Best helmet for skate and bike with a buying guide

Things to consider while selecting the best helmet for skate and bike

While enjoying a perfect skating and bike ride, have you ever wondered about the consequences of facing an accident? Wearing the best helmet for skating and biking can give you confidence. Besides a bike, a lot of people have opted for roller skates and skateboards as their medium of transport for entertainment. But you are always at the risk of facing a tough accident whenever you skate around or riding a bike without good protective measures.

Head being the most important and precious part of the body is at high risk of being the first victim of any kind of accident. None but the best helmet for skate and bike can protect it against any sort of uneven incident.

The durability and firmness of the helmet assure your head to be fully safe. It also maintains ventilation as well as proper airflow.

Coming in different colors, the helmet also provides a gracious look to your any outfit. You don’t need a separate helmet for skate and bike rides. In this review, we will discuss every piece of information you need to choose your best helmet for skate and bike.

7 best helmets for skate and bike

For that, different brands and companies have indulged themselves in manufacturing the best helmet for skate and bikes. But only a few of them have succeeded in getting our trust.

After a lot of researches, we have discovered 7 excellent helmets for skate and bike that would serve you the best under any circumstances.  Let’s take a deep dive into their description and buying guides for your utmost convenience.

Image Product Name Price
1  Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet Check Price
2 Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet Check Price
3 Punisher Skateboards Bike-Helmets Check Price

1. Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Providing the best protection to your head and assuring no accidental damages while biking or skating, the Pro-Tec Helmet is a prominent one to have. Not only it assures your head safety, but also enables you to have a feasible ride.

Having a high-impact ABS shell, the durability of the helmet is mind-blowing. It also comes with a certified EPS liner for various protection and safety of your head.

When it comes to comfort, the 2-layered compression moulded liner pads do the trick. You can fully enjoy the whole ride without any kind of external stress.

The sweat adjustability of the helmet also gifts a good ride to the rider. As result, the sweat coming to your face will not disturb you in the middle of your ride. 

The 11 vents of the helmet ensure perfect air ventilation. It not only passes the cool air through your head but also helps to exert the hot air to go out.

You can adjust the straps of the helmets according to your desire. No matter how complicated you feel to adjust it on your head, the straps of the helmets will ease your task. Also, they are pretty much durable and hardly break or become useless.

The style and design of the helmet are very cool. It makes a good-looking gesture to your ride when you wear it. Being available for both male and females, the helmet is a very popular one.


  • Best in providing the highest-level safety
  • Performs sweat absorption pretty well.
  • Decent ventilation facility


  • Touch with scratches might damage the texture.

2. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet

The Triple Eight Rubber Helmet is one of the fewest helmets used for both skate and bike rides that are designed and made for all types of people. Whether you are a kid or youth or adult, never hesitate to buy this helmet for your full satisfaction.

The ABS-modified outer shell ensures the best protection for your head. It absolutely stinks-free and moisture-wicking.

A terrycloth liner inside the helmet operates sweat management. It resists the sweats of your head to surpass the helmet region.

The sweat saver line is attached to the hook and loop tape of the helmet. You can remove and clean it for further usage. You will face no distraction or complication if you wear this helmet

The helmet is manufactured to serve for various skating but it becomes a super protective gear for bike rides also. Be it biking, skateboarding, roller skating, ice skating, or roller derby, you are assuring the best protection of your head after equipping this helmet.

The ventilation of the helmet is very nicely maintained. The entrance of the cold air and exertion of hot air is nicely maintained.

The hard foam of the helmet is CPSC certified. That means you are comfortable using the helmet for riding the bike and sitting at the back of a bike.

Adjustable straps will meet your desire. No matter how firm and loosely you equip it, you’ll get the best comfort with it.


  • The straps are adjustable
  • Effective sweat management is ensured
  • The multi-impact design makes it a unique one


  • The foam of the helmet has the tendency to crack and break

3. Punisher Skateboards Bike-Helmets

Punisher Skateboards Bike-Helmets

If you’re looking for a versatile helmet for skating that will also serve you for more ridings, the Punisher helmet is for you. This helmet is an outstanding and robust one to tackle bike adventurous accidents too.

Being arguably the best skating helmet for youth, the helmet is a dual safety standard certified one. It is completely usable for skateboard and bike rides.

Coming with the ABS protective shell, you get to have the best protection of your head. The metallic black texture of the helmet makes it a robust one.

There are 13 air vents on the helmet. The EBS compact absorber line exerts the sweat convincingly. A good flow of the internal environment is formed inside the helmet.

The straps of the helmet can be adjusted easily. Just a quick release of it will buckle up the easy turn of the helmet. Also, it is very durable and can hardly create any complications.

