10 Best MX Helmets Review | Buying Guide 2022

If you say ‘hell no!’ when someone tells you to buy an MX helmet, chances are you’ve been using those low-quality junks.

Let’s guess; the last MX helmet you had was so heavy, you never felt good wearing it. Maybe it didn’t have adjustable padding, peripheral vision, and aerodynamic design. 

Well, guess what? When we’re talking about the best MX helmets in town, we’re talking about those high-end helmets that have all these features. Do you want to grab one of these at an affordable cost? Let’s take you on a tour.

Best MX Helmets Reviews

Image Product Name Price
GLX-GX23-Adult-Motocross-AT GLX GX23 Adult Motocross ATV Bike Helmet Check Price
YEMA-YM-915-Black-Motocross YEMA YM-915 Black Motocross ATV Helmet Check Price
FLY-Racing-Black-White-Di FLY Racing Black & White Dirt Bike Helmet Check Price

So, it’s time for you to get down to the reviews. We’ve tried to talk about the 10 helmets and break down their features bit by bit. All you need to do is, read the reviews and take your pick.

1. GLX GX23 Adult Motocross ATV Bike Helmet 

GLX GX23 Adult Motocross ATV Bike Helmet

GLX has been making some quality bike accessories since 2002. This time they’ve come up with GX23. It offers you a cosmic peripheral vision, a universal fit, a light-weighted body, along with different color-choosing options – you will get an all-in-one deal.

The peripheral vision enables you to watch even the side of your central focus. This way, while driving, you can see the full-street upfront view. 

Worried about fitting? With a universal fit, people of every age to every head size, including you, won’t have to worry about whether it will fit.

Typical helmets are heavy, but this one is built light-weightily. So when you’re riding your bike, you won’t feel that you’re carrying something massive.

The style part? This product comes with a wide variety of color options. You can pick the one that matches your bike best.


  • With a weight of 3.15 pounds, you won’t feel heavy on the head.
  • Thanks to the adjustable padding, you will be enjoying the all-inclusive fit
  • Due to the peripheral vision, you can see everything upfront while riding
  • Comes in different stylish colors, giving you room for options.


  • Although the airflow is better than other helmets; it’s still not that great.


If I were to buy a helmet, I would definitely look for a product that would offer me different sizes, flexible fittings, and fashionable colors to choose from, along fulfilling the primary purpose — head protection. So this one is a worth-of-money pick for me.

2. YEMA YM-915 Black Motocross ATV Helmet

YEMA YM-915 Black Motocross ATV Helmet

So you’ve read about the 1st product, but you’re looking for something that will have a ventilation system and wind noise reduction feature. Or maybe you are searching for a durable body structure and removable inner-linings. Well, it seems like YM-915 from YEMA is tailor-made for you!

Thanks to its nice ventilation system, you won’t feel suffocated or congested at all, even during warm spring days or the scorching summer season. The good airflow will ensure a comfortable driving experience for you. 

Alongside, it is designed following aerodynamic theories. As a result, it will allow you to experience less wind noise while driving than other products available in the market.

Wondering about durability? The shell of this beast is made from ABS material which is known to be harder, heavier, and more scratch-resistant than other materials.

The inner pads and linings come with a removable option. This way, you can adjust the helmet according to your wearing comfort. You can even wash the paddings after rough use.

However, this product comes in only one color — matte black. You will have to compromise with the color-choice option if you choose this product.


  • With properly functioned vents; you can say bye-bye to fogging
  • Thanks to the aerodynamic design; you can enjoy less noisy ridings
  • The removable inner lining option ensures a breathable environment
  • ABS shell confirms the durability of the product


  • Comes with just one color option


I think a helmet – solving almost all of the annoying problems of helmet-wearing; is worth buying. Moreover, coming from a Chinese company like YEMA with more than 20 years of helmet manufacturing legacy, I would definitely recommend it.

3. FLY Racing Black & White Dirt Bike Helmet

FLY Racing Black & White Dirt Bike Helmet

FLY Racing is pretty famous in North American as well as the global market. You probably know they have their reputation for manufacturing high-end helmets. So, if you are looking specifically for light-weighted MX racing helmets, then besides the GLX GX23; you can take a look at this Black & White gentleman.

This sparky knight comes with a total 3 of polymer shells and 4 EPS sizes. So you can find the perfect fit for you.

Similar to other helmets I’ve talked about, this one also has a removable lining option. All those sweat and dirt from the paddings – you can wash them easily.

With typical helmets, your head might feel heavy, but not with this gentleman! The light-weighted feature of this item brings comfort to your neck.

