5 Best Audio Ski Helmet for Men | Reviews & Buying Guide

While looking for the Best audio ski helmet for men, we thought it’d be easy as pie. After all, which helmet won’t have audio compatibility, better safety, comfortable inner, washability, and adjustability, right? They all do!

But we were wrong. More or less, there was something missing in all the helmets we were looking at. After some deep research, we’ve finally managed to find out the top 5 that actually got all the features to be the best.

They’re not only strong and audio compatible but also highly comfortable, nice-looking, and got everything that any man would love to have in their next audio ski helmet. You might not believe us now, but you surely will after checking out the reviews by yourself.

Why Is Picking the Right Helmet Important?

Skiing is all about speed and fun. But wherever the word speed pops out, risk comes with it too and so is safety. This is where the need for a right helmet jumps in. But there are some more reasons too. Let us be a bit elaborative about them.


Like we said before, safety matters the most when you’re into a game of speed. So, in order to save yourself from any probable injury, you better be ready with the right helmet.


Anything that is subject to wearing is also a subject to comfort as well. A wrong helmet might make you look cool and stylish, but what about comfort? That’s not the cup of tea for anything but the right helmet.


The right features are what make a helmet worth choosing, and ventilation is one of them. Rather than making your head feel as hot as a desert of Arab, the helmet makes sure it stays cool from top to bottom, but only when it’s the right one.


Without this feature, no skiing helmet is complete. After all, who doesn’t love hearing their favorite music while skiing in the challenging snowy terrains with rough weather? 

5 Best Audio Ski Helmet for Men

Image Product Name Price
WILDHORN-Drift-Snowboard-Ski-Helmet Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet Check Price
TurboSke-Ski-Helmet-Snowboard-Helmet TurboSke MOTIONER Series Ski Helmet Check Price
TurboSke-Ski-Helmet-2 TurboSke Classic Ski Helmet Check Price

As you know now why having the right helmet is so damn important, we bet you’re already assuming what the top 5 audio ski helmets for men can bring to your table. After all, you’re looking forward to it. Let’s get started then?

1. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Not every man wants to make their head like putting their head in a sweat hole in the name of a ski helmet. If you’re one of them, then you’re probably going to love the Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet from Wildhorn more than any of your previous choices.

But there’s something we loved more than its temperature-control ventilation system that keeps the head cool by pulling in all the airflow. It’s the minimalistic design of this helmet. 

And why wouldn’t we? After all, this design is what has helped the rock-solid Polycarbonate made helmet eliminate the odd bulkiness of ski helmets. Plus, it also doesn’t prevent you from putting on your gears smoothly. 

Now comes the comfort part. What to say about it? The super-comfortable inner made of EPS foam didn’t leave any way to complain about that.

On top of that, to stop your goggles from slipping down, it has a goggle strap lock that’ll let your stuff go nowhere. But we loved none of these features more than the Fine Tune Adjustment or FTA knob. This knob ensures a snug fit on the head if you’re feeling like it’s too loose for you.

We used to think that the minimum weight of an ideal ski helmet should be within the range of 17-21 oz. But surprisingly, team Wildhorn pulled that down to 14.6oz without compromising the strength at all. Now you can go skiing without feeling like carrying a rock on your head.

Hold on a second! You’re here for the Audio Ski Helmet, right? So, how can you expect that we’d miss mentioning its Bluetooth-compatible Audio Ready? After all, that’s what will keep your ears filled with music while going through challenging icy terrains.


  • Temperature-control ventilation system keeps the head cool as ice
  • The minimalistic design avoids bulkiness and gives smooth insertion of gears
  • The lighter weight makes the helmet easier to carry around on the head
  • Goggle-strap lock doesn’t let the goggle lose its spot even for a while
  • FTA knob makes the helmet fit to the head instantly


  • Comes with no bag for storing it


The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet is a perfect combination of comfort, style, warmth, and adjustability. All of these made it an ideal option to have to rule snowy surfaces.

2. TurboSke MOTIONER Series Ski Helmet

TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

How would it feel if even a minor bump on your head makes you feel like a bell in the church? We know it’s nothing great, and that’s why we want to have something as solid as the MOTIONER Series Ski Helmet from TurboSke.

Any man would love to have this ski helmet mostly for three reasons – safety, weight, and convenience.

The makers have hit the ceiling of toughness by giving it the construction of highly durable plastic. We know helmets, not everyone is a fan of plastic, but if it wasn’t tough enough, it had no way to grab the ASTM certification, right?

Now comes the question – how light is it going to be? Well, it’s just 14.39 oz. and if you’d call this heavy then what would you call light then; maybe a feather we guess.

We know cleaning is not the easiest part in helmets, but count this one out of that segment. That’s because you can get the lining or ear pads detached and wash them anytime you want. Yes, we’re talking about those earpads where you can slip in your Audio system and have a nice time with this audio ski helmet.

