5 Best Dual Sport Helmet for the Money (2022)

Most dual-sport helmets are like those posh candidates we see on dating sites. The idea sounds fantastic, but it will burn some big holes in our pockets!

But that shouldn’t keep us apart from enjoying the ride! So, we started to look for some budget-friendly options.

However, while searching for the best dual sport helmet for the money, we were quite disappointed. Those gears were flimsy, uncomfortable, and poorly vented. So none were worthy of our hard-earned paychecks!

Then after days of research, we fished out some high-performance options. Our handpicked helmets have an aerodynamic design, DOT and ECE approval, multiple vents, moisture-absorbent lining, and more!

So without wasting much time, let’s get you introduced to them right away!

Benefits of a Dual Sport Helmet

The dual-sport helmets are famous for some reasons, we must say! Here are the benefits you will get from these innovative headgears!


You can use your dual-sport headgears for both road and off-road rides. And they can be used for any type of motorcycles such as cruiser, dirt bike, ATV, or even snowmobiles!

In this way, you can save tons of money as you don’t have to buy separate helmets for each ride!

Increased Field of View

Dual-sport headgears are often made with a wide field of view than the regular ones. Therefore, you can get a better look at the roads while riding.

Smooth Air Flow

The air vents of these helmets are more ergonomic than the regular full-face ones. So if you don’t want to feel confined, you can go for these gears without any hesitation.

Top 5 Best Dual Sport Helmet for the Money

So here are the reviews of the Best Dual Sport Helmet for the Money, and we believe you will have an outstanding experience with them. By the time you finish scrolling, you can make a confident purchase without any worries.

Image Product Name Price
1Storm-Dual-Sport-Full-Face 1Storm Dual Sport Full Face Helmet Check Price
ONeal-0817-501-Unisex-Sier O’Neal 0817-501 Unisex Sierra II Helmet  Check Price
Woljay-Dual-Sport-Off-Road- Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet Check Price

   1. 1Storm Dual Sport Full Face Helmet

1Storm Dual Sport Full Face Helmet

The first product we will review is by 1Storm, which will break all the stereotypical thoughts you have about low-cost helmets in your mind. If you think that only expensive gear are entitled to provide top-notch service, you can say goodbye to that idea right now.

While buying dual-sport headgear, we should always think about minimizing the noise level. Otherwise, you will never carry on with your adventure peacefully. Well, this one comes with an aerodynamic design to reduce the noise so you can focus on the road.

Thanks to the innovative thermoplastic alloy construction, the helmet will be exceptionally lightweight. However, even though it doesn’t weigh that much, your head will always be well-protected as it is robust enough to withstand heavy-duty abuse. And that’s the best of both worlds!

When we were putting this gear on a test, we really loved the performance of this liner. The soft padded cushioning is amazingly dense and able to absorb any shock and impact with finesse. Moreover, it also creates a cozy compartment for you, so you will never feel confined or uneasy.

In addition, you can take off the liner and wash it to maintain better hygiene. What else do we need to call it the best dual sport motorcycle helmet?

If you want optimal airflow, the top vents can be kept open. Therefore, you will always feel relaxed even when you are riding on the hottest days of summer.

To meet everyone’s needs, it is available in tons of exciting colors and ergonomic sizes. As a result, any rider can choose the perfect one for themselves without any struggle.

And this helmet’s exterior comes with a UV-resistant finish; hence, it will never lose its shine.

The tinted scratch-resistant visor is well capable of protecting our face from the elements; there is doubt about that. But it isn’t fog-resistant; that’s a slight hitch we faced along the way.

However, you can remove this shield pretty easily whenever you want, so that’s a plus point you’re getting.