This helmet is a multi-purpose one. Be it a motorcycle, be it a dirt bike or a mountain one, it can even be used for ATV and UTV.


  • It’s a multifunctional helmet, so you can wear it with any type of bike
  • Removable lining feature allows you to wash the inner paddings
  • 3 shells and 4 EPS sizes allow you to enjoy a perfect fit
  • Weighs only 2.95 lbs, so it’s pretty light in weight


  • Cushioning could’ve been softer


If I were a professional rider who rides various types of bikes, I would have bought this one since it’s multi-purpose – can be used on any bike.

4. 1Storm Blue MX Helmet-Racing Style H637

1Storm Blue MX Helmet-Racing Style H637

While most of the helmets won’t have a UV-protected finishing, you can rely on Racing Style H637 from 1Storm. It comes along with padded inners and washable cushions along with a lightweight, durable alloy body shell.

Due to the glossiness from UV protection, the helmet gives you a cool and stylish look. Plus, with this feature in its arsenal, it gives you protection from the sun while maintaining your style.

For your convenience, this one has an inner cushion removal feature. You can now remove the padding if they absorb sweat. And guess what? You can even wash it to prevent foul odors. User-friendly, isn’t it?

With a durable alloy body shell, it’s manufactured to be light-weighted compared to other steel helmets. Now, you don’t have to frown about neck pains.


  • UV-protected glossy stylish design ensures comfort riding in sunlight
  • Cushion or padding removal feature guarantees comfortable interior
  • You can wash the paddings very easily to get rid of the sweaty odor
  • Since the helmet is just 4.29 pounds, it’s pretty light in weight


  • Not for people with bigger heads


I am not a fan of summer heat, and I hate sweat odors. Whereas this product is offering UV protection with an addition of various user-friendly features. So, it is indeed a good pick in my eyes.

5. Typhoon Blue MX Helmet

Typhoon Blue MX Helmet

Looking for a large motocross helmet? You can try MX Helmet from Typhon. It comes with XX-Large sizing. Moreover, being an American company, even after having DOT certification, Typhon stuff-test all of their product before selling them to customers.

With that being said, this particular product is a combo pack of goggles, gloves, helmet, and helmet bags. You don’t have to look for extra pair of gloves or goggles if you buy this one.

It offers both removable and washable liners. This feature allows you to change inner padding whenever necessary. If you are a neat freak and hate sweat odor- you can even wash the liners.

If you are a big-head person, then the Blue MX Helmet from Typhoon is definitely for you. They come in XX-Large size. They also claim to provide an accurate size chart and have a 99% user satisfaction rate.

You can set a Go-Pro camera on the helmet. If you want to record your bike riding experience and looking for a camera fit helmet, go with this one.


  • Go Pro camera setting option allows you to capture your riding
  • Comes with a combo pack of gloves, goggles, a helmet, and a nice bag;
  • Thanks to the XX-Large sizing, bigger head people can wear this
  • Removable and washable liners allow you to use the product for a long time


  • This  model only comes in Blue


Personally, it’s a hassle if I had to buy goggles and gloves from another place. But this one is offering a combo pack! So, to me, it’s a great deal.

6. HJC CS-MX 2 Matte Black MX Helmet

HJC CS-MX 2 Matte Black MX Helmet

HJC has been in this bike accessory business since 1971. This time they are offering CS-MX 2 – a Matte Black MX Helmet. From large eye ports, washable linings to the advanced ventilation system, authority certification — this dashing helmet has a lot to offer.

It enables you to experience a panoramic view because the eye-port is broader than mainstream helmets. Now you can buy any type of goggles, and they will definitely fit.

You can keep your helmet clean and say goodbye to sweaty smells because the inner paddings are washable. It means you can reuse it several times.

This victorious here have ACS – Advanced Channeling Ventilation system. It flushes out heat from front to back and maintains the humidity well. This item passed the vehicle safety standard 218 of US Federal. This certification ensures this product’s credibility.


  • Thanks to ACS ventilation, you can say goodbye to helmet heating
  • Washable padding ensures countless uses
  • Panoramic view thanks to the comprehensive eye area
  • Authority approval ensures the claims of the product


  • Size may not fit some people, so better see the size chart


With this price range, you can’t expect to get features like ACS ventilation and that too with Authority approval. Now, it may not be a better choice for people who have slightly bigger heads. However, for the ones that can actually fit in, this helmet deserves a thumbs up.

