Best Rated Half Helmet With Buying Guide

Swimsuit in Canadian Winter! Sounds insane, huh?

It will sound the same if you prefer full safety but pick the best rated half helmet. These half design headgears are more into fashion statements than total protection. Thus, hard-core bikers, Harley fans, or vintage bike lovers across the globe prefer this type of helmet.

Are you wondering why I preferred Tom Cruise style biking? He is one of the most celebrated bikers with a wide range of nostalgic bikes and helmet collections. If you want a ride like this Mission Impossible star, don’t skip this review.

I have rounded up the top 5 best rated half helmets based on their outstanding features and exceptional user ratings. No matter which one you pick, people will envy your freedom and style statement.

Why Do People Choose Half Helmets?

The answer is for freedom and fun.

When you put a half helmet with a full face, modular, or even with a half-face helmet, the first noticeable difference is the openness. Unlike the full face or modular, half helmets do not offer total coverage, aka protection to the head and face.

Does that mean half helmets are less safer than the other covered models? Well, you have to wait for the answer till the next section.

Meanwhile, if you love the force and freshness of wind while riding on your Harley, Yamaha, or Ducati, half helmets are your toy. I know bikers who love the more expansive view and no congestion offered by best rated half helmets. 

Is Half Helmet Safe Enough to Protect you?

Any best rated half helmet will cover around 50% of the head if you compare it with full face or modular helmets. Yes, indeed, half helmets cannot offer total protection like other headgear models.

But there is a catch. 

If you check the motorcycle-related impact data published by Dietmar Otte, perhaps things will be clear to you. According to the data, any half helmet can prevent up to 46% of the total impact.

The only impact prone area that the half model cannot protect is the chin. And coincidently, 34.6% of the impact happens in the chin area.

So if you are worried about Do Half Helmet Protect You, it’s the chin that can give you some hard time. Otherwise, these headgears with half protection work correctly for any bike ride.

Do you know the favorite helmet models of Bear Grylls or Tom Cruise? Wait till the end. For now, it’s time to get on to the reviews.   

1. Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Helmet

For any American, the Vega Warrior helmet means something different. Curious to know why? The grey shade US flag with matt finish makes it a fashion statement and a symbol of the American spirit.

This half helmet has the best user ratings on almost every online platform. One of the main reasons behind this high level of satisfaction is durability and safety. The exterior is equally strong, like a full-face helmet.

Vega Warrior helmets come in six different sizes and seven other color schemes. Each of the color schemes fits perfectly, either with a scooter or hogs. If you and your partner are planning to use the same helmet, it’s ok. Adjust the helmet knob to work on any head shape and size.

You will love the Comfort Tech Wick-Dri liner inside the warrior skull helmet. The liner is excellent for safety and can absorb any impact to protect your skull. High-density EPS foam ensures comfort during every ride.

The Chinstrap is both padded and reinforced. Thus, itching discomfort will be the last thing with this helmet. For more comfort during a sunny day, you have to get the drop-down sun shield separately. If you are looking for the best rated motorcycle half helmet, here it is.  


  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Lightweight
  • DOT FMVSS.218 certified
  • Custom-fit adjustor
  • Fully vented liner


  • Sizing is not accurate
  • Glasses do not fit under the drop-down shield

2. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 is one of the best rated half helmets that comes with the best Bluetooth communication for a half helmet. Simply install Linkin Communication for a seamless conversation between rider and rider passenger. How cool is that?

If it’s too sunny or windy out there, the twin shield adjustable drop-down sunscreen will safeguard your eyes. You can either drop it halfway or fully down. It will keep you safe from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

The Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell meets the DOT FMVSS.218 standard for maximum safety. The roll off resistant design and dual-density EPS liner makes it one of the safest half helmets.

It is not a big deal if your head sweats a lot. The moisture-wicking liner with technical fabric will keep you dry and cool. Like the liner, the DOT approved quick-release chin strap will keep the helmet in place.     

You can fully adjust the dynamic, multi-flow ventilation to direct the airflow through the EPS foam. The air will flow through the liner to keep you cool. 


  • Roll-off design
  • DOT FMVSS.218 certified
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • KPA polymer exterior
  • Diverse sizing from XS to 2XL


  • The helmet sizing is bigger.
  • Chin straps sometimes feel uncomfortable.

3. Bell Pit Boss “Sport” Half Street Helmet

Bell Pit Boss "Sport" Half Street Helmet

This Bell Pit is really the boss of half helmets. The outlook and the TriMatrix Composite outer layer make it one of the best rated among the clans. Multi-layer shells and EPS foam provide adequate comfort and safety during a ride.

One of the best things about this half helmet is the speed dial system. If the size seems like an issue, the Speed Dial Adjustable Fit System will fit any head size. It is located on the back so that it won’t bother your vision at all. But it makes the Bell Pitt the best rated half helmet for a big head.

