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Best Helmet Camera

The Most In-Depth Review and Buying Guide

The day was bright; the roads were dry. And the sunset was incredible while Korey was passing the intersection. Alas! He can’t share it with his wife, Amy. However, the best helmet camera could have given him the freedom to share every great thing on the road.

Let’s look at a completely different scenario now.

Amy can still remember the last time she faced a hit and run scenario with the motorcycle. The driver just vanished after hitting her bike. If she had a helmet camera on the headgear, that insane driver couldn’t escape so easily.

You see, a camera on the helmet could make a big difference.

To make your every trip a memorable and safe one, I have rounded up the ten best helmet-mounted cameras on the market. I have only picked models with the best rating from the highest number of authentic users for technical superiority and user-friendliness.  

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Why is Helmet Camera Essential in Outdoor Activities?

Do you want to share the most challenging turns while skiing or the scenic ride in the Shenandoah National Park in the fall? Every sane person will say ‘yes.’ Sharing these spectacular moments is great fun for any outdoor activity lover. 

If you want to have this fun, mount a camera on the helmet. Now you can tell how much you care for your loved ones by sharing some of the most incredible moments of your life.     

Don’t ignore safety while riding a two-wheeler. A lot of crazy drivers and riders are out there on the road. Why should you ruin your fun for a hit-and-run or a rude driver? Having a helmet camera will be your extra insurance in any road situation.

1. GoPro HERO7 Waterproof Digital Action Camera

GoPro HERO7 Waterproof Digital Action Camera

This Hero 7 model of GoPro is specially designed for all outdoor activities in the harshest environment. If the price tag suites your wallet, there cannot be any other helmet camera that can beat it.

You can keep the hazy and shaky videos on the bay for good. The 4K resolution and 60-FPS frame rate will capture any trip or ride with the most stunning clarity and crispness.

Perhaps you are wondering about the shaky videos. The hyper smooth video stabilization will keep the camera steady even on the roughest terrain. If you are a Motocross fan, this feature will be like a blessing for you.

This is an integrated camera that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Now sharing the videos will be easier on any online platform. Besides, you can mount the camera on the helmet top, chest, chin, or strap. It works perfectly even on a selfie stick.

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When you are on the go, tweaking with the controls is a big hassle. But Hero 7 will set you free. Just say “GoPro start shooting” or “GoPro take a picture,” and the intelligent camera will do the rest.

Stun your loved ones with some brilliance in the photo and video with SuperPhoto mode. Noise cancellation, local tone mapping, or HDR mode will apply automatically with every video. How great is that?

2. Mengshen Motorcycle Helmet Action DVR Video Cam

 Mengshen Motorcycle Helmet Action DVR Video Cam

Do you love adaptability in life? Of course you do. It is the theme of success and advancement. Then you will love this super adaptive tube camera. The single mount option is never a limiting factor as the dynamic FPS compensates for it well.

Storing videos is easy with this camera. Because the resolution is 1080p. In no way the video quality is any lesser than a 4K video. Besides, the dynamic FPS adapts to the resolution and makes the captures crystal clear.

You can forget about recharging the camera frequently. It can capture some of the most stunning moments for up to 2.5-hours in a row.

The camera is robust enough to deal with any condition except rain. Yes, it is not waterproof. So you may have to give it a second thought before going in heavy rain.

3. Dragon Touch 4K Action Waterproof Camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Waterproof Camera

If any other camera in the review can compete for head to head with Hero 7 is the Dragon Touch. This feature-packed camera is durable enough to endure any rough condition, even under 100-feet of water.

You already know the resolution is 4K. There is no question about the clarity of the video. Besides, there will be no zooming issue with the 4X zoom. Dynamic FPS is another feature that will make you love the camera. It ranges from 30 to 60-FPS.

Diversity is the synonym of this integrated Wi-Fi camera. The mount may be on the helmet top, but the control will be on your wrist. Yes, it comes with a wireless wrist control that can work up to a 33-ft distance. This is also the range for the Wi-Fi signal.

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If you make a list of functions that you look for in the best helmet camera, Dragon Touch will have all of them. This camera comes with loop recording, image rotation, driving mode, underwater mode, slow motion, drama shot, and many more.        

One of the best things I like about this camera is the extra rechargeable 1050-mAh batteries. Recording longer videos are more comfortable with this extra power-pack.

The only drawback is the incompatibility with the iOS platform.

4. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Waterproof Camera

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Waterproof Camera

Ultra HD quality video, 4K resolution, 30-FPS frame rate, and waterproof capacity up to 100-feet depth are some of the most remarkable features of the camera. Stop searching for any if you are looking for a feature-packed camera at the most reasonable price.

You may find some other cameras at a lower price, but none of them has many features like the Akaso EK7000.

