Best Supermoto Helmet for Race

It’s hard to believe how dozens of helmets out there are roaming with the tag of best supermoto helmet. But how can we possibly let you get one of those and leave you to regret it later? Hell no!

We’ve tested a lot of Supermoto helmets, and it turns out that these helmets are nothing but combinations of weaker shells, poor design, low ventilation, and we can keep going with that list.

Later we decided to hunt down the finest Supermoto helmets, and finally, we’ve got our hands on 10 of them.

They’re simply headwears with solid shell construction, superb design, amazing ventilation, greater comfort, and much more. We bet once you see them, it’ll be tough for you to keep your hands off of them. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s meet them right away.


10 Best Supermoto Helmet Reviews

Image Product Name Price on Amazon
ONeal-0817-504-Sierra-II O’Neal 0817-504 Sierra II Check The Latest Price
1Storm-Off-Road-Full-Face-H 1Storm Off-Road Full Face Helmet Check The Latest Price
Bell-Off-Road-Helmet Bell Off-Road Helmet Check The Latest Price

We don’t believe in making you wait, not anymore. Here are the top supermoto helmets we’ve promised you –

1. O’Neal 0817-504 Sierra II

O’Neal 0817-504 Sierra II

The days are long gone when riders used to think about putting something on the head just to keep it safe. But now, they want both safety and style on the same page. Guess what? This is what the 0817-504 Sierra II helmet from O’Neal is all about.

Its ABS construction shell might feel a bit too light, but when it comes to safety or comfort, it rocks on both parts. On the build quality, there was a solid vibe of durability, and it wasn’t a ‘let down’ after going through some rough rides.

The inner is totally comfortable and doesn’t give a wet feeling from moisture or sweat. Thanks to its moisture-wicking feature for pulling that off.

But what we liked the most is the liner that you can remove and wash any time you want. And in case you’re thinking about the air circulation, we’ve noticed no shortage of that due to its sufficient vent holes. But the problem is you can’t control them, even if you’re running in cold weather.

To save you from the hard-hitting wind and flying debris, it’s got a regular visor backed by a secondary sun visor. The helmet also has a chin strap that comes with a double safety lock. Thankfully, the strap is padded. So, you won’t be feeling any discomfort there, at least.

It’s hard to believe a supermoto helmet is safe enough unless it meets some kind of safety standards. This one didn’t disappoint us there as it has met both ECE 22.05 and DOT safety standards.

For any kind of size, the helmet comes in different sizes like X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. On the other hand, there’s variation in color also where the helmet has been beautified with multi-colored graphics on its matte finish.


  • ABS construction shell has given it the required durability for rougher rides
  • Meeting ECE 22.05 and DOT safety standards make it a safer helmet
  • Moisture-wicking feature sucks in all the unwanted moisture while riding
  • Multiple air vents maintain air circulation to keep it cool inside
  • Wider variety in sizes allows the rider of different head sizes to put it on


  • The ventilation system can’t be controlled to make the interior warmer


After looking at the features and the price, it’s quite clear that O’Neal 0817-504 Sierra II can simply be one of the best deals for you out there.

2. 1Storm Off-Road Full Face Helmet

1Storm Off-Road Full Face Helmet

What are the first three basic things you ask from the Supermoto helmets? If they’re protection, performance, and comfort, then the Off-Road Full Face Helmet from 1Storm is worth counting on.

On the shell construction, the makers have tried their best to turn it into a durable helmet and succeeded. After all, the material they’ve used is a thermoplastic alloy which most of us know as ABS. Like a cherry on top, this material has also made the helmet quite lightweight.

If you look at the design, it’s greatly aerodynamic and won’t work as a wind blocker while speeding up by reducing drag pressure. But we’d say when you’re at top speed, don’t turn your head as it’ll catch wind this way.

There are a total of five variations in the finish. It’s up to you whether you like the matte finish or the glossy one. By the way, all these finishes are protected from UV radiation. So, they won’t be fading away any sooner for sure.

To save you from any kind of impact, the makers have used multiple-density EPS lining in the inner. Like hitting two birds with one stone, it can also lower the noise level when you’re on the run. And in case the inner gets dirty a bit, you’re free to remove the pads and lining to give them a wash anytime.

The helmet has a decent ventilation system that contains eleven vents openings. Clearly, you won’t be running out of coolness in there. This feature also helps with keeping the inner dry.

Like the finest super motard helmets out there, it also has a dual visor where one of them is clear, and the other one is tinted. This means, even if you’re rolling under the hot sun, nothing will hurt your eyes, not even ultraviolet radiation. And yes, it meets the Department of Standard or DOT safety standards.