  • Comes with a UV-resistant finish for making it long-lasting
  • Thanks to the scratch-resistant tinted visor, you will be well-protected from the elements
  • The ergonomically placed air vents ensure smooth airflow
  • Has an aerodynamic construction for reducing noise
  • You can remove the cushioned liner to wash it anytime you want


  • The shield isn’t fog-resistant


Considering its features, you can easily use it for any type of bike ride without any complaint. And you are getting everything within a super affordable price range; that’s more than you ask to be honest!

   2. O’Neal 0817-501 Unisex Sierra II Helmet 

O'Neal 0817-501 Unisex Sierra II Helmet

We always love to keep high-performance Unisex headgear in our collection, don’t we? They are always more stylish comes with a more excellent value, that’s no secret at all. 

This O’Neal Siearra II helmet is designed to provide the ultimate protection when you are on your road/off-road adventures. And it is super lightweight; hence you can keep it on your head for long hours without hurting your neck. 

That’s the dream of every rider out there!

This gear’s tinted visor is an integrated shield committed to protecting you from the harmful effects of the sunlight. Moreover, it will keep your eyes and face safe from dust and debris. 

So when it’s about weather protection, you can put your faith in this equipment. 

Some riders out there are always looking for a high-quality ABS helmet. And this one can end your quest right here. This material will ensure that it will provide a long-lasting service no matter how roughly you are using this. 

It is designed with multiple vent holes to keep your head cool all the time. And the soft inner padding will wick away the moisture. Therefore, you don’t have to go through any sweaty and uncomfortable experiences ever again. 

Well, these features are something that makes this gear worthy of your money!

Now let’s talk about the safety features of this product. There is an ergonomic chin strap that will secure the fit. In addition to that, the double-D safety lock will make sure that the gear will be on your hand in any condition. 

So yes, when it is about top-notch protection, hardly any equipment can beat this one. 

You will see multiple color and size choices and pick the right one for you without any trouble. And to make things more remarkable, this headgear meets DOT and ECE approval, so you will never have to worry about unpleasant incidents ever again. 


  • The high-quality ABS construction makes it lightweight yet exceptionally robust
  • Comes with a chin strap and lock to ensure proper safety
  • Designed with multiple vent holes for better airflow
  • The moisture-wicking liner allows you to have a comfortable experience
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • The noise-reducing feature can use a slight improvement


From the sturdy construction to the moisture-wicking liner, everything is offered to you for a trouble-free ride. Moreover, it won’t bankrupt you, so you are getting a pretty sweet deal here. 

   3. Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

It doesn’t matter if you are riding a dirt bike or ATV; this dual-sport helmet by Woljay will fit in like a glove. So when you are seeking a top-tier helmet for your off-road adventures within a limited budget, this gear sounds like an excellent idea!

Thanks to the high-performance ABS shell construction, you will have the safest experience on the road. Moreover, it won’t put any extra pressure on your posture, so longer rides will be breezier than ever now.

Though the tinted visor is guaranteed to provide outstanding protection from sunlight, dust, and rain, it’s totally removable. Hence, you can install a clear one or something else according to your preference. 

It can be used for snowmobiles too, and that’s a unique benefit you are getting here. No matter the place, hot or cold, this dual sport helmet with a sun visor will get you through just fine.

Besides being cost-effective, this headgear comes with a compact design and sleek outlook. Therefore, you can easily carry it around without any struggle. And you will get several size and color options, which is just the cherry on top!

Multiple exhaust vents will take the air out and keep the compartment breezy all the time. Additionally, the heavily padded cushion will create a relaxed inner liner for you; hence you can enjoy every moment of your ride. 

To make everything more exciting, it also has DOT certification. So when you want to get reliable headgear for your journeys, you can keep this one on your wishlist. 


  • Made with top-grade ABS shell for sturdy yet lightweight construction
  • The sun visor will keep you well-protected on the brightest days
  • Designed with multiple air vents to maintain amazing airflow
  • Suitable for any kind of motorcycle and bike rides
  • Thanks to the compact outlook, you can carry it around without any hassle


  • The sun visor won’t be a proper choice for gloomy days


This dual-sport helmet is perfect for every rider out there. You can take it for cruising, touring, and cycling, whatever you want. And it looks stylish too, so that’s a bonus!