A 3-heat sealed removable foam pad is configured with the helmet. It can easily fit as small, medium, and large sizes.

The Special Sparkle Metallic Flake Paint UV Sticker gives good protection and long-lasting protection to the surface of the helmet. It lasts long enough without fading away by the heat of the sun. 

The helmet has all the characteristics of indulging as a BMX helmet. This shows how robust and versatile the helmet is.


  • Robust and durable body
  • Perfect ventilation system for a decent ride
  • Comes in 9 different colors


  • The chin straps are pretty complicated to use.

4. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet

A strong and performative helmet like the Triple Eight dual-certified helmet can be very delightful and suitable for your regular biking and skating.

The helmet is made up of ABS shell. The inner side of the helmet is composed of EPS foam liner. Apart from that, it is a Dual Certified skateboarding helmet that can also be used for riding a bike.

The helmet is a convenient one for people ageing 5 and older. It is ensured with ASTM F-1492 skate safety standards. Also, both the male and female can equip the helmet convincingly.

The helmet can resist sweat from crawling down to your face. It has two sets of sweat-saver fit pads in it. It is fully moisture-wicking and serves for a long time.

The adjustable straps of the helmet suit the best to be equipped firmly. Also, the chin strap comes with a side-release buckle.

The design of the helmet is very stylish. As for both the male and female, the cutting and finishing of the texture are made accordingly.

The ventilation of the helmet is highly appreciated. Along with sweat management, the airflow in it is also balanced quite well.


  • You can use it for a bike too
  • Unique design
  • Safety issues are highly certified


  • Needs proper padding to adjust the fitting

5. JBM Multi-Sports Cycling Helmet

JBM Multi-Sports Cycling Helmet

The JBM Helmet is preferable and recommended for people of all ages. From learning to ride a bike to nailing it on the road, from an amateur to a professional skater, all of them can use the helmet firmly. 

The versatility of the helmet makes it a very unique and adaptive one. This one helmet can serve you for many rides and purposes. Even trekking and hill-climbing experiences can be done by equipping this helmet. Even outside sports can also adapt to the helmet.

The helmet will be finer when you use it while biking. The ventilation is pretty much well-constructed to avail enough air inside the helmet.

Apart from that, the helmet is very light to provide you the best comfort in your ride. The aerodynamic design of breathable foam reduces sweating and keeps cools.  Sound body temperature is also maintained throughout the whole ride.

The flexibility of the helmet is a prominent one. Because of it being unisexual, companies make the design pretty unique and stylish.

The straps of the helmet are very durable. You can convincingly fix it according to your desire.

Tough and durable PVC & PC builds it up. The EPS foam inside the helmet works efficiently to maintain the sweat from the head. Also, it absorbs any kind of external effect and restricts it to surpass your head.


  • Maintains good temperature throughout the whole body
  • you can use it for various sports
  • A firm grip is provided by the straps


  • The straps might seem to break after certain uses

6. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

The ProRider Skating helmet is also a multipurpose used helmet designed to implement in different sports too. It has all the traits to tackle any kind of uneven accidents and unexpected events.

Coming with multisports certified usage, the helmet is widely used for many outdoor sports. Also, it is widely used for various stunts and climbing activities with a bike.

The hard-outer shell is the prominent thing to protect your head from any accident. It complies with CPSC standards for helmet safety.

Companies regulate the ventilation air well to insert enough air inside the helmet. The head along with the body remains cool for further tasks.

The straps of the helmet are made up of polyester. It is enabled with a quick-release buckle for your utmost convenience. To make the perfect fitting, it is a padded insert.

Normally, any average head size can have the best fitting of this helmet. You can adjust it according to your head’s measurement. From kids to adolescence, everyone can get the best fitting of it.

This helmet is also made purposely for BMX riders. Being a stunt helmet, you can use it for the most dangerous purposes and adventures. 


  • Stands out of all the safety standards
  • Perfect ventilation for your overall body
  • The very robust and perfect outer shell


  • Average design with average straps

7. Retrospec LED Safety Light Adjustable Helmet

Retrospec LED Safety Light Adjustable Helmet

The Retrospec CM-1 skating helmet is a specialized helmet to equip while skating. Any kind of head accidental issues can be tackled wearing this helmet.

Not only for skating, but the helmet is also well manufactured for the bike too. The strength and protection it serves are too good to equip while riding a bike. The passenger behind a bike can also equip it for further safety purposes. 

The ventilation of the helmet is very amazing for the rider to experience a good and comforting ride. The internal part of the helmet remains cool providing a convincing temperature to the head as well as the body.

The 2 sets of interchangeable pads are also provided for customization. For further comfort, the helmet comes with EPS foam. This foam is a prominent one in ensuring your safety as well as the good condition of your head.

