6 Best Karting Helmets Reviews With Buying Guide

Are you aware of the risk that occurs from the potential crashes, flips, spinouts, and other inconveniences during kart racing? 

If we dig deeper into this, then there are many cases that resulted in broken bones and whiplash. However, the possibility of encountering such incidents can be reduced if you opt for the best karting helmets.

Now, narrowing down the top-rated karting helmets is especially difficult, mostly when there are numerous options. 

Thus, we have spent an entire week presenting this line-up of the six finest karting helmets. And an in-depth buying guide awaits you at the end of the review so that you can easily identify the must-have features.

Let’s get started!

Why Is Picking the Right Karting Helmets Important?

Well, succinctly speaking, you can always invest in second-hand race suits or boots, and it can even cater to your convenience. But should you get yourself a second-hand go-cart helmet or something incompetent? 


Because the right karting helmet not only protects your head from possible injuries and traumas but also ensures a joyful driving experience. 

How? An ideal karting helmet contributes to a superior level of comfort while the bad ones don’t. If anything, they give you headaches. Then comes the padding, ventilation, visors, etc., which verifies the idea of comfort and protection both. Hence picking the best kart helmet is crucial; we would say a “necessity.” 

Now take this scenario as an instance; you are hoping for a kart racing with the peak speed, but due to the low-quality helmet and its poor visors, you can’t see the path clearly. 

And things get worse when there’s almost no ventilation which leads you to suffocation. All these encapsulate a crash or an unsuccessful racing.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that picking the right karting helmet is paramount.

6 Best Karting Helmets Review

Here, after scouring the online marketplaces and adding up the grain amount of our knowledge with go-kart helmets, we ended up with not one but six of them. 

We tried our best to emphasize everything as precisely as possible in this review section. We hope it helps!

Image Product Name Price
Bell-Qualifier-Full-Face-He Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Large Check Price
ILM-Full-Face-Motorcycle-St ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet Check Price
RaceQuip-273990-Flat-Black- RaceQuip 273990 Flat Black Face Helmet Check Price

1. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Large

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Matte Black Large Karting Helmets

First and foremost, we have one of the finest creations by Bell; the full-face helmet serves various street biking purposes. 

There’s not a single soul (unless you are living a life at rock bottom) who isn’t familiar with the expanding commodity of Bell’s auto racing and motorcycle racing helmets. 

Given that, everything they make is immaculate. 

Here, this full-face helmet is available in a spectrum of 16 different colors. Albeit we prefer the matte black one as it reflects royalty and sophistication at the same time. 

Also, you don’t have to stress over the sizes and their fitting because Bell has something for everyone! From small to XX-large, you will get helmets of almost all sizes.

We suppose you are already looking at the helmet’s picture, and you might see a tinted shield. Well, don’t let it play with your expectations as the helmet ships with a transparent shield only. 

However, the shield is UV-protected, and its ClickRelease profile facilitates faster, easier and tool-free shield replacement.

On top of that, it effectively repels fog and scratches in extreme weather conditions and racing events.

Speaking of the shield, it has a lightweight polycarbonate construction that is streamlined with a padded wind collar. 

This is supposed to compress the wind and road noises so that you can drive with utmost peace and concentration. But in reality, they don’t work really well in terms of doing so.

Furthermore, there’s an exhaust system with FlowAdjust, which is supremely useful to promote breathability. At this rate, you can say it’s a steal for the money.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Has a little space inside for inserting Bluetooth or speakers
  • Overall, three exhaust openings
  • Can deal with heavy-impacts
  • Built-to-last construction
  • A durable shield protects your face from possible injuries


  • No mesh or fabric is attached
  • Needs earplugs to resist the shrill noise(even at road speeds)

2. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM Full Face Karting Helmets

Can we all agree to the fact that how frustrating it feels to fasten the straps of a helmet? That’s something everyone can relate to. What if we tell you that there’s a helmet with a quick-release strap that allows you to take the helmet on and off effortlessly? 

Here, presenting the full-face street bike helmet from ILM that features a quick-release clutch and strap. It helps you put it on/off and balances the tightness of the helmet. 

Meaning you can personalize the stiffness around your head depending on your comfort and convenience. If you ask what makes this helmet stand out from the crowd, then this is it; the chin clasp and quick release strap. 

Now, moving on, this racing helmet is engineered with a combination of ABS shell, EPS pads, and soft liner. Undoubtedly, it lasts longer than most racing helmets which cost quite the same. 