Whether in bright sunlight or snow, the integral sunshade will make the ride effortless. You can use it when necessary, and the rest of the time, it will stay in the pocket inside the liner. Based on the environment, you can choose between hi-definition, clear, or smoke variations.

The interior of this affordable half helmet is not only comfortable but also safe from any infestation. The antimicrobial and antibacterial microfiber will keep the moisture and germs at bay. 


  • Speed Dial Adjustable System
  • Composite Tri-Matrix Exterior
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Material
  • Integrated Speaker Pocket


  • Hard to change the internal sun shield

4. Core Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet

Core Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet

Core Cruiser is one of the best rated half helmets that have a vintage look. The injected thermoplastic alloy exterior makes it safe and looks stunning. Choose any of the 5 color schemes, and you will love them with any outfit and your favorite bike.

The helmet has an option to install the neck curtain. It will give you extra protection while safeguarding the neck from chilling wind or rain. The bubble visor is another feature for your safety and comfort. It has a 3-snap design to put on and off easily.

DOT certification ensures the safety standard and quality of riding any type of bike and ride. You can perform off-road biking, street touring, scooter ride, or utility vehicle rides with this fine half helmet. I recommend it as the best DOT half helmet. 


  • Comfortable interior
  • 3-snap Bubble Visor
  • Durable automotive paint for scratch prevention
  • Available in 5 color schemes
  • Neck curtain for extra coverage


  • Too tight for the size
  • Have some ventilation issues

5. Daytona Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helme

If you are not a big fan of mushroom-shaped helmets, this Daytona German helmet is perhaps the best choice. The shape is inspired by a German helmet but has better durability and impact resistance than that.

Nickel-plated tubular rivets add a stunning look to the helmet. The exterior is made from thermoplastic alloy for both a trendy look and strength. Whether you have an average or bigger head size, this helmet will fit on all.

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The Chin strap of the helmet is robust and ensures safety. You can adjust this padded strap to make the helmet fit comfortably. The belt can work both backward and forward to prevent any hair from sticking during the helmet’s tightening.

You will love the interior made with moisture-wicking fabric. It will keep your head cool and allow wind to flow freely. 


  • Moisture-wicking interior for maximum comfort
  • Diverse head sizes
  • Adjustable and padded chin strap
  • It comes with a head wrap and string bag


  • A bit heavyweight
  • Sunglasses do not fit with the helmet

Buying Guide: What to Look For in the Best Rated Half Helmet

Half helmets may be minimalistic of motorcycle headgears. However, they also have some noticeable features that make choosing the best model a bit challenging. I have already done this daunting task for you.

But I realized that you might need proper guidance for the next time. So all the essential factors for choosing the best rated half helmet have been compiled in this buying guide. Even most veteran bikers rely on these proven factors.

Crown or Exterior

The Crown or exterior of any half helmet comes with different materials. They include polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, fiberglass, Kevlar, and expanded polystyrene. These materials are typically lightweight but have different durability.

As half helmets offer limited protection, it is essential to pick a more robust exterior. Polycarbonate or thermoplastic alloy is the best among those materials. They are not only lightweight but also highly durable.


Some of the half helmets come with a liner that offers additional safety. These synthetic and hard inner layers work as a buffer between the crown and your head.

In case of an impact, liners absorb most of the energy and keep you safe.

Cushioning and Interior

Foam cushioning inside a helmet ensures the safety of your head in an impact. Half helmets typically have full cushioning along with side flaps for ear protection. When you are checking the interior padding, make sure they are washable and removable.

If the padding is too thin or inconsistent, perhaps you shouldn’t go for that helmet.


Size does matter for a half helmet. You are getting limited coverage in the first place, now if that coverage is not fitted to your head, things can go wrong.

Grab a measuring tape and get the radius of your head. Now this measurement will help you to pick the right helmet size. Like trying any outfit in the mall, you need to try the helmets before making the final purchase.  


The half helmet does not come with a built-in visor. But you need one if you really want to enjoy the sunlight and breeze. You can always attach a separate visor to the helmet.

Get a visor that not only fits but also compatible with your helmet. An incompatible visor can seriously hamper your ride.

Do you know what you should avoid while using a helmet? Wait till the end of this review to know about them.  


Ventilation for the best half helmets! I know it sounds like watering outdoor plants after a heavy rain! Because of the limited coverage, half helmets come with the best ventilation you can expect. Moreover, a few models also have intake on the exterior for superior quality ventilation.

If you are too concerned about free airflow inside your helmet, pick a design with additional air intake. Otherwise, any regular model will work. 

Safety Standard/Certification 

Half headgears for motorcycles typically have safety certifications. If you are using the helmet in the US, look for either DOT or SNELL certifications. But for European countries, check for ECE certifications.

