What Are the Benefits of a Modular Helmet? [Know Details About]

There are various types of helmets available for motorcycle riders to protect their heads in case of accidents. Some countries have a law that enforces the use of these helmets, while others don’t. The Modular helmet is among the six types of helmets that protect the top, side, front, and back of the ride’s head.

So, what are the benefits of a Modular Helmet? Some of these helmets have special features that give the rider complete head and face protection with the same comfort as the open face ones. If you’re someone who’s looking for the best helmet with complete control on it, you should go for a full face modular helmet. Let’s find the answer and other details about this helmet below.

What is a Modular Motorcycle Helmet?

A modular helmet is a convertible helmet that combines the best features of both the open face and full-face helmets. It’s also called flip-up helmets because you can pop up or open the front to either take some air or drink. This feature is what many riders enjoy the most, especially when they are riding in hot weather. The modular helmet takes the shape of a full-face helmet when you lower or lock the chin.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

More so, it has a hinge system that enables the chin bar to flip up easily with at the touch of a button. Making it look similar to an open face. Most modular helmets have built-in visors that provide more comfort to the rider on the open road. A visor is a surface that protects the eyes, shading them from sun rays or other bright light. It also helps to shield the eyes from other flying particles or objects.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Modular Helmet?

Are you looking for the best helmet for your ride? Are you contemplating going for the modular helmet and asking what are the benefits of a modular helmet are, then this section is for you? We will be looking at the numerous benefits associated with the modular helmet below to help you make your decision.

What are the Benefits of A Modular Helmet

1. User Friendly

You can easily put on or take off the modular helmet with the chin raised than other similar helmet types. Many modular helmets come with a micrometer closure system which makes it’s easier for the rider to take it on or off.

2. Practical For Daily Use

Modular helmet is more convenient for daily usage, which is practically why it’s popular. You don’t need to take it off when entering petrol stations, shops or restaurants. You can still have a chat and have some drinks with it. Having the modular helmet always on your head makes your hands freer and prevents the possibility of it falling off.

3. Comfort

Modular helmets are known for the comfort they provide. They are soft padded and are usually touring helmets. They have easy-to-operate air inlets, and many models have sun visors integrated into them. Other advanced models even allow for the integration of an intercom inside the shell of the helmet. This means that you can enjoy the connection of your phone without the need to remove your helmet.

4. Safety

Preventing head and brain injury is the basic objective of any motorcycle helmet. A modular helmet gives more protection than the open face or half helmet when the chin bar is lowered. It gives similar protection and safety with the full-face helmet at this state, covering the head top, back, and front. Modular suits riders who won’t give up the freedom from a half helmet and the safety of a full-face helmet.

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Are Modular Motorcycle Helmets Safe?

The modular motorcycle helmet gives full-face protection. But most of its safety-related concerns have to do with the chin bar. The chin bar is adjustable hence not unified with the rest of the helmet, unlike in a full-face helmet. Hence, it won’t be as strong as the full-face helmet and may disengage itself during an accident. The helmet will expose the rider’s face to injury if this happens, which is a major shortfall.

Modular Motorcycle Helmets Safe

This is why they don’t recommend the helmet for racing, but it better serves delivery riders. The concern now narrows down to how strong the chin bar locking system of a modular motorcycle helmet is. Although the incident where the modular chin bar disengaged on collision is uncommon, it hasn’t been reported widely. But it’s something you need to be aware of while choosing a modular motorcycle helmet.

This will help you reduce the possibility of it happening. Also, ensure you buy your modular helmet from a well-recognized manufacturer with a good safety track record. Aside from the chin bar issue, one can say that the modular motorcycle helmet is safe. There are lots of this helmet that meets various helmet testing standards.

These standards include the DOT, Snell Foundation, and the ECE. However, the modular motorcycle has been approved by the DOT and the ECE. In addition, the ECE has recently raised its standard for testing modular helmets. This will make ECE- approved modular helmets more reliable.

Moreover, people consider the Snell Foundation standard as the most rigorous motorcycle helmet safety standard. But they don’t certify the modular helmet currently. The reason is that Snell classifies all chin bar helmets as full face. Hence, it will be difficult for a modular motorcycle helmet to meet the standard designed solely for a full-face helmet.

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What are the benefits of a modular helmet is the right question that any intending user who wants maximum security while riding may ask. As stated in the article, the modular helmets combine the best features of the half helmet and that of the full-face helmet. It offers balanced safety protection of the head front, sides, and back with an adjustable chin bar for comfort. They are safe if the chin bar locking system is strong and based on your riding conditions.

However, the modular motorcycle helmets are yet to meet the rigorous top-notch certifying conditions of the Snell Foundation. But there are lots of these helmets that meet the DOT and ECE standards, making them reliable for most users. Always go for such certified modular helmets as they help to guarantee their safety. Remember to take care of your helmet as routine care will make it retain its safety and last longer.

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