What else it has as good as the best ski helmets is ventilation. So, you won’t have to feel like boiling an egg on your head while skiing, as it doesn’t let the heat stay trapped. By the way, it’s got a goggle-strap clip, too, just to make sure you’re not dropping the goggles anywhere.

Don’t worry about the size. It comes in all sizes, from S to L. And in case you’re worried about fitting it with your head shape, let the size-adjustment dial handle that part for you.


  • Highly durable construction got it the ASTM certification for safety
  • Weighing only 14.39 oz. makes it one of the lightest helmets in the market
  • Removable lining and air pads are super easy to clean up or wash
  • Size-adjustment dial ensures perfect fitting regardless of the head shape
  • Audio-compatible ear pads allow slipping in any aftermarket helmet speakers


  • Not recommended for skier below the age of 12 year


This Helmet is made to keep a skier safe along with lasting long. If these are what you’re looking for, then TurboSke Ski Helmet can surely be the perfect catch.

3. TurboSke Classic Ski Helmet

TurboSke Ski Helmet 2 2

What did you think? We’re done with TurboSke? No way! Not at least after knowing they’ve got the Classic Ski Helmet in their arsenal.

Unlike their previous model, this time they’ve thought of trying a tougher material for the outer – the ABS. This non-penetrable construction is so strong that we don’t think you’ll be able to put a hole in it no matter how hard you hit it. And safety certification? This one, too, is ASTM F-2040 certified.

But that’s not the only part where team TurboSke has brought some changes. They’ve also nailed the ventilation part by making it adjustable this time. Now it’s up to whether you want it warm or cool inside.

The word inside made us remember its EPS foam-made inner. After all, that’s what has simply made it a pile of comfort and softness. Plus, for keeping your speakers closer to your ears, the audio-compatible helmet got compartments in the soft earpads.

To keep it tagged to your head, the makers have focused on two parts. One: adjustable straps which are a piece of cake to open and close with the quick-release clip; two: size dial to ensure proper fitting on the head.

No man likes to roam with a dirty helmet on their head while pulling off complex tricks. Thankfully, the removable helmet liners are nothing that you can’t get cleaned. Just take them out to give them a decent wash, and they’ll be good as new in no time.

In case you’re looking for some variation, it’s got that both in colors and sizes. When it comes to size, it’s available in all three – S, M, and L and has 5 different color variations too, with matte finish, of course.


  • Controls the airflow with the adjustable ventilation system
  • EPS foam-made inner turns the helmet simply a source of comfort
  • Having variations in color and size makes it easy to pick the right one
  • ASTM F-2040 certification declares its ability to keep you safe
  • Size dial takes down the possibility of missing the right fitting


  • Has no goggle strap clip for holding the goggles


When you want nothing but safety without compromising the style, we say you go for the TurboSke Classic Ski Helmet right away.

4. TurboSke Summit Series Snow Helmet

TurboSke Ski Helmet 1 2

How would you feel about getting two helmets with the price of one? Well, that’s what you’re going to see once you get the Summit Series Snow Helmet from TurboSke.

This hamlet has surpassed all the TurboSke helmets we’ve seen before, whether it’s on the scale of adjustability or versatility.

In order to push innovation to a newer level, the makers have made the ear pads removable. The interesting fact is, this time it’s not for cleaning only but for turning the helmet into a bicycle helmet.

But that doesn’t mean the makers have focused on versatility only. They’ve had their eyes on making it a sturdy piece as well. That’s why they’ve used ABS plastic material to give it a hardcore construction. Now all you can do is give it a crack, and it’ll fail you every time.

But what we loved more was the look. The marine pattern with a matte finish has given it a killer look. We don’t think any man can help falling in love with something like this.

To keep the helmet on your head the whole time, it got the size dial that’ll have a catch on your head like it was made for you. But what will keep its positioning intact is the adjustable strap. On top of that, the magnetic buckle makes sure you’re getting the easy snapping automatically in the first place every single time.

And how can we forget about the elastic goggle strap retainer that keeps the goggle tagged to the helmet? It also has perfect-sized compartments to grab your audio system and get the music closer to your ears.


  • Solid ABS plastic construction ensures excellent durability
  • Removable ear pads allow converting the helmet into a bicycle helmet
  • Perfect earpad compartments take in any standard-sized audio system
  • Magnetic buckle features a convenient automatic closing mechanism
  • Marine pattern with matt finish improves visual appeal to a greater level


  • Earpads come off too easily


Whether it’s about sturdiness, design, versatility, or adjustment, TurboSke Summit Series Snow Helmet is perfect all the way, especially when you’re a beginner. 

5. Anon Men’s Invert Vented Ski/Snowboard Helmet

Anon Mens Invert Vented Ski

We believe any man who loves avoiding exaggeration in their ski helmets is going to love the next one on our list. After all, it’s the Men’s Invert Vented Ski/Snowboard Helmet from Anon.