On top of that, the helmet liners are removable; thus, the washability doesn’t come as a surprise. Also, the liners prevent irritation and keep your ears warm during cold rides.

Now let’s talk about the visors. You will get one tinted and one transparent visor, which is easy to remove and replace. Just follow the given instruction, and you are good to go. Moreover, the wide and crystal-clear view makes it more dependable and efficient.

What else? Well, it has a removable neck scarf for winter protection and numerous air vents for intensifying the airflow and reducing the wind resistance. Adding more to it, the breath guard and chin exhaust redirect the rider’s breath to minimize fogging on the shield. And there are even ventilation slits on the top and front of the helmet for all-weather adaptability. Best part? You can open or close the slits without removing your gloves.


  • Quick-release chin-strap works smoothly with the gloves on
  • Simple yet sophisticated design
  • Multiple vents
  • The straps offer tension adjustability
  • Lightweight helmet thus feels comfortable
  • The tinted visor is dark and cool
  • Ideal for winter kart racing


  • Can’t resist the wind noise at peak speeds
  • Fogs when breathing heavily

3. RaceQuip 273990 Flat Black Face Helmet

RaceQuip 273990 Flat Black Face Karting Helmets

You might be oblivious of RaceQuip and its products; however, they have a reputation for distributing high-quality racing protection gears. Their fine assortment for diverse safety equipment and clothing for kart racing is beyond ergonomic. The 273990 flat black helmet isn’t any different.

In order to protect your head from any unforeseeable injuries and to ensure optimal comfort, this go-cart helmet got your back. It will give you the best bang for your buck. There are four colors available, including a plain black from which you can pick your desired one. 

We prefer the flat-black one as it goes with the ultimate “roadie” personality. A bit conventional yet sophisticated. 

Now let’s talk about the internal parts of this helmet. There’s plenty of cushioning around your cheek area for starters, and it fits firm against your face. It is neither too snug nor too loose, but just how you supposedly need it to be! 

It ensures ample comfort by giving you the proper fitting. Besides, fastening the straps is effortless. In fact, you can make trivial changes to the strap’s tightness according to your comfort. 

On top of that, the visors can be easily moved and altered in case you need a replacement. 

This karting helmet is pretty lightweight; thus, it doesn’t give you any fatigue or extra stress. However, there are no exhaust vents or ventilation intake, which means if you are kart-racing during summer, you’re going to sweat like a pig. Other than that, it will do just fine.

Overall, compared to the price and its offered attributes, this one is one of the best cheap go-cart helmets you will ever stumble upon. 


  • Anti-fog visors
  • Constructed with fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Ideal for beginner go-kart racing
  • It offers eight different sizes and four attractive colors
  • Optimal cushioning around the cheek area
  • Minimizes the noise level
  • Simple installation


  • No ventilation 

4. Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

The drag level is the most important thing that needs to be ensured while kart racing. And Conquer offers the perfect auto racing helmet that guarantees low drag and enhances your overall kart-racing experience. 

This full-face helmet has a fiberglass composite shell that’s built to last and capable of withstanding extreme situations. However, if you intend to use this helmet on highways or public streets, we are afraid to tell you that you should not! 

For all entry-level kart-racers, this is a suitable choice. Given the fire retardant padded interior, removable cheek pads, and airflow venting system, everything defines an excessive level of comfort. Mostly the superior venting system allows you to breathe freely and keeps you sweat-free even on hot summer days. 

You will get front, rear, and top ventilation ports that purify the air inside and ensure that you are breathing fresh and sanitized air. On the flip side, a heat exhaust system is also included to promote the outflow of warm vapor.

Speaking of which, the 3mm anti-scratch shield is going to protect your eyes from all the air pollutants or dust coming at you while driving. 

Also, this shield is flame resistant; thus, it remains cool in a hot environment. Furthermore, these karting helmets are strategically crafted for enhanced stability. Thanks to its chin spoilers and aero ridges.


  • Lightweight profile
  • It comes with a protective carry bag
  • Easy to put it on/off
  • The transparent shield with tear-off posts
  • An Anti-scratch shield protect your eyes and offer a clear vision
  • Removable pads are easy to wash
  • Ideal for novice  and intermediate kart-racers


  • Not US DOT regulated
  • Unable to reduce the noise intensity

5. Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet White X-Small

Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet White X-Small Karting Helmets

Honestly, Zamp has always been the pinnacle of versatility regardless of its competitive price. It features an excellent design with the construction of composite fiberglass material. 