The clarity and crispness of the video are almost impossible due to the UltraHD 4K resolution. The 30-FPS frame rate allows you to capture videos even at 80-mph speed. Fascinating, huh?

2.4G wireless remote and two rechargeable 1050-mAh batteries keep your hands and mind free from any distractions. Each battery can power up for 90-minutes.

When it comes to sharing or connectivity, this helmet camera is almost comparable. Both Wi-Fi and HDMI offer all the freedom of sharing to any online platform or device. By the way, you can mount in 7-ways with the free accessories. So get ready for an all-out adventure. You can also use a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with this camera to communicate with your friends and family instantly.

5. Campark 4K 20MP Action Remote Control Camera 

Campark 4K 20MP Action Remote Control Camera
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The best thing about this integrated camera is the slot for an additional microphone. Capturing adventures and live streaming will be convenient with one single camera, Campark Action 4K.

The 4K resolution with 30-FPS is enough to record the fascinating outdoor videos. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) will keep the videos and images steady even on the most formidable turn or twist.

Focus on your action, not on any function of the camera. Then how can you control it? Right? Use the 2.4G wireless wrist remote to control all the functions. Controlling the camera functions from the App is also easy. All it needs is to turn the Wi-Fi on.

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I can go on and on with the great features of the camera. However, I will wrap up with two essential things. One is the waterproof case that makes recording any underwater sports super convenient. Lastly, two rechargeable batteries will give you the freedom to work longer with the camera.

6. AKASO V50X Native 4K30fps WiFi Action Camera

AKASO V50X Native 4K30fps WiFi Action Camera

The 4K resolution and 20-MP image sensor make it one of the best helmet cameras on the market.

It may not be that feature-packed like Hero 7 or Dragon Pack. But don’t think it is any inferior to any. Diverse image angle, electronic image stabilization, and HDMI connectivity are adequate for its higher satisfaction rating. 

The FPS rate is limited to 30. But it works perfectly with the Panasonic image sensor. Whether you are rolling over snow or wavy roads, the video clarity will be stunning. Nothing can destabilize the image because of the 6-axis gyroscope digital image stabilizer. Get going with any move, tilt, or shake.

Connect the camera with a smartphone, laptop, or even smart TV. Both Wi-Fi and HDMI will give you all the freedom of connectivity.  Similarly, two 1100-mAh rechargeable batteries will offer you to go for a long hike or ride on the bike.

Don’t forget to wrap the wireless wrist control. It’s time for hassle-free capturing.

7. Crosstour Sports 4K 20MP WiFi Vlogging Camera

Crosstour Sports 4K 20MP WiFi Vlogging Camera

Either on a bright snowy day or up to 131-feet underwater, this UltraHD high-resolution camera will capture your every adventure. Forget about any hazy or shaky videos. Selecting and operating multi-function is so easy on Crosstour that sometimes you may forget here is something attached to your helmet.

One of the most noticeable things about this camera is the flat lens. And flatter the lens, wider the angle. You can record 170-degree, and there will be no image distortion. Wondering why? The Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) will take care of it. How cool is that?

Dynamic FPS rate is another feature that makes it one of the best helmet cameras in the review. Switch between 30 to 60-FPS, and the videos will still be the same. At least 8-mounting options make it one of the most versatile on the list. Besides, you can also choose from 4 shooting modes (Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Self-Timer, and Burst).

Control of this multifunctional camera is a child’s play with wireless control. Now connect with any device through Wi-Fi and share the most memorable mountains in any social media directly from the camera.

8. REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Camera

REMALI CaptureCam 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Camera

Yes, it is the same Ultra HD and 4K with a 12MP image processor. Then how is this camera different from the others? Well, it comes with 3 Rechargeable BATTERIES. Now capturing any adventure will be for a long time with more fun.

Capturing anything under 30-feet of water is cool with the camera. But if you want to dive deep, no worries, use the waterproof casing and go up to 100-feet. Now, this is called deep divining.

Sharing images or videos is super easy with the Wi-Fi connection. Wait, there is more. You can install the App on both Android and iOS devices. Social media is waiting to see some killer skiing moves or deep dive from you. Go and give them.

The best thing I love about the camera is tons of free accessories in a shock-proof carrying case. Grab the case and jump into any adventure to make some history.

One thing that may bother you is the 60-minutes battery life. 

9. Drift Ghost XL & Ghost External Microphone

Drift Ghost XL & Ghost External Microphone

Among several unique features of the camera, I found two most stunning. First, the 300-degree rotation of the lens, and second is the 5-hours battery life. Going for the longest ride or excursion is not an issue. Besides, you can mount on anywhere.

This is the best camera, in the user’s opinion, for a side mount. If you are a motocross fan and prefer a full-face helmet, don’t even think of skipping the review. Either on the helmet top or the side, the camera will fit perfectly. Just rotate the lens according to the mount and get the crystal clear video.