  • ABS construction shell is hard enough to take in major impacts
  • Safe enough to meet Department of Standards or DOT safety standards
  • UV-protected finish refuses to fade over the time
  • Multiple-density EPS lining delivers both comfort and safety
  • Superb ventilation system keeps the inner dry and cool at the same time


  • Visor’s plastic fasteners have scope for improvement on durability


1Storm Off-Road Full Face Helmet is all about protection, performance, and comfort. If you’re looking for these in the first place, this motard helmet is a piece worth grabbing.

3. Bell Off-Road Helmet

Bell Off-Road Helmet

Quality, strength, and safety – put these three things together in a helmet, and you might start seeing something like the Off-Road Helmet from Bell in there.

Its shell has come out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which you and we know as ABS. This material is too good for making a helmet construction light but strong. So, if you’re planning to invest in a sturdy helmet, count this one in.

That’s not all; to make sure that you have safer riding, the helmet got an impressive impact management system called MIPS. Now, you can expect minimal damage even if you face a crash.

One of the interesting things about this Bell supermoto helmet is, you can have one with and without a shield, both. In case you’re habituated to using goggles, you’re free to try them with this helmet.

But will you be getting any variation in the color? Well, the answer is Yes and not one or two but 34 different colors. Even on the size, we didn’t see any shortage of options as it comes in all from XS to XXXL.

The helmet doesn’t weigh more than 3.5 pounds. With this kind of weight, the rider gets the scope to focus more on the track rather than the burden on the head.

Its flying-bridge visor is fully adjustable. So, if you feel like it’s too high or low for you, just fix it as per your need, as that’s not a hard nut to crack. Besides, the visor has air intake vents. This means you’ll actually get a visor, not a wind catcher.


  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene made shell is good at ensuring durability
  • Manages impacts perfectly due to being equipped with MIPS
  • The lighter weight makes the helmet easy to carry on the head
  • Huge color variations allow the riders to have their preferred one
  • Flying-bridge visor is totally adjustable and supports aerodynamics


  • Rear and cheek vents can’t be closed to stop ventilation


Except for the non-adjustable ventilation, we don’t see anything to complain about the Bell Off-Road Helmet. Clearly, that has proven it worthy enough to be your next helmet. 

4. O’Neal Off-Road Style 2SERIES Helmet

O’Neal Off-Road Style 2SERIES Helmet

For team O’Neal, bringing in lucrative helmets with beautiful designs is nothing new. Continuing that, they’ve come up again with another creation, and that’s the Off-road Style 2SERIES Helmet

The helmet comes with an ABS-constructed shell. With this kind of material, it’s hard to expect any crack, even after a major bump. But there’s another amazing aspect of this material; it makes the helmet lightweight, and no exception to that took place in the case of this helmet too.

To keep your head safer, the helmet got Ultra-plush padded liners which are super comfortable. And if after a long ride they get dirty, you can just take them out and wash them up.

One thing we have noticed about O’Neal helmets is they’re mostly focused on having better air circulation. Well, this one isn’t anything different. With the multiple air vents, there was no way to have a compromised ventilation or cooling system.

Like always, this O’Neal creation comes in X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizes. And if you’re asking about the graphics and colors, then there are two variations on that as well, and all of them are marvellously lucrative.

We don’t know about your preference for the visor, but if you’re asking for a little height adjustment, this one can easily pull that off. But what we didn’t like about this helmet was the absence of a face shield. This means, once you go faster, there will be nothing to save from flying debris unless you’re using goggles.


  • ABS constructed shell ensures better durability and lighter weight
  • Ultra-plush padded liner comes with superb comfort and washability
  • Multiple air vents keep cooling and ventilation levels at their peak
  • Lucrative graphics designs make the helmet look visually appealing
  • Adjustable visor is easy to put on any height


  • Doesn’t come with any face shield


O’Neal Off-Road Style 2SERIES Helmet is the kind of helmet that can get you a core off-road experience. Just don’t forget to put on your goggles with it.

5. LS2 Helmets Pioneer ‎436-3002

LS2 Helmets Pioneer ‎436-3002

Whenever it comes to riding a bike, whether on-road or off-road, it’s hard to imagine doing that without a helmet. But if you’ve got something like the Pioneer ‎436-3002 from LS2 Helmets, the riding becomes a perfect mixture of joy and safety.