Not only that, unlike most of the top-rated kart racing helmets, these are perfectly lightweight, weighing only 3.74 pounds. They claim to ensure a great value-to-performance ratio.

The streamlined construction is extremely durable; thus, you are less likely to have serious injuries even if you meet a road crash. It will protect you from both internal and external damage. 

Moreover, this kart racing helmet has a 7-top air system. and it helps to ventilate the overall interior of the helmet. 

You will get exhaust vents embedded inside the chin and scalp area, which makes allowance for the air to get in. In the meantime, the warm air evacuates at the rear vent port. 

Moreover, the interior is engineered with fire-retardant material, and luckily it’s comfortable to wear. 

Besides, the eye ports are wider than most kart racing helmets. As a result, they render a precise and accurate viewing angle during the race. Also, the Zamp-58 kart caring helmet offers a straightforward installation. 

Assembling feels like a breeze since the M6 inserts for restraint devices can be easily positioned. Lastly, ensure choosing the right size for you and always check out the sizing guide before you determine the ideal size.


  • It weighs only 3.74 pounds
  • Superior ventilation system
  • Stylish design
  • Perfect fit for everyone
  • Durable, built-to-last construction
  • Steal for the money


  • The liner lacks impact absorption

6. Bell Racing K.1 PRO WHITE

Bell Racing K.1 PRO WHITE

The K1 Pro white helmet is a top-notch racing helmet that is ideal for professional go-kart racing for valid reasons. This helmet is available in six different sizes and four attractive colors. You will get matte black, circuit blue, white, and circuit- red graphics. 

All of them spotless and blend well with your personality. These helmets are fortified with an extremely lightweight composite material which makes them effective for go-karting. 

It weighs close to 3.5 pounds, and this racing helmet also offers an enticing aerodynamic profile. In an instant, you can feel the lightness of this helmet and comprehend how gracefully it reduces the overall drag during racing. 

Moreover, it consists of 10 intake and exhaust vents residing all around. On top of that, the robust construction distributes high-velocity impact protection to the racer. And to guarantee you a perfect fit, it presents a multi-foam density standard interior. Thus, the helmet stays snug to your head.

That’s not it. This karting helmet is loaded with integrated channels so that the wearer can communicate via a radio system. You can also expect convenient storage as it offers a drawstring bag.


  • Best entry-level pro helmet
  • It comes in six different sizes and four attractive colors 
  • Top-notch quality with a high-end finish
  • Lightweight composite material
  • Hardware for accommodating head and neck restraint equipment
  • Resists water and dirt from penetrating


  • Poor noise reduction

What to Look for Before Buying?

Undeniably, it’s one of the most strenuous jobs to find out the ideal go-karting helmet for you when the options are many. Also, the marketing of these helmets can be misleading to many customers as they barely show you what’s real. 

As a result, you end up with junk disguised as a flashy product. Hence to determine the right kart-racing helmet, you have to do your assessment by considering few things. 

So, without any further ado, let’s see the crucial things you need to consider before shopping.

The Type

First thing first, you need to find out which type is best suited for you. There are numerous types of helmets available in the market. And they can be easily differentiated by various categories. 

As you are looking for a go-kart racing helmet, your job is to go for a full-face racing helmet. Because while driving a kart, you are susceptible to crashes and other deadly accidents. 

A full-face helmet will not only protect your head from serious injuries but also your eyes from dust and other damage. Now looking down to the types, you can either consider the entry-level helmets with the highest ratings and some additional features, or you can go for the high-end go-kart helmets. 

The high-end helmets offer an improved air system, integrated channels, superior safety, HANS ports, clear vision, and optimal comfort. No wonder these are pricier than the entry-level ones, given their additional racing features. 

Also, high-end go kart helmets are engineered with premium materials so that it lasts longer than other racing helmets.

To conclude, ensure sticking to your requirements and your purpose while looking for “Your Type.”

Safety Standard

By speaking of safety standards, we refer to the certification that comes with all safety equipment. Your kart racing helmet should satisfy the safety standards and other measurements. 

You must know about the Snell memorial foundation, which is also known as Snell. They basically verify racing helmets by different parameters of safety and impose necessary amendments if they lack something. When the helmet’s manufacture meets all the required standards, they certify it universally. 

Now long story short, you gotta inspect whether your karting helmet is Snell certified or not. Also, remember that the Snell certification has its expiry date as well. The latest Snell rating is SA2015.