Another feature you will love about the camera is the Clone Mode. Sync with up to 10 Ghost cameras and capture simultaneously. Change settings in one and the whole group will get the same automatically. Now, this is called a 10D recording!

10. YELIN 1080P Waterproof Sport Camera

YELIN 1080P Waterproof Sport Camera

It always feels gloomy to end something good. I was excited to talk about some of the best cameras for helmets with you. It’s time to wrap up and let me introduce the Yelin action camera. There is no other model in the market that is so well equipped for basic video and photo capture.

The most noticeable feature of the camera is the 120-degree wide lens angle. Any pro-level videographer will just love it. The 5MP image processor processes the most crisp video in Single, Burst, and Time Lapse mode.

A total of 6-hours battery life from the two rechargeable battery packs is enough to frame some of the best surfing or hiking moments. Don’t worry about carrying the camera anywhere. It is so tiny and feature-packed that you will simply love it.

Insert a 32 GB SD card, and you are good to go on any adventure.

Which Motorcycle Helmet Camera is Best?

Countless options create Confusion. Don’t you think so?

You already know everything about some of the best helmet cameras on the market. So there may be some confusion on which one to pick. But, if you think carefully, there is no option for any confusion.

Wondering why? Because every helmet camera is this review is unique and serves a particular purpose.

If GoPro Hero 7 goes perfectly with a motorcycle helmet then Akaso EK7000 is super suitable for a tight budget. Thus, it will not be an easy task to declare one single helmet camera as the best. It depends on your preference and budget.

Only you can decide which model is BEST FOR YOU.

Buying Guide for the Best Helmet Camera


Resolution is all about the clarity and crispness of the image. Higher resolution settings ensure better video quality. However, it comes with a higher price tag.

Currently, 4K is the highest resolution rating for a camera. You will get extremely sharp images and impressive image quality from it. These videos will take up more space than any regular or low-resolution videos.

The 1080p cameras now fall in the standard resolution category. They may not give you crispier videos like a 4K camera; however, you can store longer footage in limited storage. If you are planning for longer trips, 1080p helmet cameras will be more convenient.


FPS or frame per second is related to the smoothness of the video. A high FPS camera will give a smooth video experience even with slow-motion videos. Like any high-resolution camera, high FPS cameras will cost more like a slower version.

Right now, 30-FPS is the standard setting for any camera. Anything below it will save some storage space and your savings. But you may have to compromise with the video quality.   


A high-performance camera will make any post-outdoor video-sharing session the most exciting part of the trip. Such a fun-filled time can turn into moments of embarrassment if the videos are shaky or all the wind and road sounds are there.

In the last few years, imaging technology has seen a non-linear trend in development. The improvement was so rapid that a best-seller today becomes obsolete in the next few months. Therefore, it is challenging to set up a standard for performance.

But some basic features make a difference while you are recording for fun or safety. Features like

  • Image Stability
  • Noise Cancellation
  • All-Weather Compatibility
  • High-Speed Recording
  • Auto-Focusing
  • Face Recognition

There may be a lot more features in the new-arrival versions. But make sure your helmet camera has the following features for the best functions with efficiency. Anything more than these will surely give you more high-quality videos.


Mounting is one of the most critical factors for a high-quality video. How will it feel when you find your 4K camera slides down, and the entire video footage is off-center? Frustrating, huh?

So, it is essential to choose the appropriate mounting that goes best with your helmet.

A helmet mount with strap, adhesive, or suction is the best option for a front or rear-facing camera. These mounts ensure centered focusing, so there is no hassle of checking the field of view frequently.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is whether the mount is in place or not. All the camera mounts in this review are equipped with industry-grade suction and straps. You can strap on and forget about it.

If you use a full-face helmet and prefer an off-center angle, a side mount is your thing. Some pro-level outdoor professionals found it more user-friendly than any front or rear-facing mount. They say it gives them more control over the view and direction. Do you think the same?

Lastly, the chin mount is for more aerodynamic activities. Any high-speed recording that faces tremendous wind pressure works best in a chin-mounted camera.  

The BEST GoPro Helmet Mount Setup Guide (for EVERY Helmet)


The sole purpose of the helmet is to protect your head from any impact. Think about what will happen to a camera in the same situation? Unless the camera is durable enough, that trip will be your last one with that camera.

All the cameras in the review are made with industry-grade, impact-resistant plastic. They can endure some of the most severe impacts before showing any sign of damage.

The interior arrangement of any modern-day helmet camera makes it waterproof and wind-resistant. So no matter how humus or wet the conditions are, your camera will be safe.

There is another way to enhance durability. Choose a helmet camera with a protective housing. These housings are made with polycarbonate ABS plastic. It will protect your favorite camera from any impact, rain, or snow.