7. Bell MX-9 MIPS Dirt Helmet

Bell MX-9 MIPS Dirt Helmet

Bell is a well-known helmet manufacturer since 1954. This time they came with an MX9 dirt helmet. They used EPS as the inner material and ABS polycarbonate as the outer material.

Like the ones I’ve reviewed earlier, this one offers a washable interior too. This dashing comes in matte black/ grey color with an adjustable visor

The washable interior helps you to keep your helmet clean from guts; allows you to reuse it. You don’t have to worry about nasty smells or dirtiness.

EPS & ABS materials have high impact absorbance capability. They ensure the durability of the product and your safety.

You can either remove the visor or use it at your convenient angle.

The dark black color gives this handsome a cool and stylish vibe. This helmet serves both purposes – safety with style. 


  • Thanks to the washable interior; you can use it for years
  • Adjustable visor enables you to use it according to your comfort
  • Materials like EPS and ABS ensures the durability of the product
  • Black and grey color gives you a stylish look


  • Comes with no face shield, so you might have to buy goggles


Black and grey are my personal favourite color. If style is your main concern, you can go with this handsome. Besides, the adjustable visor is something to talk about. Plus, in this price range, you’re getting EPS and ABS material; what could be better than this, right?

8. JUST 1 Unit 3K Black and White MX Helmet

JUST 1 Unit 3K Black and White MX Helmet

Although JUST 1 is a new manufacturer in the market, they have a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Their Unit 3K black and white sporty has highly functioned breathable fabrics, NBFF structure, Chin guard air vents with aluminium nets, and several air extractors. So many features in one helmet, WOW!

It’s manufactured with keeping human anatomy in mind. The neck, brace, the front fit structure, aka, NBFF feature, gives you comfort. Your muscle won’t be sore.

As for the chin guard air vents – they are made with polystyrene foam with an air path. So, whenever you breathe, it won’t make the front glass of your helmet foggy.

The air vents are made of aluminium nets. Besides, the thing that made me impressed with these types of nets is they are anti-intrusion. The air extractors on the top and rear got an adjusting option. So, you can even adjust them according to your preference.

If you take a look at the inner fabrics, you’ll find them highly breathable. So you can easily ride in comfort while wearing this one.


  • Highly breathable fabric enables comfortable riding
  • Aluminum air vents keep the internal environment cool
  • Thanks to the NBFF structure, you can say sayonara to muscle tiring
  • Polystyrene foamed chin guard maintains the humidity


  • Could be more durable


For a new brand, they really have some excellent customer reviews on their website. For this reason, I would recommend this Unit 3K from JUST1.

9. LS2 All White MX Helmets -Off-Road Subverter

LS2 All White MX Helmets -Off-Road Subverter

If you are looking for a minimalistic design, go with the All White MX helmet from LS2. It comes with a strong alloy polymer shell, a wide range of sizes, a broader eye-port, and a classic white design.

The body shell, KPA, ensures enough shock absorptivity. This way, in case of any collision, it will give your head adequate protection.

This charming boy comes in various sizes. Even for the smallest size, it offers 3 shells. You can stop worrying about if it will fit you or not.

Typical helmets don’t always offer universal goggle fit. Nevertheless, this one has a broader eye-port which enables you to use all kinds of goggles.

People who love the color white can go for this product, even wearing a blindfold. This full white style will give you a classic vibe.

However, this helmet doesn’t offer any visor. Although if you wear goggles, a visor isn’t a necessity.


  • Gloss white color gives it a classic vibe; making it a stylish helmet
  • Wider eye port ensures you can use any brand of goggles
  • Customizable size makes this product suitable for any age and any head size
  • KPA shell makes it strong so that it can manage energy well


  • Offers no visor with the helmet


If I were a goggle lover and classic liker; I would choose this product. I also loved the fact that you can customize the size. Doesn’t matter if your head is a bit smaller than the average or a bit bigger, you can definitely wear this one with convenience.

10. Aidasone YEDIA-01 Black & White Dirt Bike Helmet

So, you’re done reading about the two helmets I’ve just talked about and wondering if I’ve listed down some kids’ helmets too. No more scrolling! YEDIA-01 from Aidasone is a product suitable for kids aged between 5 to 14 years.

While most people would only want head protection from helmets, I think giving up style and fashion is a bad idea! Moreover, kids like flashy, vibrant, and colorful things. Guess what? This one comes with classic black and white color associating with a cool fox design.

Besides, it offers a gift set – you will get a helmet and a pair of gloves, goggles, and a mask — definitely a great gift item for kids.

Keeping in mind that child safety matters most, the YEDIA-01 from Aidasone is DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE R22.05 (Economic Commission for Europe) certified.