A high-end helmet has to be both lightweight and strong. Thankfully, team LS2 has pulled them off by using the KPA or kinetic polymer alloy in the shell construction. This material has also pushed the helmet’s shock absorption higher than ever.

But what is the meaning of having such a solid shell if the inner is not good enough for energy absorption? Well, you won’t have to worry about that as the multi-density EPS liner is here to take care of that. 

This inner is so good at delivering protection and safety that even collision won’t be a matter to worry about. 

The padding of this helmet is perfectly soft and comfortable. Thanks to the hypoallergenic fabric it’s covered with, which has maximized comfort and support along with promoting hygiene. And yes, the padding can be removed and washed.

To keep the view wide and clear, the makers have added both a face shield and a sun shield to the helmet. But what surprised us was this shield is not only UV and scratch-resistant but fog-resistant at the same time. On top of that, the sun visor within works perfectly to protect the eyes from sunlight.

To help you with taking on and off instantly, it’s got a chin strap with a quick-release system. We don’t know which one you count first – DOT or ECE 22.05 standards, but this helmet has met and exceeded both.


  • Kinetic Polymer Alloy construction keeps the shell stronger and lighter
  • Faceshield and sun shield is UV, scratch, and fog-resistant
  • Quick-release system in chin strap makes taking the helmet off a breeze
  • The safety level is high enough to pass ECE 22.05 and DOT standards
  • Hypoallergenic fabric enhances comfort and promotes hygiene


  • The cutout in the sun visor is a little bigger than expected


The LS2 Helmets Pioneer ‎436-3002 can be an amazing choice if you’re ready to excuse that unwantedly big cutout in the sun visor.

6. Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet

So far, the kind of helmets we’ve reviewed mostly gives a sporty vibe. But the XD4 Helmet from Arai is a bit different from them all. After all, the design itself speaks the language of elegance more than of sportiness.

The fibreglass construction shell is there to take care of the safety part. But what has made this Arai creation a piece worth grabbing is its aerodynamic design. Now when you are hitting higher numbers in the speedometer, this will give you better stability. The helmet is available in all sizes and three different colors.

There’s nothing much to say about its ventilation system as that’s equally innovative and improved as the high-end helmets. So, there’s zero chance of having a lower airflow rate here.

To keep the cleaning part easier, the makers have made the inner padding and lining removable. And yes, it’s also got an amazing cheek-padding system that can deliver greater support. On top of that, its quick-release system makes it easier to take off instantly.

Another great side of the paddings is they come with dry-cool technology. This means while riding, not only it’ll keep you dry but cool at the same time. But what can you call it reliable without any kind of certifications? Well, you won’t have to worry about that as it comes with the Snell 2010 certification.


  • Aerodynamic design adds superb stability at higher speed
  • Innovative and improved ventilation system pushes the airflow rate higher
  • Inner padding and lining are removable and can be easily washed
  • A comfortable cheek-padding system ensures better support
  • Quick-release system has eased up the emergency taking off


  • Weight is a little heavier for some riders


If you’re not thinking about anything with superb aerodynamics but are not scared to carry a little weight, then you can give the Arai XD4 Helmet a shot.

7. 509 Tactical Helmet

509 Tactical Helmet

If you believe that a supermoto helmet doesn’t reach the right level of appeal without a little aggressiveness in the design, then the next one is for you. Yes, it’s the Tactical Helmet from 509 that we’re talking about.

The outer shell is simply a sturdy masterpiece made out of solid polycarbonate. So, the shock of impact is what you don’t have to worry about at all. But what has amazed us the most is the weight which is 2.5 pounds only.

Besides, the helmet comes with ECE 2205 and DOT safety certification. Clearly, that’s enough to count it as reliable headgear.

To maximize stability by reducing wind resistance, the makers have made its design totally aerodynamic. You can even customize the ventilation if you want, as the vent stoppers are removable.

In order to hit the peak of protection, the lining is made of dual-density EPS foam. This means, in case there’s a collision, your head will be under proper support for sure. Another appreciable aspect of this foam is, it prevents wind noise from slipping in. And yes, you can remove and wash them.

While riding in cold weather, you’re going to need extra warmth and comfort. Keeping that in mind, team 509 has added the additional breath box and cheek pad to pull that off.


  • Solid polycarbonate made shell absorbs any kind of shock easily
  • ECE 2205 and DOT safety certification give proof of its higher safety level
  • Ventilation can be customized as the vent stoppers can be removed
  • Dual-density EPS foam maximizes support and reduces noise
  • Additional breath box and cheek pad pushes both warmth and comfort higher


  • Having no face shield makes it easy for dirt to get in


Having a robust headpiece is the prime concern of any supermoto rider, and the 509 Tactical Helmet is clearly made for that job.