A Wide Eye-port

You will certainly need a helmet with a wide eye-port as it dictates your field of vision. A poor helmet comes with an obstruct visibility that hinders your performance as a racer. 

Sometimes, it invites road crashes and whiplash too. However, a helmet with a comprehensive viewpoint is necessary in order to race safely. Make sure not to get a helmet with narrow eye ports that cloud your peripheral vision and cause discomfort while racing.


Ventilation is important to mitigate the fatigue and ensure a comfortable racing experience. 

A quality racing kart comes with an effective exhaust system. and it surely keeps you relaxed and alleviated during your journey. Compromising your focus while racing on track is the last thing you want, and that is where the ventilation comes in!

Now, there’s something to comprehend.

Do you live in a country that is frequently cold? If yes, then you can easily go by without any ventilation in your helmet. But if it’s a hot country or you are intending to race when the summer rolls, then a helmet with proper ventilation is paramount. Make sure to get a helmet that invites the fresh air inside and pumps out the inside air too.


In simpler words, you need to inspect the overall construction or, to be more specific, the material used. It determines the shock absorbency that is crucial to your protection when a collision occurs. 

Now there are three common materials such as carbon, fiberglass, and composite. All of them are special on their own as they cater to individual aspects. 

Let us give you a summation of these types. The fiberglass one is stronger compared to their price and relatively heavier than others. On the other hand, carbon helmets are fortified with fiber-reinforced polymer. And it stands out for its strength-to weight-quotient. They are pricier than the fiberglass ones. 

Lastly, the composite ones are made with a blend of different materials. Typically, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and kevlar; these three materials are combined together to form the composite. And these are also quite expensive. Depending on your budget and other convenience, you can choose either one.

Size and Design

Always check the sizes before purchasing a go-kart helmet. Find out the perfect size for you, and according to that, use the measurement guide to know your right size. Also, ensure that the tightness of the helmet straps can be manipulated to your convenience.

Now about the designs, we will say this thing will always remain arbitrary. Totally your preference! 

If you ask our opinion, you should go for a color that defines your vibe and goes well with almost every environment. For instance, the plain or matte black color with a classic design will do.

Additional Features

Finally, look for some extra features such as a hydration system, high-grade material, integrated earmuffs, paddings, inserts for Bluetooth or other communication systems, anti-fog visor, M6 restraint ports, rear ventilation, etc.

Different Helmet Styles

There is an array of different helmet styles, but mainly six of them are immensely popular and vastly used. All of them are indeed different in style and performance. Also, they serve distinct purposes.


The full-face helmet provides the maximum coverage for your head and neck. It’s the safest when it comes to motorcycle or kart racing. 


Then comes the flip-up helmet, which is a mix between a ¾ helmet and a full-coverage helmet. They weigh a little heavier than the full-face ones. The difference is that the chin bar and the visor can be flipped up to open the front of the helmet. 


Next, we have open helmets where your face remains exposed, but it gives extreme protection to the top and back of your head. 


On the contrary, half helmets only protect the top of your head and the region around your forehead to your eyebrows.


Then off-roads are for a very specific reason which is to ride dirtbikes, and they are prohibited from highway racing. As the name suggests, “off-road.” 

Dual Sport

Lastly, you have the dual sport helmet, which is a combination of an off-road helmet and a full-face helmet. They can be used both on off-road and highways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are they supposed to last?

Though it depends on the helmet you are using, it’s safe to say a quality go-kart racing helmet will last for three to five years.

Do I need both the rear and front exhaust ports?

Not necessarily. But, having proper ventilation is important for ensuring comfort during hot weather. But as long as you are racing in a cold area, you can do just fine without it.

Which is better? Snell or DOT?

Well, depending on the popular opinion and recent surveys, Snell has the upper hand in terms of helmet certification. But it’s voluntary for the manufacturers, whereas the DOT certification is obligatory. Both are necessary, we would say, but snell standards trump over DOT.

What else to wear along with a helmet?

You can wear a neck scarf in winter; however, make sure to wear something comfortable. Neither too tight nor too baggy. For instance, simple jeans and a basic tee will do.

Final Words

So that’s a wrap! We hope now you can easily find out the best karting helmet for you. If you haven’t checked the buying guide yet, then we request you, please do it. It will help you to make a smart decision. And lastly, if you have any questions regarding karting helmets, then let us know in the comments!

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.