A light-weighted body yet adequate shock absorptivity setup makes it suitable for kids. Unlike some heavy helmets – kids can easily carry this one around with style.


  • With a weight of 960 g; children won’t find it that heavy
  • DOT approval ensures the durability and quality of the product
  • 4 pieces of gift set make it an ideal gift item
  • Stylish color combination of this product; makes it kids’ favorite


  • Considering the fact that it’s a kids’ item; it’s kind of expensive


This one is very compact in shape and most importantly, it’s pretty light in weight too. So yes, if you want your kid to wear a helmet, you can definitely give it a go.

What to Look for Before Buying?

So you want to get your hands on the best MX bike. However, do you know what features you should look for before you make a purchase? Well, that’s why we’re discussing what you need to look for before buying the product.

Size & Fitting

While buying a helmet, you just have to remember one thing: it has to be fitted well if it’s a helmet.

For example, if the helmet is too big and shifts around left or right on the head whenever a sudden move is made, it’s a no! Then again, if it’s too tight and hurts after wearing it, next time, you would hate to wear it. So it’s a no too!

Keeping that in mind, I would recommend you to measure around the back of your head (helmets’ mount part) and follow the size chart accordingly for better fitting. If somehow you have a smaller head than usual, then you can even wear kid-size according to your comfort.

Now! What if you are in the middle of two sizes? In that case, I suggest going with the smaller one. Because newly made helmets generally take some time to mold into the rider’s head shape. This is why it felt slightly tight; it’s better to give it some time.

It’s like new shoes! For some time, shoes hurt or feel tight, but it feels perfect after walking for a while. Most of the time, it’s whether a couple of hours or even some days of usage and boom, your helmet will be properly fit into your head shape! This happens because of the inner material adjustments.

I must add that, fortunately, with MX helmets you don’t have to be worried about things like sizes and fitting because most of these are universal fit! In that scenario, you can go with the number 1 product- GLX GX23 Adult Motocross ATV Bike Helmet. It’s a universal fit product.


Before buying any helmet, check if its possible visor angle settings match your preferences. Otherwise, you might face hardships while wearing goggles. You should also check if the visor is easily openable or closable; whenever adjusted.

I would recommend you to buy those helmets thats’ visor comes with a UV safeguard and an anti-scratch feature. It is necessary to make sure that your vision doesn’t get blocked or blurry because of the visor! Whether it is for sunblock purposes or air-dirt purposes, make sure your bike helmet has a visor. 

Helmet Vents

Nice ventilation is a must-have feature in any bike helmet. It is necessary for the sake of your comfort. Without any ventilation channel, your helmet will become summery hot – making it only difficult for you to keep wearing it on the head.

Authority Certification or Brand Value

When there are lots of brands on the loose, you can’t really know if it’s a good one or not, unless you use their product, or they have a Brand Value. It’s better to go for a brand with face value and years of legacy in the marketplace.

Brands like GLX can be a great choice for you. They are doing this business for almost 20 years now. Plus, they’ve been making quality-helmets and got certified by the Department of Transportation!

Make sure you always go for brands that have earned some sort of valid certification. It means these brands are trustworthy and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I wear a military helmet while bike riding?

Apparently no! Look! Military helmets are designed in such a way so that it gives your head protection from flying bullets! It weighs a lot more than bike helmets too. On the other hand, bike helmets are made with the help of aerodynamic theories for ensuring the rider’s comfort.

 Can I install bluetooth system inside bike helmet?

Of course, you can! You can request Bluetooth installation, although you have to purchase it additionally. Listening to music or making phone calls or simply for GPS navigation – if you install it, you can do all of these while bike ridings.

 Does Helmet Size Matter? How Do I know my size?

As said in the buying guide section — yes! Helmet size matters a lot! To buy an appropriately sized helmet, measure your head and look into the size chart. 

Can Football Helmets be an Alternative to Bike Helmets?

Although you can wear it, I don’t quite recommend it — because it is illegal in some countries. Moreover, football helmets aren’t designed to resist speedy impacts. It won’t be able to give you complete protection in case of any collision. 

What is the Longevity of a Bike Helmet?

It’s most likely 5 years! Not more than that. I recommend you to consider replacing your helmet if it’s past 5 years. 

Wrapping Up!

That was it about the best MX helmets review. Maybe you will find the helmets a bit expensive but trust me spending some cash for the long run is worth it! Also, buying expensive safety products is never a loss, actually!

Hope this write-up helps you choose the best helmet out there in the market that fits both your preference and necessity at the same time.

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