Field of View (FOV)

How wide the camera can see is the FOV of the camera. The FOV range of modern cameras is typically between 90 and 170-degree. Obviously, the 170-degree angle camera will record a wider view than the 90-degree one.

Now the question is, which angle to choose.

When you see a beautiful sunrise on the beach or fall color over the mountain, what you want to capture. ALL! Isn’t it? That time you will look for a camera with a broader angle. So, for outdoor activities wider FOV is better for both fun and picture quality.

Wider angle videos will be relatively bigger than any narrow-angle video. Be prepared to keep more extensive storage handy.  

Here is a personal note to share. Don’t go for too wide an angle like 170-degree. Some of the lenses may make the video distorted, and you will end up seeing the fish-eye effect. Anything between 100 and 140-degree will work perfectly in any outdoor environment.

Battery Life

The typical battery life of any helmet camera is between 1 to 2-hours. I would recommend getting the highest battery life. And for safety, you can have an extra battery pack, which is available from the original manufacturers of the camera.

Yes, there are some low-priced versions of the battery. Get ready to replace the battery after 30-minutes if you choose one of them.

Connectivity Options

Some of the helmet camera models are integrated. They come with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features. These features are highly effective when you have a storage issue. Each time you feel the internal storage is about to run out of space, connect with any trusted device, and transfer the file.

Now you are all set for another session of adventure.

These connectivity options make things easy for sharing. If you can connect the camera with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, sharing on Facebook or Instagram will be like a breeze.


Helmet cameras are small devices. Obviously, the internal storage capacity won’t be that high. It will be better to buy cameras either with an additional SD card or a slot for an external SD card.

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Before the next trip to the ski resort or bike ride, just insert a considerable-size SD card, and you are all set for a long video.

Another personal note (Seems like these notes are growing big)! Too big SD cards may slow down the camera function a bit. I have tried with a 16-GB card with Akaso V50, and it worked great.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Helmet Camera?

As I said before, only you can tell which camera is best for you. But, there are people out there who have used these cameras in the review. When I rounded up the satisfaction ratings, the list comes like the following.

  • GoPro Hero 7: Best Overall Camera
  • Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera: Best For Tough Terrains
  • Akaso V50 Pro Native: Best Camera for All Weather
  • Mengshen: Best Tube Camera for Motorcycle Helmet
  • REMALI Capture Cam 4K Ultra HD: Best Camera for Superior Video Quality
  • Drift Ghost XL Waterproof Action Camera: Best for Side Mount
  • Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera: Best Helmet Camera for Rough Sports
  • Akaso EK7000 4K Camera: Best Headgear Camera on Budget
  • Crosstour 4K Sports Action Camera: Best Camera on Any Mount
  • Yelin 1080P Waterproof Camera: Best For Low-Resolution Video

Can I Have a Camera on My Helmet?

Of Course, you can. Everything is about cameras that can be used on helmets. Whether it is a motorcycle, bicycle, or outdoor sports helmet, you can have a camera on all.

Different helmets are designed differently to serve various purposes. So you may have to look for a suitable camera that goes with your helmet.

But there is Good News. Due to the rising popularity of helmet cameras, every helmet manufacturer keeps camera mounting options on their products. So, yes, you can have a camera on your helmet. 

Where Do You Put Your Camera on Your Helmet?

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Now comes the next important question. Where can you put the camera? Well, there are at least 3 mounting options for you.

  • Top Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Chin Mount

The top mount is ideal for a front or rear-facing camera with a central angle. You can use a strap, adhesive, or suction cup to mount the camera on the helmet top. But in case of heavy wind, you may face some problems.

Side mounts are perfect for a full-face helmet. It is preferred by pro-level bikers who love more control over the view angle. It is also safe if you face heavy wind or jerking.

Chin mounts are for high-speed sports where string wind will indeed dislodge the top or side mount camera.

Is Helmet Camera Legal?

There is a grey area in the law about using motorcycle helmets. But according to the standard set by the DOT in 49 C.F.R. Sec. 571.218, there is no restriction on attaching an exotic component to the helmet. As long as the attachment is not doing any permanent structural modification, you are good.

Based on the standard and guidelines, it is affirmative that using a camera on the helmet is in no way illegal. However, if you have any confusion, call the local DMV office or check with the local Cops.  

Final Verdict

Gone are those days when it was not possible to share the most astonishing sunset on your way. Or a nice day ruined by a nonsense rider who is both rude and unreasonable. You can pick the best helmet camera and record everything great or grim.

Capturing the fun or ensuring your claim in any accident will be convenient with these modern capturing devices. So don’t wait for the next skiing trip or for someone to hit your favorite bike.

Pick the best one from the review. It will make you feel relaxed, safe, and of course, great to share some great moments with family and friends.

Don’t forget to share some of those incredible moments with us.  Amy and Korey already did that.

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Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.