Wait And Know How To Wear A Bike Helmet Properly?

How To Wear A Bike Helmet Properly?

How To Wear A Bike Helmet Properly? – The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

As the element of protecting you from several dangers, a helmet is a holy grail for every biker. Not only for the protection from injuries but also for the safety of lots more crises, a helmet can save your life. Recent data shows that motorcyclists are at 28 times more life risk than passenger car occupants. A helmet can make the difference between life and death. But if it is not worn properly it will be useless. So, all you have to know is how to wear a bike helmet properly and choose the most comfortable full face helmet.

There are several reasons to call it a holy grail. To know more about this life-saver, take a look at the process of wearing a helmet and the other stuff that you need to know.

What is the proper way to wear a helmet?

If you have decided to wear a helmet before riding a bike, we must say, you did a good thing. The reason is, wearing a helmet is compulsory for better protection.

But not all people know the right way to wear that. The first thing you should know is to measure the size of your head. You are the one who is going to wear it and that’s why you must know what kind of size you need.

And once you have got the perfect size of your helmet, now you should place it firmly on your head. That’s the thing you all know.

After placing it, secure it well. Make sure two fingers can fit between your chin and the strap. All you need to do is to check the fitting. 

Keep it on for a few minutes to check if it’s comfortable or not. That’s how you should wear your helmet.

How tight should the bike helmet be?

The bike helmet should not be too tight or too loose. It should be well-fitted. The reason is, if the fitting of the helmet is too tight, then it may create pressure to some points of your head. And that isn’t a good thing for your health.

Further, a helmet must be comfortable to wear. You should feel comfortable when you ride your bike. So, that’s why it should be a little loose with good fitting.

Also, make sure you can put this on and take this off without having any trouble. There are adjustable straps that you use for getting the perfect fit you want.

What do you wear under your bike helmet?

To get full protection as well as comfort, you need to wear something under your helmet. You can use helmet padding for extra comfort. Make sure you wash it often if it’s removable. It keeps the pads germ-free and hygienic.

But if you find washing it often difficult, then using a balaclava will be a better option. Also, if you share your helmet with some of your other riding partners, then it will be also a good option to use a balaclava for your hygiene.

Besides, if you have long hair, then balaclava will minimize your trouble of managing your hair. So, it will also be a good option for females or any other person with long hair.

Further, there is also some Shoei Buff stuff that would do a great job to give you much comfort. It has a ventilator facility in the cap that helps to cool down the temperature and minimize sweating. So, these are the things you can use under your helmet for extra protection. 

How do you know if your bike helmet is too small?

There are several ways to know if your helmet is too small for the size of your head. Having the proper size is important. The helmet should not be extra-large or extra small.

Also, for better protection and fitting, you should buy the proper size. But if you feel there are gaps at the top of it, then you should consider it as a small one for your head size. You have to feel the helmet all around your head.

But if it slips or moves after wearing, then it’s not the right size you have. In that case, try tilting the helmet forwards and backwards. And if you see it slips or moves, then it is the wrong size that you have.

And when you see it’s difficult for you to put on and take off your helmet, then you should consider it as a small size for your head.

What should a perfect helmet be?

If you want to know what a perfect helmet should be, then you have to know all about the proper quality, fitting, and all of those things.

First of all, a helmet should be in the proper size. We have already talked about how you should know the measurement of your head and then pick the suitable one that fits you.

There should be no pressure points created on your head, especially on your forehead. But it also should not be loose in there.

As it is a full-face helmet, the movement of your helmet should be proper for your cheeks. It should be attached well and remain in contact with the cheek pads so that you can get comfortable.

To check it properly, put on the helmet and try rotating it side to side. It should stay on your head perfectly. Moreover, check the straps and make sure it makes everything secure. Also, check if it’s well-fitted or not by applying upward pressure on it. And that’s the kind of helmet you can consider as an ideal one.

Benefits of wearing a bike helmet

No doubt a helmet saves you from several dangers. The most important thing is that it protects you while riding a bike.

To give you a specific idea of how to wear a bike helmet properly and what the benefits of it are, let’s dive into the detailed description of it.

Protect you from body damage

We all know that wearing a helmet can protect your body, especially your head from dangerous injuries. And the head is a sensitive part of all. So, having good protection for it while riding a bike is compulsory. 

Complete visibility

You might notice, there is no single road for motorbikes. That’s why if you ride a bike in public, you need to ride it with other types of vehicles too. Drivers with bigger vehicles might not notice a small biker on the road.

But if you wear a helmet, it becomes easier to get attention because of the large head section that the helmet creates.

Not only that, if a biker has long hair then it will be easier to manage them by wearing a helmet. And that also helps to protect the rider.

Deceased medical bills

First of all, a helmet protects you from getting injured or hurt. It can also save you from a severe accident. That’s how you can save your life and save your medical bills too.

Further, those who don’t have bike insurance don’t wear a helmet. That’s why if there is an accident, then they have to pay a higher amount of money in the hospital. 

Weather protection

When you ride a bike, you might feel how the wind irritates your eyes. But wearing a helmet can save your eyes from wind and dust too.

Also, it saves you from a cold that catches within a few minutes if you ride a bike during winter. Just like that, it protects from rain, dust, and so on. The helmet keeps your ear warm, that’s all you need for weather protection.

Things to know while wearing a helmet

Several things that you should know. It is more important because it’s about your protection. You cannot compromise your safety.

And to ensure that, you have to gain much knowledge about the right ways to pick the correct helmet. Check the details to know more.

Correct size

The first and most important thing you have to be careful of is getting the perfect size of your helmet. Well, it depends on the size of your head. And according to that, you should pick your helmet by trying the sizes out. Remember, if the size is perfect, the ride will also be perfect. 


No matter what type of helmet you buy. But make sure it gives you much comfort. Most of the helmets have a cushion comfort layer. So, before buying any helmet, make sure this element is included.

The material, shape, weight, and design should also be accurate. That’s how you can get much comfort that you should be careful of while using a helmet.

Perfect fit

Another important thing to consider is the perfect fitting. You have to get a proper size so that it can fit perfectly.

And that’s the other thing you should be careful of before riding your bike. It is because an unfitted helmet cannot give you the comfort you need and you cannot ride your bike properly. That might hamper your protection.

Chin straps

Straps under the chin are attached to the helmet. And the purpose of it is to customize the fitting. Besides, it helps to attach the helmet to your head well to give good protection. So, make sure you use it well before you start riding.

Final verdict

To conclude, the absolute thing that matters more is your safety. And to take care of that, you need to know all about helmets and the necessity of wearing them.

We hope that you liked and got much knowledge about the facts of how to wear a bike helmet properly.

Let us know if you get any benefit by reading our article on this and sharing your thoughts with us!

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Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.