   4. ILM Adult Kids Motocross Helmet

 ILM Adult Kids Motocross Helmet

We always admire the style of any professional biker and how their gears distinguish them from others. Well, this ILM Motocross helmet comes with that high-end outlook and service that will give you a unique experience. 

From ATV rides to dirt bikes, you can wear them on any occasion for a heavy-duty experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur rider, you can carry this headgear with finesse, and there is no doubt about that. 

Now let us tell you about one of the most incredible features of this helmet. It allows you to mount a camera on it to record your adventures and share them with the ride. So if you want to impress the world with your riding skill, it’s your golden opportunity. 

And you are getting all of these without facing the hefty price tag. Hence, when you think the sugar can’t get any sweeter, it gets!

On top of everything, the inner liner of this helmet is the most impressive one we saw till now. The high-quality Comtex liner created the coziest environment for your head and absorbed all the shocks and impact to keep you safe. 

Additionally, it absorbs all the sweat so you can stay dry even in the most humid weather. And that’s pretty admirable!

It is equipped with a wide sun visor; hence, you will always have a wide view of your surroundings. Moreover, you don’t have to lift the shield frequently to look different ways, making this helmet more user-friendly than it already is. 

The manufacturer was amazingly thoughtful while designing this product; the buckle proves this fact! It is made of heavy-duty steel, and you can quickly release it anytime you want. 

Even if you take the helmet off for the 100th time, the buckle won’t be damaged forever. 

Therefore, to enjoy superior durability and top-level service, you should definitely give this one a thought. 


  • Comes with a sweat-absorbent liner to keep you cool and dry
  • The stable sun visor allows you to have an optimal view
  • Has he adjuvant-duty steel buckle that will practically last forever!
  • You can mount a camera to record your journey. 


  • Doesn’t come with UV protection

   5. EVS Sports Men’s Flip Dual Sport Venture Modular Motorcycle Helmet

EVS Sports Men's Flip Dual Sport Venture Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Well, we are at the end of our reviews, so we would love to finish it with a blast! This one by EVS is the best dual sport helmet under 200 bucks that is guaranteed to provide the most satisfactory service. 

Why do we think that? Let us explain!

When you take a look at this headgear, you will automatically say, “so this is what the cool kids are wearing these days!” However, besides having a super chic outlook, it is available in different sizes and colors. 

So you won’t have any trouble getting the perfect match. 

As it comes with a thermoplastic construction, you can expect it to be super lightweight. Consequently, users of any age can wear it for longer rides without hurting their joints. And this feature is absolutely worthy of our appreciation. Don’t you think?

The most fantastic thing about this helmet is the RAM air cooling system. It will smoothly get rid of the hot air from the inside and keep it cool all the time. Moreover, it is designed with an adjustable mouth intake port. 

Hence, you will never feel out of breath, even if you are claustrophobic

In addition, the visor is scratch and fog-resistant. Therefore, you can wear this helmet in any weather condition.


  • Designed with multiple vents and an adjustable mouth intake port for a top-notch air supply
  • Comes with different types of shields for everyday use
  • Thanks to the fog-resistant visor, you can use it in any weather condition
  • Available in tons of different colors and sizes to ensure the perfect fit
  • Has a moisture-absorbent, removable liner


  • It doesn’t offer UV protection


You can use this helmet for cruising, dirt bike adventures or snowmobile ride, whatever you want. As it has a rugged construction, ergonomic vents and DOT, and ECE certification, you will get more excellent value for the money you are paying. 

Things to Look for in the Best Dual Sport Helmet for the Money – Buying Guide

You are thinking about getting a cost-effective helmet; there is nothing wrong with that! But you need to make sure that the service and safety qualities will never be compromised. 