8. Woljay Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Woljay Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

When we saw the Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet from Woljay for the first time, it reminded us of the fighter jets of World War II. That’s probably because of the kind of graphics the makers have used here. But the truth is, this helmet is much more than what it looks like.

For obvious reasons, it’s the shell that you’ll look forward to in the first place. But trust us, you’re going to love this helmet’s ABS constructed shell for two reasons. One, it has great shock absorption capability, and two, it’s lightweight. You might not believe it, but it weighs 1 pound only. So, no heavy feeling this time.

Besides, the makers have tried their best to ensure maximum efficiency in the interior as well. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have used the kind of fabric which is amazingly good at wicking sweat and moisture.

To pull the curve of safety higher, the helmets also got comfortable padding. On the other hand, to keep the airflow up to the mark, there are different exhaust and intake vents too. In case you’re not happy with the airflow, you can customize it through them.

But what about the sunlight? Well, the sun visor got that part covered. And if the weather is getting a bit cold and foggy, just pull the clear visor down, and things will get back on track. But the only part we couldn’t love about this DOT-certified helmet is you can’t stop the wind noise at a higher speed.


  • ABS constructed shell takes shock absorption capability at its peak
  • Exhaust and intake vents allow having customized airflow
  • Lighter weight makes it easy for the rider to have a relaxed cruising
  • Aggressive graphics has given the helmet a lucrative vibe


  • Not free of wind noise at a higher level of speed


Woljay Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet is a perfect helmet with style and efficiency. Just make sure you’re not too bothered by the noise.

9. Fox Racing V1 REVN Helmet

Fox Racing V1 REVN Helmet

If you’re in the mood to feel like a pure off-roader, then probably you’re looking for something like the V1 REVN Fox Helmet for racing, it’s the kind of helmet you love not only for the look but for overall performance as well.

The prime purpose of having a helmet is to keep the head secured during a crash. For that, the helmet shell needs to have the proper construction

Surprisingly, team Fox racing has done that by using injection-molded polycarbonate with ABS on the shell construction. Unfortunately, the weight isn’t anything to be impressed with.

But there’s one more feature that has made this one among the best helmet for supermoto out there, and that is MIPS. Multi-Directional Impact Protection System or MIPS works for dispersing energy during a crash and minimizing damage. Do you think ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications came out of the blue? No way!

In case you get hurt with the visor during any crash, the helmet comes with Magnetic Visor Release System or MVRS as well. Besides, to let you have total comfort, it’s got the comfort liner along with cheek pads, with easy removability and washability, of course.

But what is the meaning of all these features if the helmet can’t keep it cool inside? Well, we don’t think that’ll be a problem with 4 exhaust and 9 intake vents. And if you’re thinking about your preferred color or size, this one has 6 variants on both segments.


  • Injection-molded polycarbonate with ABS made shell ensures better protection
  • Disperses energy on impact in a crash as it’s equipped with MIPS
  • MVRS loses the visor during a crash to save the rider from injury
  • 4 exhaust and 9 intake vents keep the inner cooler than ever
  • Wider color and size variation gives plenty of options to choose from


  • It’s the heaviest helmet we’ve seen so far


Fox Racing helmets are the kind of helmet you’ll fall in love with at first glance. The weight might turn you off a bit but not the impressive features.

10. GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Can a helmet make you feel like a badass on both on and off-road tracks? Well, it’s nothing impossible if the helmet is something as good as the DK-650 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet from GDM.

The first thing that has drawn our attention is its aerodynamic design which will catch less air when you’ll speed up. And the look? The matt finish has given the helmet a killer look.

We know the look will mean nothing if it can’t deliver enough safety. Don’t worry; the composite poly-alloy-made shell knows how to keep your head safe during a collision.

Besides, to add an extra feather to the safety and bring in better comfort, the makers have added cheek pads and liners that you can remove or wash anytime.

But what we loved more than that were the shields and removable visors. We’re saying shields because there are two coming with this package – one of them is clear, and the other one is tinted. So, whether it’s cold or sunny, you’ve got shields for both. The good news is they’re optically correct and scratch-resistant.

Its ventilation system is quite decent with five ventilation points. But we’ve felt like adding extra vents could’ve enhanced the ventilation performance more. 


