, durable, and ensure a comfortable service for the users.

Moreover, these headgears are super stylish. Therefore, anyone can get this equipment to look trendy.


The most striking fact about the helmets from Bell is that they are sleek, affordable, yet exceptionally durable. And one of the most incredible facts about this brand is that it comes with tons of style options for both men and women.

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions about summer motorcycle helmets to be cleared about? why not go through these common queries?

What type of helmet is best for humid weather?

Well-ventilated helmets are the most excellent ones for humid weather. If it has proper airflow, you will never feel sweaty. Additionally, a moisture-absorbent liner will keep you fresh for a long time.

Can I wash my helmet liner every day?

Yes, you can clean your washable helmet liner after every use. However, it would be better if you wash it by hand instead of washing machines. In this way, the liner will last longer.

Are black motorcycle helmets hotter?

Black helmets tend to absorb more sunlight which will make you feel hotter. However, if it comes with UV protection, ergonomic ventilation, and a glossy finish, you don’t have to go through that ordeal.

What should we wear during a motorcycle ride in hot weather?

You can wear a moisture-wicking t-shirt and cooling vest during hot weather. Just keep yourself well-ventilated, and you won’t have to worry about getting exhausted.

Should I get a helmet with a chin strap?

A chin strap will allow you to tighten or loosen the helmet according to your comfort. So if you want an easy-fitting, the chin strap will give you that opportunity. Additionally, it will ensure that the helmet won’t go rogue during a hard break!

Final Verdict

Well, here was our best hot weather motorcycle helmet reviews for you. We’ve tried to gather a bunch of fantastic headgear that will keep you calm even when it’s burning outside.

For an overall experience, you can pick the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet. It has good ventilation to keep your head, neck, and face cool while riding. And the good thing is, it is a modular model that you can customize and use the way you want.

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