Hence, to make the perfect purchase, you need to consider the facts we are mentioning below. If you keep them in your mind while browsing, you will definitely get a better value. 

How to Choose?

DOT Approval

If a helmet doesn’t have DOT certification, you can’t be assured that you will be safe on the road. So even if you are buying a cheap dual sport helmet, make sure that it is approved by the Department of Transport.

In this way, you can clear your mind on the ride and keep yourself safe from all the unpleasant events. 

Sun Protection

While riding in the daytime, you will have an encounter with the mighty sun. It can burn your skin or hurt your eyes; we want none of that. Therefore, always go for those headgear that ha UV protection or at least a scratch-resistant visor. 

With these features, you can avoid the harmful effects of sunrays and enjoy your journey. 

Moisture-Absorbent Liner

No matter how cool the weather is, you will always feel a little sweaty inside the helmet. Hence, get something that comes with a moisture-absorbent liner to keep you dry. 

Moreover, you should go for a removable liner so you can take it out to wash it for maintaining top-notch hygiene standards. 

Facts to Consider


If you don’t feel comfortable after wearing the helmet, what’s the point of getting it? 

To feel cozy inside the compartment, you have to look for soft padding, multiple air vents for smooth airflow, and lightweight construction. Only then can you go for a breezy ride!


Always measure your head’s size to get the perfect fit. Additionally, try to choose a dual-sport helmet that offers different sizes. In this way, you can quickly get the accurate one. 

If you fail to buy the right size, the helmet will keep falling, and accidents may happen on the road. Thus, it’s absolutely essential to have the perfect measurement. 


When you love to ride at the fastest speed, excessive noise is the only enemy you have. But you can easily solve this issue by getting aerodynamic headgear. It will reduce the noise level and allow you to take pleasure in your ride to the fullest. 

What to Look for?


If the helmet is too heavy, it will start to hurt your neck and head. And it will literally be the highway to hell! Yes, we love the song, but nobody wants that kind of experience! 

In this article, we have mentioned the most lightweight options you can get these days. Despite being light, they are very heavy-duty, so you don’t have to worry about their rigidity at all!


Dense and soft padding makes your head feel like sitting on a cloud. And if the padding is stiff, it will become an ugly burden. So always go for the soft and dense padding that can absorb shocks and impacts. 

Otherwise, your skull will easily get hurt during accidents, and that’s totally unacceptable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wearing a helmet cause hearing trouble?

No, if you are wearing a high-performance, aerodynamic helmet, you will never have any hearing issues. It will successfully reduce the noise level to ensure an optimal experience for the rider. 

Are dual-sport helmets pricey?

While making dual-sport helmets, the manufacturers need to add tons of features to make them suitable for the ride. Therefore, these gears tend to be a bit more expensive than the other ones. 

But in this article, we’ve showcased some innovative helmets that you can get within a limited budget. And they are guaranteed to give you a high-quality service without any doubt. 

Why getting a heavy helmet is a bad idea?

When you wear a heavy helmet, there will be excessive pressure on your neck, and it will start hurting after a while. So if you love to go for longer rides, it would be better to buy lightweight headgear. 

Will a dual-sport helmet limit my vision?

No, if the helmet comes with a wide visor, you will always have a fantastic view of your surroundings. 

What is the advantage of a chin strap?

A chin strip will allow you to secure the helmet in your head, and you will have a perfect fit while riding. But make sure that the strap features a quick-release mechanism to provide a trouble-free experience. 

The Bottom Line 

We are about to finish our best dual sport helmet for the money reviews with a list of helmets that you can rely on. However, if you are still a little overwhelmed, let us help you one more time!For an overall great experience, you can go with the 1Storm Dual Sport Full Face Helmet.

It’s the best helmet that you can get on a reasonable budget without compromising on features. You’ll get UV protection from it, and it has several vents to make you feel relaxed all the time! Plus, its DOT approval for safety makes it a dependable piece of tool.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.