  • Aerodynamic design resists catching and helps in speeding up
  • Composite poly-alloy made shell ensures superior safety to the head
  • Dual shields prevent intrusion of both air and sunlight
  • Five ventilation points keep the ventilation performance to a decent level


  • Shields are not fully fog-resistant


GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet is from the genre of helmets that you’d love to have for your next off-road adventures. Just excuse the minor fogging a bit at times.

Things to Consider Before Buying Supermoto Helmet

What were you thinking? You’ll pick any random helmet, and it’ll turn into the best supermoto helmet? Well, things don’t work that way anymore. For grabbing that, you need to check out a few features, as, without them, you just can’t call any super moto helmet the best. Those features are –

Shell Material

The prime reason for using a helmet is to ensure safety. But with weaker shell material, that’s next to impossible. So, you’re going to need a stronger material here, and we’d say go for something as sturdy as ABS or KPA.

They improve the shock absorption ability of the helmet under collisions or impacts. But what they do better is keeping the weight lighter.

Safety Standards

Nothing matters more than the safety of a helmet. But how are you going to be sure if the helmet is safe enough or not? Well, just check out if the helmet has met ECE/DOT safety standards or not, and if it has, then it’ll be safe enough for all your off-road riding.

Right Size

Before you make the purchase, check if the helmet is of your size or not. Otherwise, it might look like you’re roaming with a big bowl on your head due to picking a bigger size. On the contrary, it might give you an extremely suffocating feeling if you pick a smaller one. So, focus on the right size every single time.

Inner Padding

The solid shell will be nothing but useless if the helmet is missing out on insufficient inner padding. This is why you need to make sure there’s enough padding within to save your head in case there’s a bump waiting ahead. Besides, you don’t want it to be uncomfortable as well, right?


Ignore this one part, and you’ll feel like roaming with an oven on your head. Ventilation is essential to keep the interior cool by ensuring air circulation. Moreover, it helps with drying up sweat faster too. So, get a helmet with adequate air vents in it to have a cooler inner.

Removable Liner

While riding for a longer period of time, the one thing you’ll never be able to avoid is sweat, and that’s enough to make a helmet smell stinky. That’s why you need to have a liner that you can remove and wash in order to keep the helmet as fresh as new.

Face Shield

You’ll be seeing two types of supermotard helmets out there – with and without face shields. It’s better to go with the second one as that works more efficiently when it comes to saving face from flying debris or dust. But check out first if the shield is scratch-proof or not.

Chin Strap

This is what will hold the helmet to your head when you’ll be pushing the limit of your dirt bike on uneven roads. It’s better to get the one with chin padding for additional comfort. Also, check out if they’re easy to open or not. After all, you won’t like it takes ages to open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of helmet can keep the noise to the lowest level?

Usually, it’s hard to find a good helmet that can suppress external noise and keep it quiet inside. But the one with a face shield can keep the noise level low, under one condition, though.

It has to be able to seal every way to slip noise inside. By the way, the padding can help as well in keeping it low.

What if the helmet doesn’t come with a sun visor?

Try using spare goggles in such cases. Letting the sunlight hit the eye might lead to accidents under unfortunate circumstances.

Is it possible to use prescription glasses with helmets?

Yes, you can. But for that, we’d say you better go with the kind of supermotard helmets which come with a design that supports using glasses. For example, LS2 Helmets Pioneer ‎436-3002 has a design that allows space for slipping in glass stamps.

What to do if the visor starts fogging?

There are three different ways to stop that from happening. You can eliminate fogging by increasing ventilation. Maintaining the temperature of the visor surface can also be helpful. And if none of these are working, go for the Anti-fog coatings as they’ll prevent water droplets from forming.

Does the weight of the helmet influence its safety or quality?

There’s a misconception among a few people that heavier bike helmets can deliver better security and have higher quality. The truth is, the weight has nothing to do with it but the shell material, and inner padding do. If the shell material is strong, it can easily deliver better safety; it doesn’t matter if it’s heavy or not.

Is it okay to use Supermoto helmets as regular helmets?

Yes, you can, as they have the feature of both off-road and regular bike helmets. But we’d say not to use them for long cruising.

Final Words

Getting puzzled a bit in the search for the best supermoto helmet is nothing impossible. But once you figure out the prime aspect that you want in your buy, things will get much easier for sure. 

For example, if you want a major reduction in the wind noise, then go for the 1Storm Off-Road Full Face Helmet. But if you’re into having the ability to disperse impact energy better in a crash, then Fox Racing V1 REVN Helmet is the right catch for you.

And if you’re thinking about nothing but getting the lightest one, then we’d ask you to get the Woljay Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.