The surface of the helmet is made up of ABS that surrounds the foams. It assures the whole helmet to tackle any adverse impact upon it.

You can use this helmet for having ridden skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, and scooter. As the straps of the helmet can be adjusted according to your desire.

You get to have this awesome helmet in 10 different colors. This will ease up your choice of adapting it.


  • Feasible for both male and female
  • Robust foam to protect your head
  • Adjustable according to your desired sizel


  • The straps are not much durable

Buying Guide

Suppose, you know about all the available products and you have your own preference. But still, you might get confused about how to choose the ideal product.

The buying guide can definitely help you in this situation. You can look at some of the key factors before buying your perfect helmet. It will make your job super easier.


This is the first and most important thing to consider while picking your helmet. You can’t buy a helmet that will not fit.

You can measure the size of your head using a measuring tape. Try out some of the helmets and pick the one that fits properly.

You can buy it only if it fits properly.


There are actually many types of the helmet out there. They have the same goal but they come in various forms like full face, open face, leisure, mountain bike helmets, road helmets, aero road helmets, and some others.

Full face helmets cover the entire head including the face and jaw. companies consider it to be the safest. Open face ones, as the name suggests, have the face portion of the helmet completely open.

Leisure helmets are very lightweight with a lot of ventilation. But it’s a bit expensive. Mountain bike helmets can give extra coverage and it comes with many great features.

Aero road helmets give you ease of movement with aerodynamic features and road helmets are mainly used in sports.

So, select your preferred type.


Ventilation is very important when it comes to helmets. You do not want to sweat all time long when you are wearing the helmet. It may even distract you while you’re riding.

So, make sure your helmet has proper ventilation. It will keep your head cool and you can ride properly.

Safety and Protection

The main reason you are wearing a helmet is that it will give you protection and keep you safe.

So, you need to double-check the product you are purchasing and make sure it can give you proper safety and protection. A good helmet has an outer shell of durable plastic and an inner shell of hard rubber. Make sure of all the safety and protection measurements before buying.


You must take a look at the straps of your new helmet. They keep the helmet properly intact. The straps which create the v shape are well preferred.

Retention System

The retention system allows the helmet to adjust and keep your head steady. So, you should check out well before you purchase.

Color and Design

These are very personal factors and easily vary from one person to another.

Pick the color and design as you will. The good designs might cost you a bit. Still, make sure you buy the helmet you truly want. 

Finally, we would like to give you some advice. Make sure you buy the best helmet because safety always comes first. Wearing a helmet while you are riding is essential. So, take your time and buy yourself a good one.

Why is picking the right helmet important

Taking any kind of accident as a mere one should never be considered by many people. You never know the kind of accident you might face and the damage it will cause to you.

To remain fully safe and aloof from any kind of harm and injury, you should always pick the right helmet for skating and biking or any activities. It will protect your head as well as will enable you with certain chances to overcome it.

The youth people sometimes out of curiosity avoids the helmet. This many times causes severe damage to them. You get to have the best helmet for skating and bike for youth in the market. They are specially designed and made considering their lifestyle and choice.

Apart from that, only the right helmet will have the best durability and shock-resistant foams. As health comes first from all things, you must wear the right helmet for skating and biking.

Frequently asked questions on the best helmet for skate and bike

Can you use a skating helmet for street biking?

Some companies make certain skating helmets to use for this purpose. You can use the strong and durable one for the purpose or you can buy anyone from the above we discussed.

What is the average weight of the skating helmets?

The average weight of the skating helmets is 1.12 pounds.

Can you wear a bike helmet for skating?

A bike helmet for skating is absolutely fine to wear. But it won’t provide the same comfort and ease as the skating helmet.

Do you need a helmet for roller skating?

A helmet is a must for any kind of skating. When the purpose is for roller skating, you must wear it.

Which is the preferable color to choose while buying a helmet for skating?

White should be the preferable color to choose when buying a helmet for skating.

Final words

So, when you are skating or biking, it is your obligation to be fully protective and cautious. And equipping the helmets we have recommended will serve the purpose greatly.

There should never be an option to avoid the best concussion-prevention skating helmet while skating. You should never underestimate any kind of accident in any ride, sport, or event other than skating.

No matter how much pro you are, you should always equip a helmet while skating and biking. We should know the use and benefit of it at the beginning of learning skating and biking.

Enjoy a blissful ride by wearing the best helmet for skate and biking. Your skating or biking performance and confidence will be elevated to a new level with proper safety.

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Jason, a helmet enthusiast, is the owner of shares his innovative idea that helps people get the proper knowledge of helmets and their accessories to go ahead! Helmets are usually life-saving elements to run! That's why, an expert on helmets, Jason built this site to express his gathering knowledge and first-hand user experience over decades.