Half Helmet vs. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The difference is pretty obvious. One covers the entire head while the other protects the upper portion of the head.  The full face helmet comes with a neck and chin guard to prevent any impact. Besides, the visor makes the ride easy even in the gusty wind, rain, or snow.

Half helmets are for those carefree who love the ghost or chill. They love to enjoy the warmth and breathe freely. Half helmets keep the neck, back of the head, and chin open with only the upper head to cover.

Purpose-wise, a full-face helmet is for those who prefer protection over everything. Contrarily, half helmet lovers are more towards freedom than safety. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t care for it.

A few of my biker buddies are in the fore fort of the safety campaigns, but their garages only have half headgears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Half Helmet Right for Beginners?

Half helmets offer the least protection to any rider. So if you just started your biking ventures, pro-level riders recommend avoiding the half models.

For an adventure fan, it may sound discouraging. But think how many times you bumped with a wall or pavement while learning to ride a bicycle. Of course, you won’t do the same with a bike. But there is always a chance of getting worse.

So it is better to be prepared for that situation. And no half helmet can give you that preparation. If I were you, any of the best full-face helmets would be my first choice.

Can I Mount a Camera on a Half Helmet?

When you are picking the best helmet camera, make sure they come with multiple installing assemblies. These options will help you install the camera on almost any helmet type, including the half design helmet.

From skiing to riding, you can fix them on the headgear and get some of the best shots of your life.

Is Half-Faced Helmets DOT Approved?

Yes, best rated half helmets come with DOT certification. They may be the smallest in coverage, but the materials need to be up to the standard. That’s why I have picked only those helmets in the review with the DOT certification and the highest customer satisfaction.

Any half headgears for motorcycles come with separate zip out ear and neck liner, sun shield, and removable pads. DOT certification ensures they are up to the standard to give you the maximum possible safety. 

Are Crazy Al’s Helmet Safe for Riders?

When 93% of the verified users confirm Crazy AL’s helmet is a great one, there cannot be any confusion about the greatness. However, I will be skeptical about the safety features. 

This is one of the smallest helmets in the market. So, obviously, the crown will cover the least portion of your head than any other half helmet. It will definitely give you a rustic look on your Harley but not that much cushioning as safety.

Why Do Harley Riders Wear Half Helmets?

Once I asked the question to a veteran rider, Chuck Hickey. He has been riding Harley since 1969, and damn, you can trust his instinct. He told me that the half helmet adds the “cool” factor to the rider. They may say to you about how much they enjoy the wind and can hear better. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the macho feel.

Best rated half helmets are not the best option for total safety. Thus, if a hardcore rider chooses it over the safer ones, it is, indeed, more like a fashion icon.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

Using a Wrong-Sized Helmet

That is the most common but severe blunder people make with a helmet. A too-tight one will make things uncomfortable; while too loose will fail to give you adequate safety.

Take a measuring tape and get the perfect radius of your head. Now pick the right sized helmet based on it.

Keep the Chin Strap Unfastened

I know it may feel uncomfortable to fasten the chin strap. But if you pick a right-sized and high-quality helmet, discomfort shouldn’t be an issue.

No matter how irritating it feels, always fasten the chin strap. It can make a difference between a bruise and a broken skull during an impact.  

Using a Damaged Helmet

Helmets are not like faulty parts of a motorcycle that you can replace or repair. Trying to make any tweaks or using the damaged helmet will do more harm than good.

If your helmet endured an impact or sees any sign of damage, simply discard it and get a new one.

Inserting Incompatible Devices

Who won’t love a Bluetooth headset, sun shield, or extra padding in the helmet? However, putting incompatible devices or parts in the helmet will compromise the integrity of the headgear.

Before you insert any device, make sure they are certified and compatible with your helmet design.

Not Using Visor

Riding in the town or even on the state highway can be fun without a visor. But if you are going for a long ride along the highways, do not avoid the visor.

Besides, a visor will make your ride easy during snow, heavy rain, or gusty wind.

Putting Paddings and Liner in the Washing Machine

Liner and Paddings are sensitive to harsh chemicals and high heat. You can easily ruin them by putting them directly into the washer and dryer. It is always better to wash them by hand.

Otherwise, read the care and washing instructions carefully before throwing them into the washer. Cold wash and the delicate cycle will be the best option for washing.

Final Words

Riding the vintage or retro bikes is more fun with a half helmet. Of course, these headgear are not made for ultimate safety but, of course, for a strong fashion statement. You will love the feel of this iconic helmet type while riding on your Harley.

The freshness of the calm wind or the sound of the surrounding will mesmerize you when the two-wheeler makes its way over the highway. Do you want to experience it? I know you want it.

All of the five best rated half helmets I have picked are renowned for their superior quality, style, and durability. Pick one to enjoy all the fun and freedom of the road like Tom Cruise. He is one of the biggest fans of half helmet and vintage bikes.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.