Shoei RF 1200 Review To Explore The New Innovation

Shoei RF 1200

Shoei RF 1200 Review: Your Favorite Motorcycle Helmet

Does the word “Shoei” sound Japanese?

You are spot on. Yes, it is. Shoei means “the duration of dynasties” which represents both evolution and improvisation. The same goes for the Shoei RF 1200 helmets. Since 1959, the company has shown some of the most remarkable innovations and improvisation in Helmet technologies.

This Shoei RF 1200 Review focuses on one of the best full face helmets made by the helmet manufacturers company. Yes, the updated Shoei RF 1400 is already in the market but bikers who prefer a delicate blend of comfort and safety, still prefer the RF 1200.

Are you one of them? Then you shouldn’t miss this Shoei RF 1200 helmet review.

Why Are Shoei Helmets Better?

The motto of Shoei is “continuous perfection for the perfection in evolution.” Each time a new model rolls out it creates tension among the bikers. However, when the storm is settled down, the outcome is always satisfactory.

Shoei ensure

  • The maximum safety through the helmet shell design
  • Superior ventilation and Noise Suppression
  • Proper eye protection by the shield system
  • Ultimate comfort by the Interior and Liner system

It is not rocket science anymore to understand why people still prefer the Shoei helmets despite being a bit pricey. It’s the quality and comfort that matters the most.  

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Shoei RF 1200 Review: Features and Functions

Shoei RF 1200 Review

Shell Construction

Shoei has introduced a new generation shell design called Multi-Ply Matrix AIM and AIM+. This is a combination of interwoven fiberglass layers with organic fiber and raisins. It works as a composite armor that can absorb a major impact during a crash.

Shell Construction

Shoei has introduced a new generation shell design called Multi-Ply Matrix AIM and AIM+. This is a combination of interwoven fiberglass layers with organic fiber and raisins. It works as a composite armor that can absorb a major impact during a crash.

Shoei RF 1200 helmet Shell Construction
Image Courtesy:
Shoei RF 1200 helmet Shell Construction
Image Courtesy:

The AIM and AIM+ shell are highly durable. However, you won’t feel its weight while wearing the motorcycle helmet. You can feel the elasticity of the materials due to their composite nature.   

Shoei RF 1200

Design and Graphics

RF 1200 helmet comes in four sizes from XS to XXL. The Intermediate Oval shaped helmet fits on almost any regular shaped head. However, if you have a round or elongated shape, fitting can be a challenge.

You can choose from 29 different solid color graphics of the helmet. Each of them is unique and goes perfectly with a different persona. No matter how long the ride is, you won’t feel the 3.5-lbs weight of the lightweight helmet.


Shoei RF 1200 helmet inner liner
Image Courtesy:

One of the best safety features of this Shoei helmet is the Dual Layer, Multi-Density EPS Liner. The varying density of the EPS foam improves the impact absorption capacity. 

Moreover, the varying density of the foam on different parts of the helmet allows unrestricted airflow to keep the cool inside. This free airflow enhances the ventilation system.

Shoei RF 1200 helmet black

Interior System

You will love the 3D Max-Dry interior system of the RF 1200 for three reasons. It is Fully

  • Removable
  • Washable
  • Replaceable, and
  • Adjustable
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What else can you ask from an interior system? Well, there is more. The max dry system dissipates and absorbs sweat 2-times more than any conventional system. Lastly, the 3-D shape adjusts with the rider’s head contour with ease.

CWR 1 Shield and Base Plate

Combination of the CWR 1 Shield and OR-E base plate system makes the use and replacement of the shield as easy as a breeze.

The CWR 1 is made with a 3D injection-molding system that ensures a distortion-free view and a full field of vision. Ribs on the top and bottom of the shield are there for rigidity and flexibility. Along with 99% protection from harmful UV rays, the shield also prevents fogging through Pinlock EVO fog-resistant systems.

Changing the shield is easy with the QR-E Base Plate system. Whether it is windy or raining, no wind or rain will get in due to the patented spring-loaded technology. You can fine-tune the shield in five stages with the five stage rotating dial.

Air Vents and Ventilation System

The RF 1200 has been tested rigorously in wind tunnels for years. And the end product is the combination of 6-frontal vents and 4-rear vents on the helmet. The 3 upper vents are for optimum air flow whereas the lower 3 chin vent is adjustable even with gloves.

Four upper exhaust vents on the rear offer improved negative pressure suction. The interior system aids the ventilation for cool-air intake and hot-air expulsion effortlessly.

Noise Level Control

The top 3 air vents may improve the airflow but it enhances the noise level inside the helmet. Even the EPS liner cannot balance the noise level.

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Just tilt your head forward to divert the wind pressure from the vents. You will face the noise issue on a regular bike and riding style. However, it is not an issue with a sports bike.          

Chin Strap

No matter how strong the shell or how flexible the shield is, the helmet won’t be in place without a firm chin strap. The Shoei RF 1200 has a chain strap with optimum tensile strength and extensibility.

The strap is firmly attached to the shell by metal rivets. So, the high-quality helmet will be firmly in place no matter how rough the ride is.

Is Shoei RF 1200 Helmet Worth the Money?

Initially, the helmet seems pricey but every dollar is worth the investment. The RF 1200 is packed with some of the most updated technologies. From woven shell to multi-density inner, every component ensures the most comfortable and safe riding experience for any biker.

Are you still hesitant about the high price tag? Just go over the comparison between the Shoei RF 1200 and RF 1400. And you will realize how convenient the models are.

Shoei RF 1200 vs. Shoei RF 1400 Helmet

Feature Shoei RF 1200 Shoei RF 1400
Shell Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell with Integrated Spoiler
Shield CWR 1 Face Shield CWR-F2
Ventilation 3 Upper and 3 Lower Front + 4 Rear Vents 4 Upper and 2 Lower Chin Vent + 4 Rear Vents
Advanced Noise Reduction No Yes
Pinlock® EVO Anti Fog System Yes Yes
Base Plate System QR-E CWR F-2
Liner Dual Layer, Dual Density EPS Dual Layer, Multi Density EPS
Cheek Pad Single Layer Multi-Layer
Emergency Quick Release System (E Q R S) Yes Yes
Drag Reduction Regular 4% Less
Certification SNELL & DOT SNELL & DOT

Bottom Line

I have included all the remarkable helmet features in this Shoei RF 1200 helmet review. Now it will be a super easy task for you to get one of the designs from the 29 color schemes variation.


I can assure you one thing that your next ride with the RF series 1200 will be a memorable and joyous one.

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