In most of the helmets we’ve seen so far, you need to adjust the fitting manually. But this one is made to walk on a different road. Thanks to its Auto-adjust fit system that doesn’t need to do anything to be a perfect fit except for putting it on.

At the first glance, you might think it’s heavy headgear. But the moment you’ll take it in your hand, you’ll understand that this helmet can be a lot of things but heavyweight is not one of them. Thanks to its In-mold shell construction for pulling that off.

With its Passive ventilation channels, there’s nothing much to worry about having sufficient airflow within. So, there’s no chance of you soaking wet inside when the ventilation system is present to pull the moisture out.

On top of that, opening or closing with a single hand is too easy even if you’re wearing gloves. The credit for that goes to its Fidlock snap buckle. Plus, it’s got the goggle clips to take care of your goggle strap too. And don’t worry; you won’t have to leave your audio accessories behind as it’s perfectly compatible with them.

The earpads and liner with expedition fleece have not only maximized the warmth and comfort in the hard-hitting cold but also added advantages like moisture-wicking.


  • Auto-adjust fit system takes down the hassle of manual adjustment
  • Passive ventilation channel won’t let you have any shortage of airflow
  • FIDLOCK snap buckle made one-hand opening and closing easy
  • In-mold shell construction keeps the weight at the minimum level


  • Ventilation system is not adjustable


Anon Men’s Invert Vented Ski/Snowboard Helmet is a simple but efficient headgear that knows how to get the job done. It might not be versatile, but on the scale of strength and comfort, there’s no way to mark it low.

What to Look for Before Buying an Audio Ski Helmet for Men?

It’s on you what kind of product you’ll end up with, and that’s equally true for finding out the best audio ski helmet for men as well. But the interesting fact is, grabbing that one is nothing but a piece of cake only if you know how to deal with the following features in a helmet.


This is what controls the durability and safety of every helmet, right? Make sure the one you’re picking is not made of any cheap materials that can’t even take a bump. ABS, High-quality Plastic, and Polycarbonate seem to be perfect for this job.


There are mostly three sizes in ski helmets S, M, L. Don’t jump to a conclusion just by seeing the letters. Make sure the one you’re choosing fits perfectly your head’s circumference. Otherwise, even the adjustment dial might not be able to make it a fit.


Having a comfortable inner is one of the most essential features to have in a ski helmet. In the race of comfort, we think inners made of EPS foam are good at delivering a better level of comfort. Moreover, this material is highly breathable too.

Ventilation System

You’ll be seeing three types of ventilation systems in ski helmets – adjustable, fixed, and none. Count the one with no ventilation out of the equation. Choose one between fixed and adjustable as they both keep the air circulation up to the mark.


No, it’s not about the size of the helmet but the ability to snugly fit on your head. The high-end helmets usually come with an FTA knob that’ll help you to adjust the inner as per your head’s circumference no matter what is the shape of your head.

Audio Compatibility

The best way to keep ears filled with beautiful music is by getting a helmet with audio compatibility. That’s why you need to check out first whether it’s audio compatible or not and if it is, then can it occupy most of the aftermarket helmet speakers or not.


After days of usage, a helmet not getting dirty is next to impossible. Clearly, you too won’t like the stinky smell or dirt too. So, to be on the safe side, grab a helmet that you can wash easily. Some of them even come with detachable liners and ear pads. Try to go for those.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the drawback of having non-adjustable ventilation in a ski helmet?

Indeed having airflow is important in a helmet but not always, especially in cold weather. In non-adjustable ventilation, you can’t control the airflow whether you need it or not.

What if any other kind of helmet is used for skiing?

Ski helmets are made by keeping this specific sport in mind along with all required features. But the other ones are not meant for this job and might miss the advantages you might need during the ride.

How long does a ski helmet last?

Usually, it’s two to three ski seasons. But you might have to change it sooner if you’re a regular skier, as with UV damage, the helmet loses its durability eventually. In case your helmet gets damaged, don’t delay changing it instantly.

Which one is the reliable safety certification for ski helmets?

It’s the ASTM F2040. If your helmet got this certification, you can rely on it for safety while skiing.

What if the helmet has a good outer but doesn’t snugly fit?

Don’t take it. Sometimes loose helmets can become as dangerous as no helmet.

Final Words

Are you still thinking about which one to count as your next best audio ski helmet for men? We won’t be surprised if your answer is yes. 

Can we suggest something to get you out of that doubt hole?  

In case you’re thinking about grabbing the lightest helmet, we say go for the TurboSke MOTIONER Series Ski Helmet. 

On the other hand, if you’re more into warmth and comfort, think about Anon Men’s Invert Vented Ski/Snowboard Helmet as the right candidate for the job.

But what if you want sturdiness, versatility, and smooth ventilation at the same time? In that case, we can’t think of a better name than the TurboSke Summit Series Snow Helmet. 

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of HelmetsAdvisor.com shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.